Montgomery County is Rated the Worst ‘Sanctuary Community’ Ever

Sanctuary cities are the worst Democratic idea to ever be submitted to the nation. Sanctuary cities are places where illegal aliens end up to avoid being deported back to their home country. These people are usually criminals and murderers trying to escape punishments at any cost. One community, in particular, is Montgomery County in Maryland. It is here that illegal aliens are raping people at an alarming rate. The county has been placed on the worst place to live in a sanctuary city because of all the crimes being committed by these illegal people.

The dumb Democrats would have the nation look the other way and make statements that are fake hoping that people that do not live in the area would continue to support the open border policy that they have. Open borders mean these rapists and murderers would be able to walk right into the country and do whatever they want to the people of the United States. Crime would triple overnight and there would no way to stop the inflow of criminals except to shut the borders down.

Montgomery County is now among the top 10 sanctuary regions that are the worst to live in. There is so much crime that people are constantly at risk of being victimized because of the dumb Democratic idea of sanctuary cities. The reason that law enforcement cannot keep up with it is that they are not allowed to partner with federal immigration officers. They cannot turn these jokes of human beings over to the people that can deport them back to their own countries.

Montgomery County is run by a Democrat that cannot seem to see that he is killing his county. Ever since Marx Elrich signed “The Promoting Community Trust Executive” crime has just increased. Sadly, even with the increase in crime Elrich will not repeal the order. He believes that he is doing to the people by allowing these criminals to feast on their flesh. He has allowed criminals to victimize the very people that voted him into office. Elrich is a person that needs to be voted out of existence just like every other Democrat in the country.

One official has noted that “Sanctuary policies are absolute poison for America.” This was said by Dale L. Wilcox who is the executive director and general counsel of IRLI. He goes on to say that “They are unconstitutional — a violation of the Supremacy Clause — and threaten the integrity of our republic. More importantly, sanctuary policies bring violent crime and murder the is entirely preventable.”

He goes on to blast the cities by stating “This is a list of shame. Political leaders who advocate for and defend sanctuary policies are directly responsible for the lawlessness and human suffering they have inflicted on their communities. The law-abiding, legal residents of these communities need to know that their leaders have prioritized the interests of often violent illegal aliens over them.”

In the past few months, there have been documented eight illegal aliens that have committed violent crimes in the little county. A county that should be protecting its people and not those that seek to do them harm. The victims have ranged in age from 11 to adulthood and Elrich may sympathize with the victims, but he won’t do anything about the law that has allowed these crimes to take place.

The Democrats stand for only one thing and that is the destruction of America as it stands. They do not care about anyone but themselves and will stop at nothing to see themselves rise to a frightful amount of power. President Trump has done his best to keep the borders closed and to stand in the way of the dumb Democrats. He has taken some blows from them for the benefit of the people that call this great nation home. President Trump is a true hero and needs the support of every United States citizen as he fights the terrorist from within. The terrorist from within are the Democratic Party that is trying to seize the power of the law-making branches of the country.