Disgusting: Biden Using Dead Son For Pity Votes

Biden has shown that he’ll do anything to get the votes of the American public. After all, he’s been clinging nearly lifeless onto the coattails of Obama since the very beginning, despite not getting the former president’s official backing. Biden will tell anyone who will listen about how his son died of brain cancer – and he even wrote a book about it.

The former VP has decided that he needs to up the ante, especially as Warren and Sanders are getting closer to him in the polls. With the two closest running mates pushing Medicare for All, Biden decides to use his dead son to get him all of the pity votes that he can get.

Biden has announced that it would “be an insult” to his son for everyone in America to have healthcare. Wow, that’s pretty low, Joe. It’s not that he just decided to say it in a speech, either. He and his witty campaign network has decided to create an actual campaign ad to suggest that if all Americans were to have healthcare, it would be an insult to his son – the same son who died in 2015 of brain cancer.

His video claims it wasn’t easy for him to record. Yet, he looks as though he’s Warren Beatty, focusing on the eye contact and the interwoven fingers as if begging the American public to vote for him instead of the mean and nasty Warren and Sanders who would dare to insult the death of his son.

“Healthcare is personal to me,” the ad says, followed by “Deeply personal.”

Biden’s video is about as sappy as they come, with the American flag waving in the background and receiving a pat on the back from Barack Obama.

It’s easy to read between the lines of his ad, meant to be a tear-jerker. One, most voters are going to see it as a cheap trick to get votes because everyone’s already very well aware that he lost his son. After all, he doesn’t let anyone forget it. Two, he’s essentially saying that it’s okay to deny Americans something that they may or may not want simply because it would be an insult to his son. What about all of the sick kids now? What about all of the sick adults who aren’t getting the care? That’s suddenly okay because at least it wouldn’t insult his dead son.

His video goes on to focus on Obamacare and how Trump is trying to tear it down. Biden continues to make the mistake of calling the Affordable Care Act Obamacare, continuing to ride those coattails as hard as he can. If he plans on making changes to it, like he claims to be, he needs to get rid of “Obama” in the equation. People aren’t voting Obama in the primaries, they’re voting Biden – though maybe he’s trying to do a bit of a bait and switch there. He can’t get into the presidency seat with the name of Biden, so he’s trying to do it with the Obama name behind him.

Trump is all about fixing the mess that Obamacare left behind, charging people who are already broke with fines if they don’t have insurance. For those who were below the poverty rate, free healthcare is now a thing. However, tons of Americans now have to pay double or triple for their insurance premiums – and that’s not fair, either.

Warren and Sanders want to give everyone free healthcare with Medicare for All. While that sounds great at first, it’s not when you consider taxes will go up and private insurance will go away.

Biden doesn’t want Medicare for All, but not for the reasons that most people don’t want it. Rather than agreeing with the American public and stating that it’s a bad idea, he wants to make every American feel bad for him. After all, why should anyone get free healthcare if Biden has a dead son? Is Biden stating that if Medicare was around for his son, his son would be alive still? Because that’s what it sounds like. Although, that’s actually not it at all. Biden had all the money in the world to be able to help his son. But, cancer is a killer. No healthcare plan in America could have saved his son.

Biden needs to give up the fight now. Dragging his dead’s son through the airwaves to get votes is pathetic. He has no clue how to get in touch with Americans and his most recent ad is proof of that with his attempt for pity votes.