Osama’s Son Faces Same Fate as Evil Dad

There is no debate that Osama bin Laden is one of the most wicked people to have lived in the current age. He had no mercy as he initiated killing after killing innocent people around the world. His cause was one of murder, and he enjoyed doing it. The world cheered when it was reported that he was killed and finally dead. He could no longer enact terror on the world’s stage. But with the loss of one terrorist, there is always another to take his place.

That person that took his place was none other than his cowardly son Hamza bin Laden. The world is cheering again when a report was released that said that the second generation of killers was also killed in a United States military operation that was aimed at finding and killing these murderous people.

President Trump gave the great news but that was all that he said. Much of the details have not been released and why should they be? Osama’s son does not deserve the publicity that he would get if these details were ever to be released. He should silently be laid in the grave never to be heard from again. The American heroes that took the murderer down are heroes to the world. They have stopped another person from enacting their murderous plans on the innocent.

President Trump also stated that his death “not only deprives al-Qaida of important leadership skills and the symbolic connection to his father but undermines important operational activities of the group.” This evil man is said that he “was responsible for planning and dealing with various terrorist groups.” He was willing to work with other terrorist groups to maximize their killing effect.

He is dead and he is not coming back. The world is better off without his evil killing innocent people. The people responsible for the takedown are the true heroes of the American people. In light of the September 11th attacks, this news is a breath of fresh air and provides a renewal of unity for the country. Those that lost loved ones in the meaningless attack years ago cheer at the news because vengeance has been served once again.

Laden was said to be the one that would eventually lead al-Qaida once again. The terrorist cell now has to deal with the void after the loss of their evil leader. Without a leader, they cannot organize themselves. For some time there was a reward for the takedown of this pathetic man. With such a bounty on his head, it was only a matter of time before he would be killed.

The United States has the best intelligence agency in the world. They can pinpoint and find just about any person that has gone into hiding because of their murderous actions. The men and women that have devoted their lives to finding these kinds of people are what make America great. They are the ones that allow people of all faiths the ability to worship freely. They are the ones that protect the freedoms that every person gets to enjoy.

The devilish Democrats would seek to have those rights removed as they hate the military and the men and women that protect what they enjoy. The Democrats would seek to limit the effectiveness of the military by stripping them of their tools and funding to do their job.

But President Trump has given it all back to them. He has gone on to fund the military as it has never been funded before. He has increased the size of the Navy and has given the other branches of the military the tools they need to find others like the sad bin Laden family.

Osama bin Laden and his kid are finally gone. Their ability to kill people have been destroyed, and they will never again threaten the people of the world. Those that lost people on September 11th have been given more justice as those that were responsible for the attacks have been brought to ultimate justice with the forfeiture of their lives.