Comey Told the Inspector General Something Different Than Congressional Testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey is coming under a significant amount of fire as officials are looking at whether he told Congress and the Inspector General the same story. As the IG report is finalized over the Trump-Russia investigation and the FISA abuse that may have happened, Congress is looking at certain portions. The results are likely to be bad for a number of Obama Administration officials.

James Comey is one of these individuals – and as Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) has said, there are some issues that are being brought to light. Just how many issues there are has not been fully addressed, but it seems as though Comey didn’t feel like telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth when he was on the stand. He might not be with the FBI anymore but he still has to be truthful under oath.

Meadows spoke to IG Horowitz during the hearing. They’ve taken Horowitz’s report and matched it side-by-side with the congressional testimony that James Komi made in front of the joint judiciary and oversight hearing. Quite a few irregularities have been identified. Meadows asked if it would be appropriate if he and ranking member Jordan were to refer the inconsistencies to the IG and for the IG to look at the inconsistencies.

Horowitz responded by saying that it was appropriate to get a referral about a then-employee of the Department. Essentially, Meadows was being as politically correct as possible to ask if he and other Congress members were able to send a referral to Horowitz in order to explore some of the discrepancies found between the two testimonies. This could result in changes being made to the IG report.

The problem is, within the IG report and the testimony, there are opposing ideas provided by Comey. This goes in line with saying one thing and doing another. However, it may be difficult to prove that he lied to either the IG or to Congress. The example that Meadows provided was either starting an investigation or getting a special counsel appointed. While different, they arrive at the same result – an obstruction investigation of the president.

Comey told Congress that he didn’t initiate an obstruction investigation. Technically, he didn’t. Rob Rosenstein did. However, Comey did initiate it because of leaking a memo that he knew would trigger the investigation.

Meadows explains that there are dozens of other instances as well. While he didn’t provide any specific examples during the hearing, the thought is that he wants to keep those closely guarded. With Horowitz identifying that he will review the various irregularities, those will be provided to the IG so that the report can be amended as necessary.

There is little doubt that Comey is corrupt. However, it is up to Congress to prove it. The IG report is likely to be released next month. It is going through revisions at the moment. From there, portions will be redacted. It is anticipated that this will be the next Mueller report, torn apart from any corner in order to find something that the Dems can hold onto in order to get their way. Comey was on their side, so they’re not likely to be too pleased about the FISA warrants being identified as illegal.

It all comes down to Comey acting falsely in order to trigger the investigation that led to the Democrats believing that Trump was colluding with Russia. From the very beginning, Trump felt as though he was being wiretapped. FISA warrants were procured so that they could tap Carter Page, Trump’s advisor. However, Page should have never been tapped because Comey lied in order to procure the FISA warrants. As such, Page was tapped illegally.

Comey is as corrupt as they come but it has to be proven. The indications show that the IG report is going to be brutal. All sorts of things may come out, including if Comey was working alone or if he was being told by Obama, Clinton, or anyone else to work on getting the FISA warrants through “any means necessary.”

With the Page FISA warrants potentially being identified as illegal, it’s likely that the Dems can kiss any last chances of impeaching Trump goodbye. Their desperation was starting to stink up Congress anyway, so it will be a nice change of pace to be able to put it all behind us. Though, there’s always Jerry Nadler, who will simply call someone else to the stand and hold them in contempt of Congress if they don’t provide the information he wants to hear.