Trump Goes After Hillary, It’s Bigger Than Watergate

The world would love to see Hillary Clinton go to jail for the scandal and mishandling of secret documents through her email bumble. President Trump mentioned that the email scandal that Hillary was guilty of was “bigger than Watergate” and “she deserved to go to jail.” Hillary Clinton is the biggest fraud this country has ever seen in the past 200 years. She has betrayed her country and has tried to cover it all up by mishandling emails so badly that no one can trace who she has been talking to.

The dumb Democrats have now been trying to convince the nation the president has been doing the same thing. There is a huge difference between Hillary and President Trump and that is President Trump has not been engaging in illegal activity. He has not been engaging in things that he needs to hide because he is doing what is legal. The Democrats want the world to believe that they are the truthful ones, and yet they are the ones that are being truthful, but they the rotten ones.

It should not surprise everyone that an unnamed source sent a letter that stated the Trump administration has been trying to cover up the use of a forbidden email system. This is exactly what Hillary is guilty of. She used an illegal system to hide her evil wrongdoings. And now it seems that the Democrats are trying to invent the same story for Trump. It is the same old rotten bag of tricks that they play. The Democrats invent fake crime stories to accuse the president of they fail at it every time.

The purpose of the system is to protect sensitive information from being leaked out into the public but now it seems that the Democrats have been using it for their illegal activities. Hillary Clinton used her private email accounts for secret information. This is against the approved usage of such accounts. The Democrat believes that they are above the law and that it does not apply to them.

Hillary Clinton went on record stating that she went around the system for a matter of convenience. She did not want to have to use two different phones. What she said was that she is too good to do whatever one else has had to do. The way she handled such matters left a door wide open for her to leak out important information about secret and sensitive things that they should have never been released.

His little stupid aides were left in control of information that they should have never been allowed to see or handle. Her little aides were in charge of what was public and what was to be preserved as secret. Clinton illegally used her accounts, and she should be locked away in a prison kept from out of the way. She is not above the law, and she must answer to the law for her criminal actions. She claims that she did not want to be inconvenienced with what she believes to be trivial matters.

But she is just like everyone else and must be held accountable for her actions. The Democrats are working hard to pin her crimes on the president. But they will not be able to do so because he has nothing that they can find to incriminate him with. The fake whistleblower would have everyone believe that Trump is up to illegal activities. They would have everyone believe that there are things that he is doing that are wrong, but these are all made up.

This person that still has not been identified is making false claims as directed by the dumb Democrats. There yet has to be one shred of evidence presented to link President Trump to anything that the dumb Democrats are blaming on him. What is sad about the Democrats is that when their latest claims about the president fail they have a way of inventing new problems that they try to blame on him. They will only find that he is a man of his word.