Look Who Got a Ukraine Trip On the Dime Of Hunter Biden’s Firm

Schiff is involved in the Ukrainian case against Donald Trump in another way. Thomas Eager, one of the Congressional staffers for Adam Schiff, took a trip to Ukraine with some of the other congressional staffers almost immediately after the whistleblower complaint was filed. The trip took place between August 24 and August 31. Schiff approved the travel with his signature on the travel request.

The Atlantic Council was the one who paid for the trip.

The links continue. One of the senior members of the Atlantic Council is the founder of CrowdStrike, Dmitri Alperovitch. If CrowdStrike sounds familiar, it is the company that was supposedly responsible for identifying that Russians hacked the DNC during the 2016 campaign. However, the FBI was never able to access the server. Trump also asked the Ukrainian president in order to investigate CrowdStrike and find out if their government is in possession of the server.

There is another prominent name who funded the Atlantic Council – Burisma. That is the same company that Hunter Biden sat on the board of – and the one that is being investigated because of Joe Biden allegedly pressuring Ukraine to have the prosecutor fired.

This begs some very important questions – why is the Atlantic Council responsible for paying for congressional staffers to travel to Ukraine following a whistleblower complaint? Why were congressional staffers traveling to Ukraine in the first place? What kind of shady activity is Schiff involved in as it pertains to protecting Biden and the rest of the Democratic secrets regarding Russia and Ukraine?

There’s nothing on record in terms of who this staffer talked to when they were in Ukraine or if any of it related to either Trump or the complaint regarding Joe and Hunter Biden. When news outlets have asked the Atlantic Council what staffers were doing there, they said that it was a preplanned trip focused on a fellowship that would also include roundtables and other educational events. Thomas Eager, the congressional staffer from Schiff’s office, was not available to make any kind of comment.

Clearly, there are some illegal activities happening that the Democrats don’t want Republicans to know about. It is simply too coincidental that congressional staffers were on a plane to Ukraine almost immediately following the whistleblower comment. Without Schiff or anyone else identifying what it is that they were doing there, it leaves too many open-ended questions about who they spoke to or what they could have influenced.

Particularly considering that there is now an impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump, the Democrats need to stop being so shady and underhanded. No one should be traveling to Ukraine in order to get information unless both parties are involved. If only the Democrats are going, it begs the question of why Republicans aren’t being involved as well – unless they are trying to hide information.

Trump had every right to investigate Biden due to international relations and because of his position as a former VP. While Democrats want to identify that it is because Biden is a presidential nemesis, the reality is that the Democrats are hiding information – and Schiff is the one doing their dirty work.