Dirty MSNBC Pushing Fake News Again

There is nothing worse than a news agency that just can’t keep their mouths shut or at least get the facts straight. For some strange reason, the maniac media believes they have to put everything into print that comes across their desks. Even worse are the reports that are put out that are proven to complete fake. And this is exactly what MSNBC has done. They have once again reported fake news and it is starting to destroy them.

This past week President Trump’s attorney caught wind that the news network published a story that claimed that officials from Russia had co-signed on loans belonging to the Trump Organization. The Democratic-controlled media knows that they have nothing to incriminate Trump with so now they are inventing stories for the sake of selling another publication. More embarrassing moments for a once truthful news outlet. Now they are seen as complete liars and frauds.

Trump’s lawyers demanded that the news agency retract the story claims and issue an apology for what is being said by Charles Harder than “false and defamatory and extremely damaging” statements. People are tired of new agencies that are reporting lies. They have decided to fight back and sue these media idiots in an attempt to keep them accountable to the truth. The letter to the news agency went on to say “Demand is hereby made that Mr. O’Donnell and NBCU immediately and prominently retract correct and apologize for the aforementioned false and defamatory statements.” This is a serious situation that MSNBC now finds itself. It is being issued a warning that unless action is taken more serious action will be taken against them. Lies about a person that harms the person in the public eye is criminal and can lead to serious legal consequences.

As soon as the news broadcast started the fake news was reported. It was like O’Donnell was just foaming at the mouth and drooling for the chance to lie about the president most criminally. This fake story that has now been proven is a lie is a conspiracy theory story that is believed by the devilish Democrats. Which one of these stupid liberals told the news agency to report the fake story may never be known. Many of these stupid liberals are still trying to get a glimpse into President Trump’s financial records, so they can come up with new fake stories to spread around.

Naive O’Donnell even admitted that his entire show was based on a source that had never even seen the Deutsche Bank records. The news agency failed to check their sources. They were just so happy that they finally had the proof they needed to convict the president and it all turned out to be a huge lie coming from a stupid source that has nothing to lose morally since they have an evil center.

In his own words O’Donnell said, “As I said at the beginning of this hour, and I want to say this carefully: A source close to Deutsche Bank revealed to be — a single source close to Deutsche Bank — that Donald Trump’s tax returns show that he pays very little income tax, and more importantly, that his loans with Deutsche Bank have Russian co-signers.” O’Donnell is a stupid reporter that needs to fire for this ridiculous report.

When has MSNBC started reporting on news that is never verified is beyond on rational thinking? To report a known lie is just absurd, and they should be held accountable for what they have said about the president. Any other person making these statements would be arrested and treated like a terrorist.

Harder has stated that “Thus, actual malice can easily be proven based on your reckless disregard of the truth and unreasonable reliance on an alleged ‘source’ who you will not even identify in your story and likely is seeking to mislead you and the public for political reasons or other ulterior motives.” MSNBC has crossed a line that will eventually hurt them if they fail to issue the retraction and apology. But of course, the world would be better off with one less news agency that cannot at least provide a reliable story.

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  1. MSNBC is run by the “Burke” brothers who own Comcast Cable. It’s pathetic that they SPLIT the state of N.J. from Philly tp N.Y. Fair to say that they support the “Dems” & @ 8-A on N.J. TPK. we “used to ” get Philly & N.Y. news. NOW “we” get ZIP. So we are the “line of demarcation”& ONLY get N.Y. “news”. Means Zip to me since I live half way between the two.Thank God for FIOS that gives me SOME “N.J’ news. The rest is N.Y. & Staten Island? I guess theirs no way for “us” in N.J. to get news that is relevant to “us”.

  2. Why would any one believe any thing the liberal controlled media prints, broadcast, puts on internet because they do not care about truth. They just care about profits and then claim to be in favor of socialism. Can’t have it both ways.

  3. Just terrible how our President has been treated, only because their darling Hillary lost the election fair and square. Sue, Sue, Sue is the only way to show these people to be responsible for the lies they create to sell news. We as the General public are totally appalled how far these Democrats have gone to try and win back what they lost. Actually they lost because of what they have become and nothing more. Lie cheat, steal, and bend the rules and voting laws is a crime…

  4. MSNBC did exactly what you intended to do…O’Donnell obviously knew from the moment the words left his lips this was a fabrication and a lie…Apology?…what fu*king Bull Shit! That was so awful that it reinforces my attitude about your network…you are no longer in the news media you are in the hate mongering business and too many of your on-air personalities take sadistic pleasure in rubbing shit in Trump’s face as often as you can mouth the ugly words. Assholes on your network simply can’t bring themselves to say the words, “I AM SORRY, WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN INACCURATE INFORMATION.” WE APOLOGIZE TO THE PRESIDENT!
    As a publisher for 34 years with a Pulitzer Prize and 7 Best-Sellers under our belt, if my company performed at your sleazy level I would spent half of my time in a court room, but you Assholes get away with every single lack of morals, ethics and professional misconduct…It’s become an ugly picture that mocks “Freedom Of The Press” MSNBC is charged with the responsibility to uphold.

  5. You might think MSNBC would learn a lesson from that debacle but the next salacious article that comes across their news feed will immediately be broadcast with the qualifier, “if true”, which O’Donnell said about 9 times in that announcement. Why put something on the air that hasn’t been verified? Oh, sure, they want to be the first to come up with something that will sink Trump, hoping that it just might be true. They are fools and conspiracists who twist every news article to be detrimental to Trump and this country. Love it or leave it!!

  6. I think serious punishments should be inflicted on ANYONE that lies or gives out “fake news” on our Presidents of the United States, should be delt with as Tyranny. That is exactly what it is and this has to be stopped. NO other person could survive the terrible things that President Trump has had to put up with and still accomplished the things he has accomplished in spite of it. He is a very strong man and America needs him. LET’S PUT A STOP TO ALL THE OPEN SEASON ON OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP! It is disgraceful!!

  7. O’Donnel’s so called apology still implied that the story was true. HE IMPLIED THAT ONCE IT WAS INVESTIGATED, IT WOULD PROVE TRUE. If I was President Trump I wouldn’t accept that sorry excuse for an apology either. It’s time the fake media was held accountable for their unwarranted attacks on our duly elected president I wish the left would stop their tantrums because he won the election almost three years ago.

  8. Sue the Owners, Share holders all of the “so called” Reporters, and TAKE THEM OUT! PUT THEM OUT of of the NEWS!

  9. Since the agency that licenses is doing nothing to these news stations that lie and push out fake news, it is time to sue them and it has to hurt them! I can not believe the agency that license these stations allow outright lies and fake news, it is there responsibility to make sure these news networks are telling the truth and they should find them 1 billion dollars for every lie and fake news they put out there! They are dividing the country with hate, lies and fake news and they will never stop until you make them! Do uyour job or resign and let someone in that does have the balls to make them abide by the license issued!

  10. You must be for the. lying networks, the above is not a lie just want the licensing. People to do thre job , but I guess you do no t.

  11. Put them in Git-mo for subversion and proopaganda. After sue them for slander for about 250M, that would get their attention.

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