Obama Was Asleep During the Biden Debacle? Not Likely

Sleepy Obama is what all the history books are going to say about him. He was sleeping at the wheel of the White House and did not keep an eye on the activities of his cohort in crime Joe Biden. Joe Biden was unable to control his own family as it has recently been discovered that his son was doing business with what Rudy Giuliani says is “the crookedest guy in Ukraine.” The world is changing and those that are in agreement with the evil and crooked nations will fall.

Biden and his son have been involved with illegal activity and will be held accountable. Giuliani has served the president for years and has been involved with politics for a very long time. During his speech about Biden and his illegal Obama cohort, there were thousands of Iranians supporting an overthrow of Iran’s crooked government. The sad part about Biden is that he does not seem to care. He may have admitted his part in everything but still yet has to accept punishment for his actions.

President Trump simply made a political call to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to congratulate him on his victory. Once the devilish Democrats heard of the call they immediately and falsely accused the president of conspiring with an enemy. The fact that Obama and Biden looked the other way when Biden’s son did business with the evil dictator proves that the Democrats love the evil side and want to keep those relationships secret. President Trump stands for freedom and beneficial governments, and he ends up being impeached for doing the right thing.

Corruption seems to be an ongoing issue in Ukraine and many think that the new president can deal with it. But one of his aides came and told Giuliani that there is room for concern when he stated “I’ve gotten to know Zelensky through one of his chief aides, Andriy Yermak. And, so I’m telling you my impression, and it is true, he is surrounded by slightly different elements. He’s got some people around him that I’d be very nervous about, and he’s got some people now that are real patriots. I think it’s a work in progress.”

Hopefully, the new president would deal with the corruption in his ranks. Interesting enough to know that the Democrats did business with the corrupt former president but are now crying foul against an honest president that President Trump has gotten to know. Just another way that the Democrats are terrorists at their hearts and will stop at nothing to keep those that do right from rising to power.

The Democrats are pro-evil. They love to surround themselves with it. And when things begin to get a little uneasy for them they always seem to have someone that they can blame for it all. Giuliani went on to point out about the new president that He seems to be saying the right things. He hasn’t had to do too much yet. My biggest issue would not be being pro-Russian. I do not believe he’s pro-Russian. I think even the oligarch that has arguably influence on him is not pro-Russian. That doesn’t mean that they’re not dishonest. You’ve got the pro-Russian crooks, and you’ve got the pro-Ukrainian crooks in Ukraine. The only thing better about the pro-Ukrainian crooks is they don’t support Russia, but they can sometimes be as worse.”

Biden and his son were heavily involved with corrupt people and Obama knew about it. The point is that Obama knew and did nothing about it. Just like when Russia started meddling in American affairs, he did nothing about it. But that is exactly what comes with Democratic politicians. They do not care, so they will not intervene and stop corruption or harm that is damaging the country. It is most likely that Obama was somehow linked to and involved with Biden in the illegal matter. But like good dumb Democrats, they refuse to rat each other out. Instead, they would rather try to blame someone completely innocent and uninvolved with the matter.