Tom Steyer Qualifies For Debate on a ‘Technicality’

The Democrats are not doing a very good job throughout the presidential campaign trail. They’re clueless as to what Americans need or want. They’re also not capable of seeing the writing on the wall. The last thing any of the Dem voters need is yet another candidate to consider voting for in the primaries.

Tom Steyer is a billionaire who thinks he knows politics. However, Americans don’t know who he is, which is why he’s struggling in the polls. He failed to qualify for the September debate because of not getting enough votes in the polls. October is a different story, though.

He’s met the threshold by hitting the donor mark as well as receiving at least two percent in four polls. Two percent isn’t much – and Americans aren’t getting too excited that he’s qualified for the debate, either.

At this point, most people feel that it’s a three-person race between Warren, Sanders, and Biden. If anyone else would be included in that race, it wouldn’t include Steyer. He hasn’t made a name for himself in any area.

Steyer is one of the Dems who wanted to stomp their feet and call the qualifications of the DNC debates unfair. Along with him was Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. The 10 who did qualify, however, weren’t complaining – and it’s because they’re doing well enough in the polls that the low qualification requirements weren’t affecting them.

October’s debate is likely going to be bigger than the September one because the DNC adjusted some of the requirements – including what number is actually counted in the polls. In the past, the ABC and Washington Post polls only counted the number of registered voters. However, it is now using all adults polled. Wait, what?

Exactly. Steyer shouldn’t even be debating because he got in on a technicality. Some adults want him to be president. However, if they’re not even bothering to register to vote, it doesn’t matter. The DNC should have stuck to its guns by focusing on registered voters within the polls. However, they probably got tired of the fringe Dems and their temper tantrums as much as the Republicans have. They made the switch, allowing a billionaire nobody to slip through the cracks and qualify. The addition of Steyer to the October program may also require the DNC debate to flow to a second night. In the past, they have said that they don’t want more than 10 people on the stage at once. This can be problematic, however, as Steyer makes 11. In order to be fair, the debates may end up with only 5 or 6 on stage at a time. Without all three of the leading candidates on stage at once, it could lead to a number of problems.

That’s really the only things voters care about. They want to see who’s going to be on stage and when. They want to see what other outrageous things Democratic candidates like Biden and Warren are going to promise the American people. They’ve already talked about getting rid of private insurance and burgers. What’s next?

Steyer is the same one that Trump once said comes off as a “crazed and stumbling lunatic.” Steyer is also the one that started an impeachment petition drive in October of last year, clearly unaware of how the impeachment process works. A sitting president can’t be impeached with a petition, but hey, if this guy wants to run for president, maybe he can change the rules once he gets into the Oval Office. The only thing is, Steyer’s not capable of coming up with enough rational thoughts to tell Americans why he deserves the DNC nomination.

Tom Steyer tweets more about impeaching President Trump than he does on where he stands with the political issues. If he was so convinced that he is going to win the presidency, why bother dealing with impeachment? He’ll be in office soon enough, right?

Steyer isn’t talking about any of the real issues. He hasn’t talked heavily about the economy, his stance on healthcare, immigration, or anything else. It’s why he’s barely scraping by in the polls. American voters want to know what a candidate stands for, and impeaching Trump is only one thing that the billionaire is talking about.

Steyer sounds like most of the other Democrats. He wants to raise the minimum wage and allow abortions for population control. What makes him unique? Well, he hasn’t gotten around to announcing that because he’s too busy tweeting about a Trump impeachment petition.

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  1. I know who Tom steyer is. He is the one that helped Obama crush the coal industry. Then went overseas and invested in coal industry in poor nations. That’s how he became a billionaire. A corrupt piece of trash. He is one of the elites who thinks American people are nothing..was world order to control the masses. Should be charged with crimes against America and humanity.

  2. I wonder who is in Tom Steyer’s “pocket” to pull such a move for such a STUPID DOLT? I guess the REAL question becomes “how low can the DNC go?” Just one more driver for the DNC “Clown Car”, which I don’t think even Barnum and Bailey’s circus would allow in their show . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. I wish the Democrats would pave the way for Marianne Williamson to debate! She’s good eye candy and is very hot!

  4. Hey, Tulsi and Kirsten, what y’all think about that. Are y’all being kept out because y’all are women? Can’t be, the Democrats are the party of inclusion. How did this white privileged pig get in over y’all? Hummmmmmmmm! Bernie Sanders in 2016 come to mind. The party of manipulation at it again? Maybe y’all should call BS.


  6. I would rather see Marianne Williams on stage. At least she offers a unique perspective. Tulsi Gabbard is more moderate and pretty sharp too. I appreciate her service to the country.

  7. Entirely Appropriate and following in the footsteps of his betters. The Dem’s most recent presidential candidate and their most recent president owe their success to the same.
    The true heir to the Democrat tradition.

  8. Yeah so what is new…? The democrat party has always been corrupt…it is the most evil party in this nation and will eventually destroy this nation…period!

  9. Why can’t TULSI GABBARD make it to the Next Debate, on a “TECHNICALITY”?????

  10. just another crooked ass clown running for president. he got rich off the backs of people working for him. living high on the hog because you can bet the people that worked for him didn’t get paid very well. then he sold his company and made a mint off of it. an he probably didn’t even thank the ones who made his company.

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