Planned Parenthood Charges Dropped Because Harris Dropped the Ball

After years of court battles, the charges against David Daleiden, a whistleblower for Planned Parenthood, have finally been dropped, due to Kamala Harris’ negligence.

Daleiden works for the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) as a journalist. Several years ago, he and others were investigating the mass pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood. During this time, Daleiden went undercover into the company and was able to record videos that prove that Planned Parenthood, in association with a biomedical company, StemExpress, were involved in collecting and selling whole aborted babies as well as other baby body parts.

However, when news about Daleiden’s betrayal and condemning video came, the incriminated groups involved sought repercussions. In 2015, StemExpress requested a gag order that would prevent CMP from releasing the video to the public. The judge denied their request, and the video was released.

So the groups tried another route. They went after Daleiden and others who were responsible for their impending demise. They claimed that Daleiden’s used a fake driver’s license to gain access to the group and then was attempting to buy human organs or body parts. The two charges were filed separately in the state of California.

And in doing so, they gained a political ally.

Then-California attorney general, now state Senator and White House hopeful Kamala Harris has been a long-time advocate of pro-abortion and Planned Parenthood. Over the years, she has received tens of thousands from the group and their affiliations in political contributions and endorsements.

At the time of this case, she as sitting attorney general in the state and the one who ordered a search warrant for Daleiden’s home and possessions in 2016.

However, Daleiden’s lawyers assert this search warrant was “served without probable cause and in bad faith.” They filed a motion on Wednesday for it and any evidence it brought to the surface to be thrown out.

The motion includes emails between Harris’ office and that of Planned Parenthood that proves they were working together to get the search warrant and therefore, access to the videos and documents Daleiden had. Evidence also suggests that the state’s own investigative team did not believe that they had probable cause to issue the warrant, in part, due to specific California laws that protect the press and journalists’ unpublished materials from being seized or viewed by third parties. However, Planned Parenthood and Harris’ office pushed for it until the investigative office finally caved.

The motion reads, “This is not an honest prosecution but rather a political favor to Planned Parenthood. It appears that the investigative staff had to be coerced into serving a search warrant that they opposed.”

Under California state law, the search and seizure of this material are in direct violation of the California shield law, and as such should not be allowed to stand any ground in court. However, Harris and her Department of Justice searched his home and took possession of many of his belongings anyway, seemingly undaunted by the fact that their actions were illegal.

Without the warrant, everything confiscated and the charges, for that matter, will have to be dismissed for lack of probable cause.

Daleiden and his attorneys now believe they will win this once and for all.

Daleiden said that a court hearing in February made an obvious case for the cooperation between Harris’ office and Planned Parenthood, and the effect of it could still be seen in real-time.

He said, “This case was brought by Kamala Harris on behalf of Planned Parenthood.” And he added, “The attorney general’s office brought this case for that reason and that reason only… to prop up Planned Parenthood’s political narrative.”

So it seems that Kamala is not nearly as just as she would like us to think. Not that we are fooled by her charades and the constant flip-flop on policies.

It is clear that, while her intentions may seem altruistic, she is willing to turn her head, consort with evil, and play the devil’s advocate whenever it would seem to benefit her.

We are glad that this one is coming back to around to bite her and hope that many more follow suit.