Trump Bashes Democrats in Baltimore, GOP Has the President’s Back

Sometimes people can be so ungrateful on the efforts put forth on an individual who gives their all to get the job done.  The Democrats and snowflakes have been putting down President Donald Trump every step of the way in all he is doing for our country.  Twitter has been the most prominent sound off for the president, but he always backs up his statements face to face.  At a GOP retreat in Baltimore, the president did just that.  He put down the Democrats big time, and the GOP has his back.

The president was an hour late in beginning his speech on purpose.  He wanted to start at the exact time the Democratic Debate started.  Many Democrats in the city of Baltimore, the “rodent-infested mess,” were protesting on the streets while the president took the stage in Charm City.  Trump referenced the Democrats impeachment charges as “They’re colluding and obstructing.” He attacked every one of the candidates by giving them nicknames according to their character and stated, “They should be watching the debate, but they’re probably watching us.”

The GOP opened the event in Charm City by proclaiming the new Republican in Congress, Representative Dan Bishop from North Carolina.  Representative Kevin McCarthy, who is also the House Minority Leader, kicked off the presentation and thanking President Trump for pushing the North Carolina representative over the finish line to victory.  McCarthy claimed the Republican Party could reclaim the House of Representatives in the 2020 election as Bishop’s victory gives them the momentum to do so.  The GOP is giving credit entirely to Trump’s presence the day before the election.  McCarthy stated, “The president made a considerable difference in this race coming in when you watch the turnout, you watch the movement in numbers, just a week away from what they ended up on Election Day.”

As for the impeachment proceedings, McCarthy touched base on the confusion within the Democratic party when President Trump told the audience, “House Democrats are pursuing the most radical, far-left program ever put forward in that historic chamber. It’s the Democrats, and it’s the media, who are fighting two battles. They’re colluding, and they’re obstructing.”

McCarthy joined forces with his old enemy Representative Jim Jordan, who is also the founder of the House Freedom Caucus.  They took shots at the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler.  McCarthy said, “The Republicans have never been more united.  Not even Ronald Reagan had as much support within the party as President Trump!” He also defended the president on the Tweet on Baltimore and called the city himself, “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess and the worst in the USA.”

McCarthy explained to the crowd it was out of concern the president made that statement to pull them out of poverty not to criticize.  The Minority Leader said, “I think the president coming here symbolizes that, yes, he cares about Baltimore, he cares about the people that live in Baltimore, and he does not accept that you have to stay in poverty.”

The snowflake protesters were picketing outside the Baltimore Marriot Waterfront, bashing the GOP and the president.  Authorities worked to keep the protesters far from the GOP, but the snowflakes worked their way through to the motorcade.  As we cannot please everyone, there will always be idiots who protest a good thing.

McCarthy went after Pelosi and Nadler some more along with the House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer and claiming they have no control over their own party.  He said, “Tell me how the Democrats are going to go back and ask for reelection on what they achieved.  All they achieved are investigations that have gone nowhere.”

The newly Representative Dan Bishop added to the statement, “What I heard more than anything else from voters as I passed them in the district is that what the social Democratic Party is articulating not only stuns them, it frightens them, not only on the subject of being consumed with the idea of destroying this president, but also their outlandish policy proposals.

Representative Jordon stated, “They’ve got to come up with some way to go after this president because they’re bound and determined to do it, even though the country knows it’s not warranted, even though they know we shouldn’t do it, even though the country in every single poll says don’t do it.”  It’s funny, they don’t even listen to their own polls.