Creepy Joe Biden Just Can’t Keep His Hands to Himself

Joe Biden just thinks he can do whatever he wants when it comes to people. The very notion that he can grab a strange woman’s hands and hold them close as he speaks to her is just sickening and shows the arrogance of the delusional Democrat as he seeks to outmaneuver his wannabe Democratic competition for the 2020 election. Joe Biden is trying to impress a lot of people with his false sense of caring and his political take on life as he campaigns throughout the country. Biden certainly did not make an impression on one potential voter as he violated her space and held her hands.

A teacher in Iowa was asking him a simple question which he had a polished answer for. During the moment, Biden decided to grab her hands and hold them tight. A move that the teacher would not come to appreciate in the slightest. And what right does Biden have to grab the hands of women when he is campaigning? The Democrats just think they can do whatever they want with people that they are talking to.

The teacher is a special needs instructor that helps children with mental difficulties. Her mission is talking with Biden was to press him for an answer regarding unionized teachers that help special needs children. It was at that moment that he Democratically and highly inappropriately grabbed her hands. Ms. Roman was not impressed. There is no doubt as it was caught on camera that the teacher did not want to hold Joe Biden’s hands.

Roman would go on to say about the inappropriate action, “I think that he means well but, you know, he grabbed my hands right away and that was uncomfortable. He was very close and, in my mind, I’m like, this is part of our problem: Not recognizing that you need to ask first, or can I shake your hand? Not just grab your hands and hang onto them. That bothers me.”

Personal space is very important and it would have been better for Biden to not have stood so close to another woman, let alone grab her hands at the same time. But the Democrats do not care about how other people feel or what they want. They are only concerned about what will give them more votes and ultimately more power. Joe Biden could not care less about how Roman felt when he grabbed her hands. All he was interested in was appearing to be genuine and sympathetic. Which was something that was forced because it was evident that he did not care about the issue that Roman was asking him about?

Everyone could tell that his answer was polished and did not answer her question. His answer was so superficial that it did not even make sense to anyone listening to him. The sad part is that Biden has had bad interactions with women before. On eight different occasions, he has been accused of touching women without their permission. He simply thinks that he can grab people whenever he wants without any regard for personal space and appropriate actions.

Joe Biden is part of a generation that has failed to grasp the changing times of the youth. He has failed to understand that people do not want to be touched by strangers any more than they would want to be mugged by a thief at night. Biden has lost touch with what is acceptable in society and it shows. This is not a person that should be leading the country to let alone serving in politics anymore. He has lost his touch with people.

Biden has been reminded by his staff and others to keep his hands off of people. But that does not stop him. It is almost like he has a habit or desire to grab women and hold their hands. Biden does not listen to people, and he certainly does not give a care about how they feel. It is time for Biden to listen to the American voter and step out of politics before it’s too late. Roman would go on to say that this Biden’s third try at the White House and would also mention, “I wouldn’t say it’s something that I didn’t like but, you know, I’m in my 40s, I’m raising a teenager, I work with very young families, and he’s not relevant. It’s been too long since he’s raised a family, too long since he’s lived on a normal paycheck. I want somebody that actually gets it, that understands what it is to live on the paychecks that we live on, the housing crisis that we have, all the ways that those things affect us.”