Ignorant ICE Protestors Storm Private Property Disrupting Business

The right to assemble for a peaceful protest is a right in the United States of America. Getting together to cause trouble will undoubtedly get protestors thrown in jail.

That is exactly what happened to a bunch of anti-Americans that decided it would be a good idea to show up and march down public streets protesting ICE and all the companies that supposedly transact business with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The protestors were a mix of people that have fallen for the lies of the Democrats concerning the conditions of the detention centers around the country. The protestors chanted the hatred for America to the Amazon building where many of them demonstrated their wickedness and gullibility through the signs they held up and the words that they screamed at people.

Many of the group decided that it would be a good idea to walk into the private business and sit down on the floor of the place. Needless to say, they were trespassing and were promptly arrested.

It is one thing to protest peacefully on public property. But it is completely different when protestors enter a private establishment and disrupt business. 12 loony liberals were arrested and led to the jail where they will spend the next few weeks awaiting their trial in court.

Many of the other protestors filmed the incident which will undoubtedly be used to gain support for their wicked cause as each video is edited to show how they were the victims. In truth, the victims were the people trying to work at Amazon when this uncivilized group came crashing through the front doors uninvited.

The group responsible for the protests had similar problems controlling themselves at other rallies. In one protest the group decided it would protest in the streets shutting the lanes down during rush hour traffic. Another time they protested in front of an ICE center claiming that a driver tried to run them down.

This group is an unlawful and uncivil group that causes trouble wherever it goes. Their main purpose is to cause mayhem and trouble wherever they go.

This group of people have believed the lies of Cortez and other members of the devilish Democratic Party. They believe that the centers are overcrowded and the centers are the same as the concentration camps of World War II.

They have never checked their facts about what is being said of the centers. Long before they ever stage any protest the people should at least go and civility visits a center to see what they are like.

Sadly the cry out that the centers are inhumane. But their actions are inhumane as they harm people around them and put the lives of the officers in danger when they protest violently. The men and women of the Boston Police Department are the true heroes as they kept this group of people from causing violent damage to such a rich and historic city of America.

The people are on a mission to get themselves arrested and to cause as much damage as possible hoping to cause a change in government. This is not the way to get the changes they want to see. They should rather get involved in politics and make their voices heard legally.

ICE is the one organization that is making a great difference in keeping the country safe from illegals that have slipped in the country. The illegal people are taking away from the American population things that do not belong to them. They are taking jobs and even healthcare away from lawful citizens that pay their fair share of the cost. Illegals pay nothing, and they get to live free at the expense of the legal citizen.

The protestors have a right to be heard but only in a peaceful manner. Any such attempt by them to cause trouble is met with force as the police haul them off to jail. There they get to think about their future as a criminal and if that is the path that they want to take for a cause that could be won another way.

President Trump has done his part and now the nation waits for the loony left to get their act together and fix the immigration laws.