Tlaib Will Be Furious at Israel’s Possible Annex of West Bank

Israel, as one of the only democracies found in the Middle East, is coming up on an election year in which the office of Prime Minister is up for grabs. The current PM Benjamin Netanyahu is running for another term. Now, as you know US Representative Rashida Tlaib isn’t much of a fan of this gentleman. However, she also isn’t a fan of any Jew, let alone an Israelite.

But Netanyahu, I’m sure, holds a special place in of hatred in her heart, as he was considered primarily responsible for banning her and co-squad member Ilhan Omar from the nation last month. The two had tried to travel there for political purposes that the Israeli government found to be questionable and in direct violation of their national safety.

However, the nation did say that Tlaib could visit her grandmother, a native Palestinian who resides there in the West Bank, as long as she refrained from any political work while there. Tlaib refused their offer, saying that it was a form of oppression and she would not travel there unless she was free to do as she wanted.

Likely, the grudge she holds for Netanyahu and his co-workers has only festered with time. And so when he announced on Tuesday that he, if re-elected, would annex a third of the West Bank, I’m sure heckles were raised in the Tlaib household.

He said in news conference, “Today I announce my intention, upon forming the next government, to impose Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea.”

Now, Tlaib’s grandmother lives in a village far to the west of the area to be annexed and so will not likely be directly affected. However, it is almost certain that the Michigan congresswoman, in her hatred for all things Israeli, is not pleased with the prime minister’s plan of taking more land for a nation that she thinks shouldn’t exist. And I’m sure a few choice words about the situation have already been said by her on the issue.

Furthermore, the specific land Netanyahu is proposing to annex would prove to be beneficial to the Israeli nation in more ways than one.

The Jordan Valley lies along the nation’s border with Jordan. This strip of land is well known for its fertile soil and great agriculture opportunities. But more than that, it would be a strategic military move on Israel’s part.

Currently, the area under Palestinian rule is bordered by Jordan on one side and Israel everywhere else. By taking the Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea, Israel would completely surround any Palestinian government that is to be formed, cutting them off from Jordan.

Netanyahu says the opportunity has been made possible, in part, to the Trump administration’s plans in the area and that “We haven’t had such an opportunity since the Six-Day War, and I doubt we’ll have another opportunity in the next 50 years.”

While the prime minister’s opponent Benny Gantz has agreed that the annexation of the Jordan Valley is a very strategic move and a necessary one, he still criticized the current leader for this plan. According to the New York Times, he says Netanyahu “is using and hurting ties between Israel and the U.S.,” although it is unclear how he is doing so.

According to Gantz, Netanyahu “is harming our ties with the Jewish community in the U.S. He is linking our politics with the Americans, and this is wrong.” Gantz, in contrast, says that his “ties are strategic, these connections are deep and vital and are based on shared interests and not on election-time deals.”

So, it’s not really a question of if this area will be annexed by Israel so much as when since both major candidates for prime minister said that it is crucial to do so.

Both candidates are clearly doing what they think is vital for Israel’s safety and security, just as they were in their decision to ban Omar and Tlaib. It’s just too bad; the freshman lawmakers are too blinded by their hatred to see it that way.

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  1. Why can’t I share this? Everyone should read it.

  2. Tlaib is a dumb ass bitch with shit for brains. Fucking asshole.

  3. If Rashida truly loves her grandmother and if she was truly devoted to her grandma and if she really cared about how much her grandmother might miss her and be longing to see her, SHE WOULD HAVE TAKEN ANY CHANCE SHE COULD GET

    It’s all FAKE!

    Rashida wanted to go to Israel ONLY to push her political agenda. How many of us can go to a country of biological origin to visit a relative and try to change the countries policies while we are there?”

    When she learned her visit to her grandmother prohibited her from what she truly intended she forgot about her LOVE FOR GRANDMA AND GRANDMAS LOVE FOR HER and that is just SAD!

    The claim that her grandma didn’t want her to come under certain conditions is either an outright lie or a manipulation of grandparents tendencies to tell us “No honey, don’t come to see me now cause there’s a snowstorm coming” or “Sweetie I don’t want you to spend money on an airline ticket just to come and see me!”. WE ALL KNOW THAT IN THEIR HEARTS THEY WANT TO SEE US DESPERATELY.

    Will someone please CALL HER OUT on her DECEPTION?

    I feel really sorry for her grandma! Rashida loves her political fervor far more than her grandmother.

  4. Is she the one who married her Mother’s cousin

  5. tlaid’s a pos garbage

  6. It makes sense that Israel would not allow her into Israel. No country wants people there if they hate the country and all it stands for. And God gave that land to Israel when they left Egypt.

  7. Good, GOOD! . . . I hope she blows that GASKET of her out her BACKSIDE, where the REST of her brains are. She is QUITE the disgraceful one . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. Now would,nt that be karma if BIBI, let her into ISRAEL and the Palestinians bombed ISRAEL and she ended up a fatality of that bombing. And she never got to see her granny.

  9. What gets me, is the calling of Israel the occupation force. No one forced Palestinians in the area they now occupy. They are the ones that kept making attacks in Israel and had the wall put up, because of their violent attacks.

    Israel is a country that has been beautified by their hard work. They have farming and provide for themselves. The Palestinians on the other hand, don’t try to work. They hold their hands out and expect people to take care of them. There are some Palestinians , that work in Israel and provide for their families. They aren’t the majority. These people have the freedom to work in Israel. They aren’t forced labor. Israel has tried to work with Palestine, but the Muslims in Hezbollah, only want to destroy Israel and take their lands.

  10. Rashida Tlaib is a bull dyke who engages in regular foursomes with Ilhan Omar, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh!

  11. Tlaib has run her mouth now she is paying for it and rightly so she needs to tend to her own business and stay out of other peoples.

  12. The quad need to be fired from any U.S. political position. They are not for America.

  13. It’s non of her business and she’s not only against. Israel but also the U.S. people better wake up and know what they are voting for! I know some that vote dem. And they never listen to news or know what’s going on in the world. I’ve told them if they don’t watch the news and know what’s going on they better not vote as they could be voting for the end of what we know as the U.S.then they complain because things are getting so bad! Well, they’re helping it get that way!!!

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