Epstein Visited by an Attractive Young Woman In Private Prison Room

Reports have come in claiming Jeffrey Epstein was seen sitting with a young, attractive woman just hours after being taken off suicide watch. The room, in which the two were sitting, is said to have been the room where Epstein was meant to have met with his lawyers. The source was a visiting attorney who spoke to Forbes magazine and asked to remain anonymous. He said that “The optics were startling. Because she was young and pretty.”

Epstein is a convicted pedophile, known for sexually abusing girls in their early teens. The source said that he thought the young woman could have been a lawyer, but that he was unsure. It has also been reported that Epstein had paid lawyers to come to the Manhattan prison just to sit with him so that he could spend more time out of his cell.

The anonymous lawyer commented saying, “If I was him, I would have hired an old bald guy.” He said the young woman sat with Epstein for at least two hours, often much more, and added that these legal meeting rooms are locked after prisoners go in. This makes it possible for the prisoners to have their handcuffs removed.

The anonymous lawyer suggested that Epstein’s daily meetings with his lawyers were one of the reasons he was released from suicide watch. There are only two conference rooms in the special housing unit, where Epstein was kept, and waiting for one to open up can take several hours.

Forbes writes, “Epstein’s daily occupation of the room in the SHU was a sore point for attorneys trying to visit their clients. Instead of waiting 15 minutes for a room, the wait could stretch for two hours, as it was that day. ‘“They wouldn’t move anybody until he got where he was going, which is what they used to do with El Chapo, too,”’ the visiting attorney said. There are 12 attorney visiting rooms at MCC, but only two are for attorneys visiting SHU clients. That means Epstein was monopolizing a scarce resource.”

In other words, Epstein was holding the meeting rooms much longer than normal. Ordinarily, lawyers are in control of these types of meetings, conduct the meeting as they see fit and leave when their business is concluded. However, with Epstein, it would seem that he was in control of how long an attorney would stay, and in fact which attorney would meet with him. By all appearances, he had enough influence over his legal team to get them to send in the youngest, prettiest member of the firm – perhaps an intern – just to sit with him… for as long as he wanted.

It’s a disturbing thought, the idea that even from prison, a man who could summon young girls to his private island to be abused at his leisure- offer them as honey-traps to powerful people from all over the globe- could forcefully monopolize the time of a Manhattan lawyer even from inside prison.

Forbes attempted to contact the Manhattan Correctional Center to ask about Epstein’s use of the legal meeting rooms, but they report that they never received any response.

The anonymous source said, “[it’s unusual because] you meet with your lawyers as needed. It would be difficult for any other lawyer to monopolize an interview room every day if the lawyer didn’t have eight hours of work to do with a client. And in my experience, based on the early stages of Epstein’s case, he definitely wouldn’t need that much time every day with his lawyers.”

The finance journal spoke to David Patton, an executive director of the Federal Defenders of New York, a nonprofit that provides low-cost or free legal representation for people. According to him “spending eight hours in MCC meeting rooms is unusual. Attorneys typically can’t do that. We don’t have the liberty to spend that kind of time on one visit. The waits tend to be long and aggravating.”

What’s more, the young woman is said to have been missing the usual briefcase and files one would expect an attorney to bring with them into a meeting with the prison’s most notorious prisoner. Forbe’s source said that she was dressed casually, “… in a blouse and possible jeans or slacks. But it was casual attire, like Sunday brunch attire.”

The visiting attorney said that it reminded him of Epstein’s permissive treatment the first time he was arrested and convicted.

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  1. If the meeting rooms were being used improperly then a time limit should have been enforced
    to curb the abuse. This is what happens when you have career personnel running things
    they know nothing about. If we have unqualified folks in there….remove them.
    Who’s in charge here….some 5 year old?

  2. And our “GREAT” FBI can’t figure out who this person is? They would rather spend their time removing and concealing evidence from pedophile island!

  3. so he goes into the room and the door is locked. What does he do in the room when the meeting goes on for hours (with a pretty women)? Maybe business as usual? Was Clinton in there too?

    • Bill / Hillary never had sex, their daughter adopted ( just like Oboma and mike did). Bill paid Epstein to find little girls after Bill was discovered to be Importing little girls into Arkansaw. Bill’s AG said a boy that watched the plane land, fell asleep on train tracks and had his head Severed. Then she changed it to, “His little dog killed him and ate his head off!” NO!

  4. Bullshit perks like always, for the rich and connected.Glad he was murdered.Deserved to die.

  5. He had his last meal of fish pie.

  6. Epstein is dead, what ever he was guilty of he has met his make. Let him rest in peace.

  7. Did they have camera’s in THAT room or was he free to get laid or something like that for his “couple hours” each day in the room?

  8. When you have money, you can get most anything you want.

  9. Sounds like the prison was run by Robert Menendez, another criminal that has paid his way to stay out of prison. So the proof is, the Clintons are running free, the four screwballs commies are running free, must be nice to be able to buy the law and have representation like Comey, Sttrozk, McCabe and other bought agents. What a laugh on the common law abiding stiff, who works follows the law and gets caught and jailed with no money to buy yourself out. Justice is not only Blind, but see’s evil and knows evil, but puts the hush money in the bank and enjoys screwing the common folks.

  10. Just one more thing we allow the scumbags to get away with. We SERIOUSLY need to revamp our Justice system. Thugs don’t fear jail; they have figured out a way to live as usual minus the ability to go out at night. And that’s probably on its way. PRISONERS SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHTS; THEY GAVE THEM UP WHEN THEY DID THE CRIME.

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