Democratic Press Attacked in Hong Kong as President Trump Keeps a Watchful Eye

We know that they have no desire for Democracy and that tensions are mounting but this latest cowardly act is a new low for Hong Kong. It is no secret to anyone in the world, where China stands on Democracy or about their penchant for violence. That violence has also been on recent display against Democratic protesters in Hong Kong. Protest, mind you, that China has called the United States responsible for from supporting to orchestrating.

It is needless to say that China is currently a country of unrest and that tensions between China and America have rarely been so high. How this latest incident in China plays out is yet to be seen but the stories being reported aren’t good. One recent story covering the latest violence in this very unstable land said that this last attack was aimed at Democracy.

According to that story which began, “Two unidentified men wearing masks hurled Molotov cocktails into the home of Jimmy Lai, owner of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, early Thursday morning” the motive was obvious. The source and those behind the attack, however, is still uncertain. Lai, while he may not necessarily be a friend to the people of China (there is controversy there), is without question an enemy of the government. As the story informed us, “Lai’s Apple Daily regularly reports on police brutality against pro-democracy protesters, offers organizational information on how to participate in protests, and challenges communist China. Lai himself, 71, escaped communist China… he is currently the lone millionaire in Hong Kong vocally opposing Chinese human rights violations and persecution in Hong Kong.”

Somehow, in light of that information, it is difficult not to think that the Chinese government doesn’t have something to do with these violent attacks. In China’s defense though, Hong Kong is home to many unsavory types like the triad gangsters as well as communist sympathizers. That means that there are other viable possibilities but the lack of motivation from police is a bit curious.

According to our story, the authorities have said they have not “been able to contact” Lai, following the bombing. The story also reported that the police think this fire-bombing was only meant to “warn” Lai, not hurt him based on the report’s sources. Again, not to beat the same drum but gangsters, terrorist pockets and even radical communist supporters don’t typically send warning shots. We do know the type of agencies, however, that do.

As far as the initial response from the protesters is concerned, these latest attacks only seem to have energized them. Our story concluded by saying that “…protesters have vowed to continue taking the streets.” Although this is the only real Democratic media in the country, Lai isn’t known to have any real favor with U.S. leadership or others who support the Democratic protests in Hong Kong. That might be a good thing when it is all said and done because this won’t likely create much more than a disapproving glance from the U.S.  The bigger issue here is the true vein of hatred for Democracy but we will stop short of saying anything beyond that. The President has been firm and even harsh at times when dealing with the Chinese government but this isn’t the most amiable country in the world either.

While the attackers were caught on film, it seems the masked men were disguised well enough to have gotten away as the police have no identifications or arrests as of yet. Maybe we’ll never know who the real culprits were behind these cowardly “warnings” but the lack of initiative and even response from China’s government speaks volumes. No doubt, the President is listening and watching because the uncertainty in China warrants our attention. In fact, their loathing for Democracy and their bold and continued accusations of the United States warrants our attention.

Hopefully, that is all it will demand of us as the President works to find more common ground and a better working relationship with their government. The Democratic press was attacked in Hong Kong but this was also an attack on Democracy and somehow, that strikes a chord here at home doesn’t it?