Look Who Got a Ukraine Trip On the Dime Of Hunter Biden’s Firm

Schiff is involved in the Ukrainian case against Donald Trump in another way. Thomas Eager, one of the Congressional staffers for Adam Schiff, took a trip to Ukraine with some of the other congressional staffers almost immediately after the whistleblower complaint was filed. The trip took place between August 24 and August 31. Schiff approved the travel with his signature on the travel request.

The Atlantic Council was the one who paid for the trip.

The links continue. One of the senior members of the Atlantic Council is the founder of CrowdStrike, Dmitri Alperovitch. If CrowdStrike sounds familiar, it is the company that was supposedly responsible for identifying that Russians hacked the DNC during the 2016 campaign. However, the FBI was never able to access the server. Trump also asked the Ukrainian president in order to investigate CrowdStrike and find out if their government is in possession of the server.

There is another prominent name who funded the Atlantic Council – Burisma. That is the same company that Hunter Biden sat on the board of – and the one that is being investigated because of Joe Biden allegedly pressuring Ukraine to have the prosecutor fired.

This begs some very important questions – why is the Atlantic Council responsible for paying for congressional staffers to travel to Ukraine following a whistleblower complaint? Why were congressional staffers traveling to Ukraine in the first place? What kind of shady activity is Schiff involved in as it pertains to protecting Biden and the rest of the Democratic secrets regarding Russia and Ukraine?

There’s nothing on record in terms of who this staffer talked to when they were in Ukraine or if any of it related to either Trump or the complaint regarding Joe and Hunter Biden. When news outlets have asked the Atlantic Council what staffers were doing there, they said that it was a preplanned trip focused on a fellowship that would also include roundtables and other educational events. Thomas Eager, the congressional staffer from Schiff’s office, was not available to make any kind of comment.

Clearly, there are some illegal activities happening that the Democrats don’t want Republicans to know about. It is simply too coincidental that congressional staffers were on a plane to Ukraine almost immediately following the whistleblower comment. Without Schiff or anyone else identifying what it is that they were doing there, it leaves too many open-ended questions about who they spoke to or what they could have influenced.

Particularly considering that there is now an impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump, the Democrats need to stop being so shady and underhanded. No one should be traveling to Ukraine in order to get information unless both parties are involved. If only the Democrats are going, it begs the question of why Republicans aren’t being involved as well – unless they are trying to hide information.

Trump had every right to investigate Biden due to international relations and because of his position as a former VP. While Democrats want to identify that it is because Biden is a presidential nemesis, the reality is that the Democrats are hiding information – and Schiff is the one doing their dirty work.

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  1. This getting slime’er every day that goes by!!

  2. “Trump had every right to investigate Biden due to international relations and because of his position as a former VP.
    While Democrats want to identify that it is because Biden is a presidential nemesis, the reality is that the Democrats are hiding information – and Schiff is the one doing their dirty work.”……..****…… my case….


  4. The swamp is deep and wide! Totally out of control.

  5. Adam Schiff is knee deep in this cover-up, and we American’s are aware
    of this little ASS is knee deep in this little pony show.
    And he has boat load of buddy’s on the left are carry the water for shameless democrats all over this country.
    Several countries with liberal views are watching the U.S. being slowly
    taken apart.
    The addition of these add-on’s in our congress are just as shameful as they
    take the views of our country as bad and should be changed in this coming
    The hell I went through in Vietnam only to watch all left wing doing the same thing under the table.
    I never been a person who followed elections until now.
    The things we all seen and felt watching the oval office events going on.
    And to see month’s later another family matter appeared once again
    with the same problems of a different nature.
    Fast forward to the middle of the night as we later discovered another liberal delivered 150 billion dollars in the middle of the night.
    How is the left doing regarding country and what we truly stand for?

  6. It all smells – to high heaven. As have said before, IF this were the other way around, a President’s son (or daughter) doing business in a foreign country, then being investigated for possible dirty deals – for which the PROSECUTOR was…fired?! Whose head should fall in that case? Perhaps the one who bragged about getting the prosecutor fired…you think!? There are waaay too many people on one side anyway (Dems) in bed with others involved…the investigation should be of Joe Biden, his son, anyone else who has been enabling/covering it all up!

  7. Mafia, Democrats, Unions, are all just various branches of the Mafia. Mafia started going “Legit’ when they took over the Longshoreman’s Union on the East Coast. Was to hard to make millions doing the Mafia’s regular work after Capone was “Busted”. Today the unions donate about 95% of their money to the Dems.. Why? Because they want everyone to have to pay “Union Dues” in order to work. Today the Dems are trying to ram the “PRO Workers” bill thru, which requires ALL jobs to be “Union”! If you can’t smell a “RAT” yet, your nose is full of “$hit”!

