Ignorant ICE Protestors Storm Private Property Disrupting Business

The right to assemble for a peaceful protest is a right in the United States of America. Getting together to cause trouble will undoubtedly get protestors thrown in jail.

That is exactly what happened to a bunch of anti-Americans that decided it would be a good idea to show up and march down public streets protesting ICE and all the companies that supposedly transact business with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The protestors were a mix of people that have fallen for the lies of the Democrats concerning the conditions of the detention centers around the country. The protestors chanted the hatred for America to the Amazon building where many of them demonstrated their wickedness and gullibility through the signs they held up and the words that they screamed at people.

Many of the group decided that it would be a good idea to walk into the private business and sit down on the floor of the place. Needless to say, they were trespassing and were promptly arrested.

It is one thing to protest peacefully on public property. But it is completely different when protestors enter a private establishment and disrupt business. 12 loony liberals were arrested and led to the jail where they will spend the next few weeks awaiting their trial in court.

Many of the other protestors filmed the incident which will undoubtedly be used to gain support for their wicked cause as each video is edited to show how they were the victims. In truth, the victims were the people trying to work at Amazon when this uncivilized group came crashing through the front doors uninvited.

The group responsible for the protests had similar problems controlling themselves at other rallies. In one protest the group decided it would protest in the streets shutting the lanes down during rush hour traffic. Another time they protested in front of an ICE center claiming that a driver tried to run them down.

This group is an unlawful and uncivil group that causes trouble wherever it goes. Their main purpose is to cause mayhem and trouble wherever they go.

This group of people have believed the lies of Cortez and other members of the devilish Democratic Party. They believe that the centers are overcrowded and the centers are the same as the concentration camps of World War II.

They have never checked their facts about what is being said of the centers. Long before they ever stage any protest the people should at least go and civility visits a center to see what they are like.

Sadly the cry out that the centers are inhumane. But their actions are inhumane as they harm people around them and put the lives of the officers in danger when they protest violently. The men and women of the Boston Police Department are the true heroes as they kept this group of people from causing violent damage to such a rich and historic city of America.

The people are on a mission to get themselves arrested and to cause as much damage as possible hoping to cause a change in government. This is not the way to get the changes they want to see. They should rather get involved in politics and make their voices heard legally.

ICE is the one organization that is making a great difference in keeping the country safe from illegals that have slipped in the country. The illegal people are taking away from the American population things that do not belong to them. They are taking jobs and even healthcare away from lawful citizens that pay their fair share of the cost. Illegals pay nothing, and they get to live free at the expense of the legal citizen.

The protestors have a right to be heard but only in a peaceful manner. Any such attempt by them to cause trouble is met with force as the police haul them off to jail. There they get to think about their future as a criminal and if that is the path that they want to take for a cause that could be won another way.

President Trump has done his part and now the nation waits for the loony left to get their act together and fix the immigration laws.

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  1. We should at least enforce the existing immigration laws that were passed by congressional consent. If people feel the laws are broken, then VOTE for someone to fix them and hold that rep accountable. Too many politicians say they will do something, raise money, and then do nothing except blame others and raise more money. It’s swamp corruption.

  2. Don’t these trouble making morons have jobs, attend school, have children/families to take care of? Are these wealthy spoiled trust fund brats who are anti-America and anti-Americans? Assuming they have “normal” parents, I bet the parents are really proud of these future welfare recipients. Disgusting displace of ignorance with zero thanks to the lying lame street media.

  3. Peaceful is not in the left wings agenda. They are trouble makers. Any time they disrupt businesses, riot, demonstrate on property that’s not theirs or destroy property that’s not theirs they should be arrested. They are getting away with way too many of their shanangans.

  4. These are the kind of people that support the Democratic Socialist Party.
    The Democrats of today are 99% of the time behind the Valence today. Thanks Hillary had the Nerve to call Trump supporters Deplorables.

  5. Arrest them all. If they protest against ICE or other legal law enforcement that should be arrested and held until trial before a conservative lawful judge. We have no patience with these imbeciles. Either law enforcement handles it now or they cause a civil war, that will not be civil.

