Harris Has A New Criminal Justice Reform Plan; Too Little Too Late

Kamala Harris made waves early on within her presidential run. She took on Biden during the first DNC debate, getting a lot of Democratic voters to look her way. However, once she was done attacking the former VP, she hasn’t had much else to say. She took a strong lead, falling in fourth behind Biden, Warren, and Sanders. Over the past few months, she’s been falling in the polls.

She recently launched a criminal justice reform plan that would be instituted if she were to become president. It might be too late, though. Many political strategists are already saying that there are only three candidates to have their eyes on – and she’s not one of them.

Many of the Democratic candidates are launching new plans, though. They’re hopeful that Biden is going to crumble, and many believe it’s a “when” not an “if.” Harris is counting on it, which is why the only African American female on the campaign trail is excited to talk about criminal justice reform. It’s a more moderate plan, too, so she stands out against Warren who has a very different take on criminal justice.

Get Ready for Criminals on the Street

Kamala Harris is clearly looking for more voters and doesn’t mind if they are in the form of convicted felons. She’s ready to loosen up a number of federal laws. She wants to end federal mandatory minimum sentences (and encourage states to do it, too). She also wants to get rid of solitary confinement and get rid of the death penalty.

The death penalty is something that has been in place for years – and many states still execute. While it’s not common, it is there as a deterrent. Further, solitary confinement has been used as a way to keep extremely dangerous criminals away from the general population.

She has borrowed heavily on the initiatives that she worked on when she served as a district attorney as well as the attorney general of California.

Let’s Legalize Drugs

Kamala Harris is all for legalizing marijuana on a federal level. While many states are legalizing at least medicinal marijuana, her idea would be to legalize it all the way around. This would also allow dispensaries to move from a cash-based business to using banks for conducting business. She also wants to end the disparities that are currently found in the offenses between crack and powder cocaine.

Sliding Away from the Lead

Harris has spent most of the summer declining in the polls. More black voters are likely to give their votes to Biden or Sanders. They don’t feel as though they can connect with her. Meanwhile, most of America still doesn’t know who she is. While she’s barely holding onto two-digit numbers, Biden, Sanders, and Warren are all higher than her in the polls.

Kamala Harris is still doing everything she can to make sure that she’s being heard. She’s also trying to create plans where others have not. However, while she touts that she’s a moderate candidate in comparison to Sanders or Warren, she’s considerably more progressive than many Dems. She’s throwing a lot of her political weight behind things like marijuana legalization and reducing the sentencing of criminals. That doesn’t say much about her as a political candidate – she wants to legalize drugs and allow more criminals to walk the streets.

Harris is focusing on areas where most voters aren’t looking. Voters have said repeatedly that they want to hear what candidates have to say in three main areas: healthcare, immigration, and the economy. If Harris were to get her way, there may be some more income coming in from pot sales, but it will all end up getting spent on keeping the prisons up and running because there will no longer be a death penalty. Maybe Madame President should be the one to explain to people who have lost family members due to a violent criminal why that person gets to live even though he took the lives of many.

Not to disappoint, Harris has a 14-page plan that involves the US Department of Justice spending money to “incentivize” the state agencies. Where will all of the money come from for her plan? That seems to be missing from all of those pages of her plan. However, that’s not going to stop her. Dems aren’t concerned about the national deficit. She’ll fit in just fine with the other Dems of Capitol Hill, adding to the debt ceiling with outlandish programs that cost entirely too much without sufficient results to back it up.