Event Honoring Fallen Officer Canceled; Republicans Were Going to Be There

California is the state of liberals. Any conservative or Republican that comes around is immediately branded as a traitor and treated like one. Tim Hagel is the chief of police for Thousand Oaks, California. He is notoriously known for being rude and insensitive towards Republicans. This past week he canceled a charitable event that was themed to honor a police officer that was killed in the line of duty. The reason he canceled is that there were some Republicans invited to attend.

Just is no different from canceling a funeral because people show up that are not liked. This entire event was not about politics are nationalities or any other issue. It was supposed to honor the life of a hero. But Tim Hagel does not care. He has put his agenda before the police force and before his own family. He hates Republicans and will have nothing to do with them.

The charitable event was designed to raise money to help support the family of the fallen officer. And with no remorse or feeling towards the family, the evil chief canceled the event. Who cares if the Republicans showed up at least they were there to support the family. But this is the typical behavior of the Democratic Party. They hate opposition and go to violent and unfair extremes to keep the Republicans away from their events. They are a bunch of babies and now Hagel has joined their league.

Helus was killed in the line of duty when defending people from a violent attacker at a bar. The attacker killed 13 people and wounded at least 12 police officers. The attacker would also take his own life. At this point, politics is far removed from those affected. But not if you are a Democrat. For a wacky liberal politics is even more important than death or life itself. The Helus family are the people that are affected by Hagel’s actions. All donations were returned to the donors once the event was canceled.

Hagel is a joke to the uniform and should be fed to the felons for his actions. He is said to have commented by Mike Randal who is the Vice President of the Fallen Officers Foundation that, “This is not Trump country, that slogan ‘Make America Great’ is not favorable, popular, within 1,200 square miles,’ that we don’t want Republicans here.” Democrats go crazy and show their demons when confronted by President Trump supporters.

Hagel was also reported as saying “The only thing,’ and I quote, ‘the only thing you [could have done to make] this worse, Mike, was to invite Dick Cheney and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.” He also said “Yeah, this ain’t gonna work for us. You’re not gonna support this with the honor guard? No, we’re not bringing the honor guard. We’re not coming. We’re not going to be there, not supporting it.”

Randall would go on to say about the Helus family and the fallen hero, “Ron Helus was a true hero, and he saved lives that night. Did he run in and go, ‘Are you Republican or Democrat or independent, I need to know before I help you?’ No, they don’t. You’ve messed with the wrong person, you’ve messed with the wrong founder, you’ve messed with the wrong foundation.”

Hagel has crossed a line and now must answer for his actions. This was not about him or any other person. It was about a man that gave his life to his community.

The FBI is currently investigating the Los Angeles Police Department for failure to hire people based on their political affiliations. They have been accused of hiring gang members and criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens. Hagel has made the ultimate error and now he must answer for it.

Hagel should be fired for his actions. To cancel an event designed to honor a fallen hero just because of a political agenda is outrageous. The Helus family has lost a loved one and a hero and now they have lost the support of their police chief. The one that should be standing with the family instead of against them.

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  1. This whole Democratic sphere of things is hard to swallow! It’s a (I’m taking my ball and go home) childish playground antics! These are adults in a public position being manipulating with pure stupidity and self righteous hate. It’s incomprehensible!!

  2. Hagel should be fired.

  3. What else do we expect from a LIBERAL or a RINO ?, I’ m sure glad it happened in California!, in Tx or Ky , this chief would have been “HOG TIED, RUN OUT OF TOWN ON RAIL”, before being “TARD & FATHERED”. Californians MUST BE PROUD OF THESE HYPOCRITES. God Bless America.

  4. Disgusting, childish tantrum. The “Thin Blue Line” banner on my car does not extend to the likes of this so-called police chief.


  5. You shouldn’t be on ANY police force because you obviously cannot grow up. It’s no wonder the cop shops are corrupt these day’s. Too many stinking baby’s running the show. GROW THE FLIP UP.

  6. The Police Chief was a “HORSE’S ASS” for cancelling the event. He was making it about “his” likes/dislikes….what a “wee little man”, hope a “small dog” walks by, pees on him, and knocks him over.

  7. What Hagel did is below contemptible and a slap in the face of the fallen hero’s family. He should be investigated, fired and sent to prison for his bias and inhumanity.

  8. The hate this man displayed is so disgusting with no concern for the fallen hero and his family he should be removed from his job. This country is in the shape it is because of people like him

  9. Well , after all, he is a DUMB-OH-CRAT. What else can be expected from a retrded clown , a sub species, like a liberal ? At least, he showed his true colors, showed how low, hateful. and demented libs are.

  10. Typical leftist bullshit. They’re all pathetic!

  11. No problem. The chief of police is a crook and only crooks are allowed at any of his gatherings.

  12. These. Demorats are out of control!! This is disgusting behavior and I hope the FBI nails that jerk to the wall!! God bless the fallen police officers family. I am sure they are heartbroken and then you have this jerk I won’t call him a police officer doing this disgusting thing to them. May he rest in peace. We must honor all of America’s heroes who died for us!!

  13. This man should be accountable for his actions. But I have yet to see any Justice being done when it comes to a Democrat. Ex. Hillary Clinton is one. There is absolutely no integrity to the party and that’s why I switched to the Rep party years ago. To me the Democrats are no more than a mob rule and the Impeachment process is a prime example. But they keep going on being corrupt in the thinking. Ex. Joe Biden. Thanks for your time.

  14. So sad and disappointing. He needs to go

  15. This person ??hagel??? should be fired, tried for treasonous actions and put into a cell in the Federal Prison in Cuba to rot.

  16. The Democrats are soooo ignorant, they only think of themselves. I’ve got news for them, THEY AREN’T WORTH CRAP. All these people wanted to do was to raise money to help the family. GEE, I GUESS IT WASN’T TO PUT MONEY INTO A DEMOCRAPS POCKET. THAT IS A SHAME ISN’T IT?

  17. RU KIDDING ME!!! This is a police officer? Black Lives Matter, you know, the movement started by Obama, has committed a multitude of unspeakable crimes against officers and has set this tone! How can you be so STUPID? Trump should be much revered by our men in blue! But then, you have to understand, this is the CA police! Nostradamus’ prediction of CA breaking off into the ocean can not come fast enough for me!

  18. what a genuine jerk

  19. This clown should be voted the head of his kindergarten class. It would be the only class he will ever have in his life!

  20. What a total disgrace of a human being I’m sure his family and fellow officers are proud of this scum bag
    He needs to be fired and never hired again what a hero he is NOT I’m sure he’ll get an ok from the dems just a scum bag punk and he’s a police officer how about A job on poop clean clean up I deal for his family so sickening of a person

  21. a total disgrace to all police and law enforcement and his family but he does represent the dems

  22. Disgraceful and disgusting
    No question should be fired
    Doesn’t represent police or law enforcement

  23. You cannot fix stupid

  24. It would be an even worse or sadder world if everyone was judged by their political alliances.

  25. This is one of the WORST THINGS that has been done lately; HONORING OUR FALLEN HAS NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS & this guy should be tried, convicted, and SHOT FOR TREASON!

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