  6. Thanks for the great article, I hope sanctuary people start getting arrested,they are treasonous and should be dealt with as criminals.

  7. put them in a jail that has work details, make them work while they live in prison for at least one year minimum.

  8. These IGNORANT people NEED to go read a REAL History book & see what socialism is And then see what Communism means. Because a VOTE for a Democrat is what these BRAINWASHED people are voting for. They think they are going to just get “FREE STUFF”.

    But of course the majority of us know what the Democrats will do if one of them goes in as President. They will take over EVERYTHING in OUR lives. These people DON’T Seem to understand they are going to LOSE jobs and their benefits will be cut in HALF. Because instead of being with President Trump on getting the ILLEGALS out of our country & allowing ONLY Legals to come in; these people think they should ALL be able to come.

    They are so ignorant for NOT thinking about the part where they have paid in SS during their years of work. But these ILLEGALS have done nothing but climb these small fences to come over here and also get the same thing they are getting. And they are also getting places to live. But if they were NOT bad people they would come to the PORT OF ENTRY. But the point I’m TRYING to make is this. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THESE ILLEGALS coming over here. But it will be when these people that have been here since birth & are on SS &/or Medicaid are FORCED to take a PAY CUT.

    You people need to STOP & THINK before you vote for the Democrats. More Black Americans & Latino’s are working now. All because Trump has been busy creating jobs. U.N. enployment is the lowest it’s ever been for Blacks since Reagan was in office. And he is also putting the money back that dear ole Obama said he borrowed from OUR SS benefits while he was in office. OBAMA NEVER PUT IT BACK.

    And working people have THEIR money come out of their checks so it will be there when they retire or have to go on disability. But since the Democrats keep FIGHTING Trump on him trying to keep these ILLEGALS out of our country; then these people probably WON’T even have any benefits. WHY??? Because the Democrats will be constantly taking their money they are paying in for themselves so these ILLEGALS will have benefits.

    And when all the Social Security funds run out; that’s when COMMUNISM will be introduced into OUR country. And even you brainwashed people have heard the Dem. party talking about all this. They will take TOTAL control over how much money you will get a month. You will have a certain amount to spend on food. They will also have the RIGHT to take money out of anyone’s Savings account when or if they need it. And the very 1st thing will be to take “ALL YOUR GUNS”. But of course they WON’T be able to get the guns from the criminals. So it will be MORE killings of INNOCENT PEOPLE just trying to get buy. But criminals will be able to have their weapons of choice. But all you people that have guns just to protect your family or the ones that like to hunt; WON’T have them. BUT GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.



    “TRUMP & PENCE 2020”

  9. Peaceful protests are one thing, interfering with people trying to earn a living, trespassing, destruction of private property and civil unrest is something else. Of course they never considered checking the facts out for themselves. They just took the word of the lying, socialistic democrats like AOC as gospel. The democrats starting with Obama have tried to demonize all law enforcement officers and especially ICE as people who delight in hurting everyone they can. They should remember that some day they may need the very officers they are attacking some day. Yes, some police officers are bad. So are some businessmen, some sanitation workers, some mechanics, some politicians, some lawyers, some truck drivers, etc.

  10. Do these ‘protestors’ have jobs? Apparently not. The article states the protestors prevented Amazon workers from getting to their jobs so the protests must have taken place during the work week. If the protestors don’t have jobs are they sucking up our taxes on welfare? If they are on welfare and have time to protest and are physically able to do so they can damn well be out looking for work. Or, is it possible that some deep-pockets ultra-liberal billionaire is paying these people to disrupt businesses with these protests? Inquiring people want to know,.

  11. Great report Hit the nail on the head

  12. LOL! You can’t even write something that STUPID! I hope they got arrested! If they had burst into a Business that I owned, they would definitely have gotten booked, or Fined! First Rule of Protesting, GO TO THE RIGHT ADDRESS! Haha….

