Colin Kaepernick Still Crying

For former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick who had a bright future ahead of him in the NFL, had an attitude which was his downfall.  Along with Eric Reid, they were infamous for “taking a knee” during the National Anthem which drew up a massive amount of controversy.

Controversy can be a good thing except when it comes to being downright disrespectful toward our nation, the American flag, our veterans, and our military who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  The NFL paid an undisclosed amount of money to Kaepernick and Reid in a collusion case settlement to go away in February.  Six months later, today, they are crying again and back in the infamous spotlight.

The NFL lost a large number of fans due to the disrespect of the National Anthem for something that could have been chosen at a better time.  It led many football players to follow and caused an uproar of mixing politics into sports entertainment.  Ticket sales dropped massively, and until President Trump stepped in and spoke what every true American was thinking in 2017, the NFL could only side with the players.

Once the NFL realized they could pay off the two players to keep their mouths shut and disappear from the spotlight, they settled for a lump sum payment.  Did that shut them up?  No, it did not.  Now, the two players are at it again and wanting to play.

Kaepernick sent out videos stating he is “still ready” and the NFL has “denied work” for them.  Who wants team players who think they are above the sport?  Reid found a spot on the Carolina Panthers, but no one wants anything to do with Kaepernick.  Rightfully so, he has breached the NFL’s agreement after the settlement and is running his mouth yet again.

He is a prime example of Liberals and how they act when they do not get their way and cannot admit they are the problem.  The NFL is technically Kaepernick’s boss, and he has to abide by their rules just like an employee has to follow the boss’s policies.  He is wondering why he is being “denied work.”  Well, he should look in the mirror because he is the reason due to his attitude, a typical Liberal.

With the NFL preseason games happening, the NFL settled for the two players to “go away.”  Here is what is happening now, Kaepernick is still looking for work, both Kaepernick and Reid are still badmouthing the NFL, and they are both putting down the NFL’s social justice motivations and their partnership with Jay Z who supports the NFL’s decision.

One thing is for certain, the only thing the two players have kept in the agreement is the amount of money the NFL paid them off.  None of the NFL sources were willing to discuss, and the attorneys declined to comment on the outcome of the case and the money paid.

It was President Trump’s outspokenness to the disrespect, which led the owners of the teams who contribute large amounts of money to the Trump campaign which set the tone for action to be taken.  The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to act as the mediator between the owners of the teams and the president.

The NFL took some heat from lawyers like they never have before.  Everything was supposed to remain silent as we kickoff another football season, and Kaepernick remains to be a thorn in the NFL’s side.

From Goodell’s point of view, the best thing was to not have any more incidents to set the president off due to the bad publicity the NFL receives.  They did not want to go through another cross-examination from arbitrator Stephen Burbank.

There was literally no more chances for the NFL, and Goodell knows this.  The settlement was to prevent a lost case which would have slaughtered the finances of the NFL and caused a chain reaction of lawsuits.

The facts are out there that the NFL tried to buy silence from Kaepernick and Reid.  They also are to blame for not shutting the “taking a knee” incident down sooner, which would have been the proper thing to do.

Kaepernick and Reid had every right to protest.  The truth is they could have had the decency to pick a better time.  This whole thing could have been avoided, and Kaepernick would still have a place in the NFL, even with all his glory of cockiness and arrogance.  But like every Liberal, only their opinion matters.