National August Jobs Report Crushes Dems Dreams of Recession

For several months now, Democrats have touted the fact that we are heading into a recession. They claim that Trump is to blame for this. And yet they seem relatively happy about the idea of our county’s economics not being at its best.

For a party founded on the idea that the working American is to be fought for, they sure are doing a lousy job of being true to their roots.

They have been so sure that this month’s job report would show financial strain, fewer jobs than ever, and proof that Trump was ruining our nation.

However, the opposite seems to be true. Just look at the fact included in the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report for August 2019:

  • Total employment hit an all-time high of near 157.9 million
  • The number of people with current work increased by about 590,000
  • National unemployment rates held at a historic 50-year low of 3.7%
  • Unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics hit an all-time low

Now, Democrats have naturally raised a ruckus about this last statistic. They are saying that while it may be true, those jobs are lower-paying ones and ones that are not likely to see an increase in that pay. However, that just simply isn’t the case. If they had finished reading the report, they would have also found these facts.

  • Workers received a higher wage increase (3.5%) than their managers (2%)
  • August was reported as the 13th month in a row that wages increases by at least 3%

So apparently, all their whining is simply another tactic to turn attention to all the wrong Trump is doing in an election year and pointing out all the good that Democratic presidential candidates could do if they were to take his place.

Case and point: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She said that Trump’s tax cuts would only amount to “crumbs” for the average American worker. And yet according to the report, US workers on average took home about $1400 more because of it. For multimillionaires like Pelosi and her gaggle of Congressional cohorts, this may be pocket change. But I know for a fact, an extra $1400 for the average American matters.

Another example lies in expert economist Larry Summers, who, endorsed by Obama, in 2016 said that the American economy was an “age of secular stagnation.” He, like Obama and many other Democrats, only saw defeat. They thought no one could do any better.

But Trump proved them wrong. His business acumen and economic prowess have made positive changes for this nation that experts couldn’t even begin to predict when he first walked into the Oval Office.

The previous Congressional Budget Office projected that we would only see a rise of about 2 million new US jobs through 2019. And yet, since the end of 2016, the reality boasts a whopping 6.1 million. That’s quite a contrast.

And yet, Democrats still want to focus on the doom that is heading our direction. They call it a recession and say that the average American will struggle financially under Trump’s tax cuts, while the wealthy are given gifts.

At this point, it’s clear they are latching on to any possible excuse to make the president look bad, hoping he will be defeated in the 2020 election as a result. And this report proves that they are out of touch with reality. Furthermore, they have no idea what the average American deals with or experiences.

These facts show what millions of Americans already know. We have more money to spend than we have had in quite a while and are finally enjoying the fruits of our labor under a president who appreciates our hard work.

It’s no wonder they have had to conjure up other crazy ideas to get the public’s attention. Where do you think the sudden notion of drastic climate change came from?

Yes, the temperature is slightly warmer (rising a little over 1 degree in the last century), the oceans are rising, and, as always, some species are endangered. But no one, not even sound-minded, objective scientist believes we only 11 or 12 years to fix it.

It’s just about as made up as the Russian collusion theory and the whole Mueller fiasco. They are trying so hard to gain back control, but all they seem to be doing is digging themselves a deeper hole.

Good luck getting out, because not even this impeachment process will work.