  13. Protesters – the young and the ignorant.

  14. You can not fix STUPID criminals or politicians … you can only arrest the criminals and vote out the socialists.

  15. There all morons especially the ones taking there children with them.

  16. Protestors have the right to express themselves but have no right to destroy property. I have visited prisons where children and other pilgrims have been subjected to less than humane treatment. Murderers in our prisons are given 3 meals a day, receive medical care, spiritual guidance if desired, change of clothing,, women are provided with tampons. Sleeping on mattresses. Yet this pilgrims are forced to sleep on concrete floors, ventilation is deplorable, recurve one meal a day, several have died who recieved medical care to late in their incarceration, sexual predators working as armed guards have abused women. So , before you try to defend conditions, see for yourself and stop repeating words of those that have an ineptness of prison life. The worst example of fascism is the separation of families, it is appalling, sickening and a violation of basic human rights. So get educated first.

  17. Lock more of these trouble makers up for a 90 day stretch and then bring them to the judge for more punishment…We need to find the money trail!Who is paying these dummies? Outside money is to blame!

  18. The “New” Democrat party needs young high school/college kids to do their dirty work because these kids have no idea what it’s like to work and struggle to keep what you have. Show me an Antifa protester and I’ll show you a kid that’s never had to do any chores around the house. Overly protective parents spoil these kids to the point that they have to look for some kind of meaning in their life. The Democrats are only too willing to provide this meaning, however twisted it might be.

  19. The ILLEGAL people are POLUTING the labor market with street offering of cheap labor cost

  20. ICE is doing a great job keeping America secure. President Trump is not yet against Legal immigration into USA. All I understand him saying is that you must come in lawfully and join millions of
    lawful residents waiting for their turn to be

    sworn in as citizens.

  21. Arrest every single one of these left wing lunatics and Antifa and give them at least 2 years in adult prisons if they cannot seem to adhere to societies rules…not kiddie jail to pout and think about their sins….or another thought…mandatory 2 year stint in the Marines or Army…they will quickly learn what it feels like to get their asses kicked from true American soldiers…

  22. You said it just like it is!

  23. BUILD THE WALL AND DEPORT THEM ALL! DACA and DREAMERS who have NOT become citizens within 2 yrs, OUT! No EXCEPTIONS! Enough is enough! When they get more per yr than we Seniors on SS, and keep mooching and leeching everyway the can, WE HAVE HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH! Especially when far to many of our own are living on the streets, and they get money, homes, food, meds and on and on………………………………

  24. It appears that there are now two groups of people in America: the group that checks their facts before they take action and the radical left who believe the false narrative of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls who want to turn our Democracy into a Socialist nightmare.

    The Democratic Presidential hopefuls all believe the same crap: Medicare for all, free health care, free college and no more student debt. Sounds great! But who is going to pay for all this? Not the government! The American people are going to be taxed up their behinds, unemployment will once again be high, the American economy under President Trump will disappear, food stamps will reappear and our proud country will have to get along without planes, trains and God Knows What Else.

    Americans don’t have to like Donald Trump, but he is still the most successful President America has seen for the last 75 years. The radical left fail to understand that we need borders to keep American citizens safe. We need ICE agents to make sure that illegals stop sneaking into the USA. The 12 illegals wouldn’t know what a concentration camp looks like if they tripped over one in their sleep.

  25. Try and do that in other countries…would be shot, disappear. What would they say if people came into their home and did the things they are doing? When one hates a country they are beggars in ( America is our home )then the door has to be opened to the outside to return to place came from. Why live unhappy where you hate. Our God led the people to set up America, and we need to get back to the rules of our Lord, God, with no reservations regarding.

  26. It’s the AOC wing of the party which is responsible for this! AOC is a lesbian subversive and the anti-ICE protesters deserve to be URINATED on! Let’s URINATE on them!

  27. Nothing is more true than this old saying

    “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile,”

    Arrest them all then deport them. I don’t care if they were born here or in a 3rd world country south of the USA,. OR in the middle East or on friggin MARS,




  28. Just wait until one of the STUPID protestors gets raped or mugged by one of the nasty violent illegals. Then they will see that ICE is doing a great job to protect our country.

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