Explosion At Former Bio-Weapons Lab Stored Ebola, Smallpox, And Plague in Russia

Russia just cannot seem to get its act together. They are acting like a rebel teenager that has been trying to cause trouble but keeps getting caught. Over the years explosions have rocked the Russian landscape the latest explosion came about from a gas cylinder that blew up and caused a massive fire. The place of interest is the Vector facility which is a place that deals with bioweapons. It is a place that houses Ebola, Smallpox, and Anthrax. All deadly diseases that could potentially wipe out a nation.

Russia is a ruthless place. It has a harsh landscape and there a lot of places that were built during the cold war that still is in operation. The vector facility was one of these places. It has become so old that it blew up. Russia does not seem to care about updating its current facilities. As a result, they are starting to see the results. When there is a leader in power that does not care what happens to the common people of the land, then this is what Russia will see. Putin does not seem to care as these facilities remain untouched.

Vector and the CDC in Atlanta, GA are the only two places in the world where these deadly viruses are found. The sad part is that there is an apparent lack of communication in Russia as local responders were not aware of the danger until the real danger was announced. The Russian media came on the air and stated: “The situation was quickly upgraded from an ordinary emergency to a major incident.” In the United States, the problem would have been reported at a serious incident because there is clear communication that takes place.

Russian has a lot of issues. They seem to have their criminal tentacles just in about everything. They interfere with other countries and never apologize. They seek to spy on nations that are reportedly friendly to them. They act like they will one day take over those other nations. But when it comes to bioweapons they just don’t care. The fire was finally put out in an area that was reportedly free from biomaterial. But can any person trust Russia to tell the truth?

They have lied so much over the years that no one takes them seriously anymore. These viruses could have wiped out and killed a lot of people. Even worse they could have mutated and caused even more death if not contained properly. One source confirms that this facility is “’ known for having developed vaccines for Ebola and hepatitis, as well as for studying epidemics and general issues surrounding immunology,” was part of a “now-defunct Soviet biological weapons program,” and that “some of the most dangerous strains—including smallpox, Ebola, anthrax, and certain plagues—are still being kept inside the Institute’s building.’”

This ridiculous facility has had problems before. Years ago one worker was stuck with a contaminated needle and was infected with Ebola. The person later died of complications. With a track record like Russia has and their disregard for human life does it matter what people think. The truth is already known. Russia is not willing to take care of its facilities or its people. Where one facility fails another one will be built in another secret location.

Russia as also been careless with their nuclear facilities as this past August five people were killed. There were no assurances given that the radiation was contained or eliminated. For some people near the accident site, they wonder if their health has been compromised. Russia has never been upfront with the true dangers of many of its programs. They would rather deny everything and let the danger take care of itself.

Russia needs to be held accountable for their actions towards other people. The best nation that can do this is the United States. They are the only ones that have enough resources and personnel to take care of the more nation Russia. The United States can and does influence them towards what is right. Ultimately it is up to their leaders to act appropriately to protect their people and their country,