Biden’s Proposed Tax Credit to Put ‘720 Million’ Women to Work Has Ladies Everywhere in Stitches

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a candidate for president of the United States, addressed the Workers’ Presidential Summit in Philadelphia recently on the subject of a child tax credit, according to Fox News.

“You get a tax break for a racehorse, why in God’s name couldn’t we provide an $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has childcare costs?”

So far, so good. Politicians from both parties have been pushing childcare tax credits for decades. Unlike many proposals coming out of the mouths of current Democratic presidential candidates, the proposal is at the very least defensible.

But then, inevitably, Biden went on to speak a little more.

“It would put 720 million women back in the workforce. It would increase the GDP, to sound like a wonk here, by about eight-tenths of one percent. It would grow the economy.”

The problem is, that number is more human beings than live in the United States of America. The most current census pegs the population of the United States of all genders and ages at about 330 million. Mr. Biden has made another one of his gaffes, likely by exaggerating the number of women he would allow to go work by a factor of maybe 100.

Biden has once again added to the pattern of his campaign. He says something outrageous, Many pundits wonder if this is the time that his campaign starts to implode. Biden persists in being number one in the polls. The pattern is, no doubt, aggravating to his opponents, such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who feel that are more aligned with the zeitgeist of the modern Democratic Party, i.e. total red flag waving socialism. The phenomenon of the former vice president stumbling through the campaign has proven to be a wonderment for everyone else.

That is not to say that Biden has not attracted his share of mockery. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has some choice words on Twitter.

“Joe Biden for President of China! That is the hidden, Freudian meaning behind his claim that his policies would help 720 million women. Clearly impossible in an America with less than half that total number of people. But in China Biden might be able to impact 720 million women.”

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has decided to have a little fun at Biden’s expense by releasing a video that consists of Biden’s greatest hits, along with some shocking reaction from the mainstream media. These gaffes range from the former vice president’s reference to “record players,” the state-of-the-art audio technology from around 1970,.to his claim that poor kids are just as talented as white kids.

Even some of the other Democratic candidates are gingerly attempting to suggest that Biden may have lost his mind, though, in the case of Julian Castro, the jibe backfired when he accused Biden of contradicting himself on the question of whether people could “buy it” to his health care plan as opposed to being automatically enrolled. Biden said that people could buy-in at any time but would also be automatically enrolled when they lost a job.

Meanwhile, Biden remains stubbornly at the top of the polls. He is, as of this writing, 27.9 percent nationally in the Real Clear Politics average, 10 points ahead of his nearest opponents, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Biden is also ahead in Iowa and New Hampshire, albeit by narrower margins. However, in some polls, Warren appears to be gaining ground, establishing herself as Biden’s main rival from the left.

According to Fox News, Warren tops Biden by double digits where it comes to enthusiasm. Warren has started to attract monster crowds that rival the numbers that President Trump has been able to attract, 20,000 in a recent rally in New York City, for example.

Biden maintains a large edge among African American and older voters. Warren leads with women with college degrees, who tend to be more liberal than working-class women, as well as voters who want substantial change.

The upshot is that Biden continues to make gaffes and it continues not to matter insofar as poll numbers go. The race for the Democratic nomination is still for all intents and purposes a three-person race between Biden, Warren, and Sanders with the rest languishing in single digits.

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  1. Even with his missteps and gaffes, he still seems more sensible than the other clowns.

  2. Send them out of the usa,they would love commies. Or Muslims


  4. That wasn’t a gaff, the dumb fuck just doesn’t know the population of our country.

  5. Let’s face it–The Democrat Party has been KILLED by SOCIALISM RUN WILD!!! There is NO LONGER a Democrat Party.
    Instead, it has been wrangled by some horse thieves and turned it into FULL BLOWN INSANE SOCIALISM. If the “leadership”
    had ANYTHING of VALUE to offer the People of the USA, where have they been spending all OUR MONEY and PRECIOUS TIME for the past several years, especially these last 3 years with President Trump, the President of the People who still have convictions and integrity and who VALUE FREEDOM and LIFE!!! Let’s call this new twist what it is: PURE SOCIALISM because the Democrat party is virtually dead now.

  6. WOW! Talk about NEW MATH . . . You just can’t make this stuff up! What in God’s name has he been “smokin”? Did he forget to take his ‘Meds”? Either he is a FULL BLOWN Genius, or he’s NOT ALL THERE. It would be frightful if he became POTUS with his hand on the NUKE BUTTON as Commander In Chief. Trump should easily win with Democrats like THIS . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. I think even. God wants to save them but thinking twice !!’

  8. Every one of them are socialists or communists. It is highly unlikely that the Constitution highlights their reading list!

  9. You know what he is full of!!!!

  10. Again I saw, he is an idiot of the highest.

  11. Of course MILLIONS of women will go back to work…THEY”LL HAVE TO…drop out now, you idiot and take care of your messed up son….Doc

  12. Oh yeah. Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend any dorks!!

  13. Talk about blowing it out your A$$ Biden!! You need to go back to taking your medications for Dementia or whatever it is your smoking!

  14. And Trump is supposed to be the loony one huh? Ole Biden is so stupid that even the democrats are hoping behind the scenes that he doesn’t get the nomination.

  15. Must be putting women in China and S.E. Asia to work.

  16. Joe Biden is a idiot. Please shut him up. Lies all the time.

  17. MAybe he’s counting all the women in Canada and Mexico?

  18. I do not think this needs to be pointed out but Joe Biden is “Dumber than a box of rocks”. And it pains me that I had to insult rocks.

  19. Groper biden and his corrupt kid belong behind bars instead of him running for the presidency. Just like the criminal the demoTRASH ran in 2016 — seems they can’t get away from the corruption even in their candidates. But wait — maybe, just maybe that is all the demoSCUM party is made up of — criminals– so they don’t have a choice.

    Can anyone else imagine what this country would look like if
    Bite-me-Biden became the President of it?????????????
    We would fail to EXIST AS A COUNTRY and would become a “THIRD-WORLD-SHIT-HOLE”
    With that IDIOT BARRY THE TUBE SMOKER, AS LEADER put into power by his boyfriend Joey Biden because contrary to what everyone thinks and believes Biden really “DOESN’T” want to be the leader, he actually wants to be able to “GROPE ANYONE” he chooses without the fear of being Called out for it and called the name by which anyone who gets off doing what he likes doing is rightfully called!!! He is most DEFINITELY a PEDIPHILE he just doesn’t want to be called by the name he has so RIGHTFULLY EARNED OVER THE COURSE OF HIS ADULT LIFETIME!!!
    He doesn’t want to be in charge, he just wants the “BENEFITS” of being in charge!!!!!

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