ABC News Gets Slammed by President Trump; They Made Him Look Like a Fool

Since the beginning of the week until now, President Trump has slammed a report ABC News covered on the president claiming impacts from Hurricane Dorain was going to be a problem from Alabama.  At the time of the first few tracks of the hurricane, it was expected to pass through Florida and hit Alabama.  Since then the path has changed and headed through the East coast.  ABC News made the president out to be a fool and like he did not know what he was saying.  Monday, the president slammed ABC News on Twitter.

President Trump’s post read, “Such a phony hurricane report by lightweight reporter @jonkarl of @ABCWorldNews.  I suggested yesterday at [Federal Emergency Management Agency] that, along with Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, even Alabama could possibly come into play, which WAS true.  They made a big deal about this when, in fact, under certain original scenarios, in fact, it was correct that Alabama could have received some ‘hurt.’ Always good to be prepared! But the Fake News is only interested in demeaning and belittling. Didn’t play my whole sentence or statement. Bad people!”

After the news report, several outlets refuted the president’s statement claiming it confused the public.  The National Weather Service of Birmingham posted a tweet about 20 minutes later stating, “Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian.  We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east.”

Hurricane Dorain slammed into the Bahamas wiping out much of what was there.  It hit as a healthy Category 5 with winds sustained at 185mph and wind gust up to 225mph.  It was downgraded as a Category 4 hurricane, but the track changed after demolishing the Bahama Islands.  The new path had it heading for the Southern U.S. following up the coastline expected to hit the Carolinas.

Thursday, President Trump stood by his statement according to the initial track of the storm and posted on Twitter, “In the early days of the hurricane, when it was predicted that Dorian would go through Miami or West Palm Beach, even before it reached the Bahamas, certain models strongly suggested that Alabama & Georgia would be hit as it made its way through Florida & to the Gulf.”  Trump posted a second time stating, “Instead it turned North and went up the coast, where it continues now.  In the one model through Florida, the Great State of Alabama would have been hit or grazed. In the path, it took, no. Read my FULL FEMA statement. What I said was accurate! All Fake News in order to demean!”

Thursday morning, President Trump posted on Twitter an original map which was from August 28, which was from the South Florida Water Management District.   It showed the hurricane was expected to hit Florida, then Alabama.  Trump wrote, “This was the originally projected path of the hurricane in its early stages.  As you can see, almost all models predicted it to go through Florida also hitting Georgia and Alabama. I accept the Fake News apologies!”

The president waited until landfall on the U.S. East coast of South Carolina as a Category 3 hurricane before further defending his statement.  Too many news outlets took hits on the president when they should not have done so.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg was one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls who was one of the idiots who took a shot at the president by telling CNN News, “I feel sorry for the president.  What we’re seeing there is literally pathetic.  It makes you feel a kind of pity for everybody involved, and that’s not how I want to feel about the president, whether it’s for my party or the other.”  He also called the controversy of the map “humiliating and an embarrassing moment for the U.S.”

One thing is sure, this scheme and attack on the president is nothing more than the Left’s political games to make the president look like a fool.  He is no fool, and if anyone thinks he is, then they need to pull up the original track of Hurricane Dorain on what the models.  They need to post it up on all the news outlets which tracked the storm since it was a tropical wave.  Right before it hit the Bahamas, ALL news outlets from the Weather Channel to CNN had the storm going through Florida to hit Alabama.  Even local news outlets had the same track.