Look Who Dems Are Begging to Run for President

On paper, at least, the Democrats appear to be in good shape to send President Trump packing in the next election, making him a one-termer. The IBD/TIPP poll shows all of the Democratic front runners ahead of the president in head to head matchups. Biden is ahead by seven. Warren is ahead by two. Sanders is ahead by four.

Pundits suggest that the impeachment push is less about removing Trump from the office than it is to damage him to make sure that voters will turn on him in 2020. It will not matter if the Republican Senate votes to acquit, The president will be forever tainted.

Writing for Fox News, Liz Peek is reporting that Democrats are beginning to be increasingly alarmed about their prospects for taking back the presidency. Their solution is to get former first lady Michelle Obama to run.

Democratic insiders are looking at the current candidates, weighing them in the balance, and finding them wanting. Joe Biden is in free fall, bedeviled by gaffes, a low energy campaign style, and the Ukraine matter. Elizabeth Warren is surging, but she is being judged to be far too radical to win. Bernie Sanders is old and has just had a heart attack. Also, he is a confessed socialist and polling suggests that few people want to vote for one of those.

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, was voted the most admired woman in America. Her husband, the former president, is still popular among Democrats. If she were to enter the race, the move would dominate several news cycles, knocking the rest of the field out of serious consideration, giving Ms. Obama a clear path to the nomination. Of course, Democrats cannot conceive of the idea of her losing to Donald Trump. Hence, the way would be cleared to an Obama restoration and the Trump presidency fades into history like a bad dream.

That is the theory, in any case.

Peek suggests that one barrier to this scenario is the fact that Michelle Obama has zero interest in getting into elected politics. She has publicly refused the crown twice.

Indeed, Michelle and Barack Obama are enjoying the high life of a successful post-presidency. Ms. Obama has published a wildly successful memoir. With Barack, she is has become a TV producer thanks to a deal with Netflix. The Obamas live in a sumptuous $10 million mansion in the Hamptons, or at least they will until climate change causes the seas to rise and sweep the home away. The Obamas hobnob regularly with celebrities and billionaires. Why would Ms. Obama give all of that up for the dubious pleasures of a campaign and being abused by Donald Trump, a man expert in the cutting tweet?

Peek opines that even if Michelle Obama were to run, she would not be a shoo-in.

First, it is unclear whether or not Ms. Obama would sign on to the current Democratic agenda. To be sure, Barack Obama was considered by many to be the most left-wing president since Lyndon Johnson. But the Democratic Party has moved on with proposals such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Michelle Obama would have the choice of accepting this agenda, and likely losing in November 2020, or rejecting it and having a fight on her hands for the nomination,

Also, Peek suggests that supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be ill-disposed to drop their candidates just because Michelle Obama gets into the race. Sanders and Warren have supporters because they like each of their preferred candidates and their visions (which are similar) for America. The appetite for an Obama restoration is not as keen as some people suggest.

Finally, Michelle Obama has Hillary Clinton as an example of what could happen to a former first lady who wants the presidency. Ms. Clinton had the advantage of being a former senator and a former secretary of state. All Ms. Obama has on her resume is the management of a school meal program that proved to be wildly unpopular with students.

The inevitable conclusion is that the Democrats are stuck with the candidates they have already. They will have to win or lose without having a last-minute savior riding in at the last minute to save the day.