  8. There is more than a carrot here, its a CRIME RIDDEN RED HARING with blatant showman clout and vertebrata look at me see I gave them 6 hours to fire the prosecutor or no dice on funding and by golly, guess what he was fired.It just happens that corruption and politics lay together in the same street and you run over them together rooting out corruption.

  9. We can’t allow the evil, of corruption, to enter high office. Look at how they are all connected via China or Ukraine Clinton’s, Biden’s, Bush’s, and minion. How did backwards China get precise Missile guidance systems-clinton’s & minion other advanced technology on Subs, Weather control, and more. The only way Biden and Son were getting 1.5 Billion from China was to sell access telling them it was certain because they were going to steal the election and be winner, Biden’s VP WOULD BE Hillary A FRIEND OF China. Ukraine a money laundering op with various players. When white color crimes are committed its usually not seen in the open, but only after investigations or checks are conducted and revealed.

  10. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them! If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  11. it appears the only legal way to foreign political dirt is to pay 12 million via FBI LAWYERS to some IC agent in the field willing to task known cronies for dirt on a subject. Just asking is against the law unless your Obama, Clinton or BIG Joe B who know just how to Armstrong , other country leaders to stop a personified investigation of his son and son’s company. Was kicked out of the Navy for being a dope head and 2 months later on the board in Ukraine drawing 50 K per month with no knowledge of energy, oil, requirements of Ukraine, Other members of the board are tied to Pelosi, Schiff, i.e. DEMOCRATS. JUST MORE REASON TO INVESTIGATE

  12. Put them in jail for a long long time.

  13. Well now, isn’t that quite a COINCIDENCE! FRAUDS IN THE SWAMP!!! SCHIFF LEADING THE PACK!!!

  14. DemocRATS are RATS, and POWER is what they want and will do anything to get it! They do not give a dam about anyone else, not even there supporters. They lie and commit criminal acts to get POWER, they have done it in the past only now it seems the whole party is involved and that is hurting America and what we stand for! They back there crooks instead of getting rid of them and the list is very long.

  15. if schiff is involved even 1% it will have the smell of schifftt all over it, he needs to be kicked to the curb and then indicted and then jailed,


  17. and when is the crooked news media going to start reporting this stuff?

  18. The timeline of this entire incident shows me that there was collusion between the ‘whistleblower’ and Adam Schiff and members of his staff. The Democrats are using this so-called complaint that our president actually spoke to the leader of a foreign nation concerning questionable activities by the son of our former vice president. His concern was that old Joe had pressured officials of the foreign country to fire those investigating his son. I think most of us agree that the president is in his rights to do exactly what he did because he couldn’t order our law enforcement personnel to conduct investigations in another country. What I find more difficult to understand is how Biden’s son landed this lucrative job in the first place. According to reports from many news sources Hunter Biden had no expertise in the energy field and did not speak or understand the language. Exactly what was he supposed to contribute to the success of the company for which he ‘worked’? To put this in perspective, I have absolutely no expertise in the energy field and I don’t speak the language but I will gladly occupy a seat of the board of that company for one hell of a lot less than $50,000 per month.

    Old ferret-face Schiff and his weasels are up to their usual tricks to get rid of President Trump. They make up lies, damn lies, and statistics and try to sell them to the public a facts. Hasn’t worked for them in the past, won’t work this time.

  19. Wonder why they went, probably to clean up any clues of influencing left behind by Biden and his son.

  20. The democrats need to stop trying to impeach our President and do their jobs…their jobs are suppose to be taking care of the AMERICAN people not the illegals, or the Muslims or any other country as far as that goes…AMERICANS SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE TOP PRIORITY!!!!!

  21. Shifty Schiff is totally corrupt and is involved in shady, questionable dealings. He lies with impunity and accuses Trump of things for which there is no evidence. His desire to remove Trump from office has tainted his ability to function as head of any committee; he should be removed.

  22. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬ Backed up by the patriots of MAGA!!!!Keep America great again and not let it become another liberal commie shit hole like the rest of the lib run cities!

  23. Schiff is doing the very thing he has accused the President of doing. Why is it okay for the DEMOCRATS to claim to investigate but wrong for our AMERICAN leader to do so? An investigation will prove either Biden’s innocence or guilt. If Biden is innocent, why would the DEMOCRATS worry?


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