Prayer Lockers In Pike County Schools To Be Removed

Many Democrats are trying to tear away from the Christian principles that the country was founded on. This has been going on for quite some time, though they are trying to take it away in bits and pieces so as not to let the rest of the country realize what they’re doing.

Dems strike again in Pike County Schools in Kentucky as they want to take prayer lockers away.

Prayer lockers are used as a way for students to drop prayers into a commissioned locker. In schools where lockers line the halls, there is one or two that are dedicated to receiving prayers. Students can write down a prayer and drop it into a locker.

It’s a peaceful way for students to pray and show their religious side. It’s not harming anyone. They’re not petitioning or rioting or causing anyone harm. They’re not forcing other students to participate. It’s simply a locker that serves the purpose of allowing students to pray for themselves or others.

An attorney for a KY public school board, however, is looking to change all of that. He says that complaints have come in that are now prompting him to recommend that the district remove the prayer lockers from inside of the schools.

Reed Adkins, the Pike County School Board Superintendent has identified that there have been complaints about allowing the practice to continue. A national organization that advocates for the separation of church and state as well as the KY Office of Education Accountability identify that there have been complaints, too.

The attorney, Neal Smith, has requested principals to stop allowing the initiative. He explains that student groups can meet before or after school to express their faith on school grounds. However, he said that space in the hallway during school hours is not okay. He said that it “likely violates” the first amendment.

As an attorney, however, Smith should know whether something violates the first amendment or not. He also needs to better familiarize himself with what students are actually doing with the prayer locker.

In a country where students are in constant fear of their school being the next site of a shooting, they should have a prayer. If they feel better about themselves and the safety of others by writing down a prayer and slipping it into a locker, they should be allowed to do so.

The first amendment enables freedom of speech, freedom of the press, as well as the right of people to assemble peaceably. The prayer lockers can easily be seen as a peaceable assembly. It doesn’t interfere with class. No one has missed a class because of walking by the locker and dropping in a prayer. No one is requiring students to participate. It’s as peaceful as it gets.

Further, the first amendment protects the freedom of religion. If the students want to show that they are Christian and pray on school grounds, they have the right to do so. If anything, what they are doing is completely supported by the first amendment – not in violation of it. Should the attorney get aggressive, this is a case that could make it all the way to Capitol Hill. Pike County should continue to allow the prayer lockers because it allows the students to have the right to freedom of religion. If the school district were to take it away, it would be a violation of the first amendment.

Dems want to take away things that are protected by the Constitution. It is the right of Americans to stand up and question when a basic right is threatened. At some point, a line has to be drawn. At what point is it not okay to have Christianity on school grounds? If they’re saying that prayer lockers are not allowed because it’s happening during school hours, why say the pledge of allegiance that uses the word “God” in it? Why collect money on school grounds where the currency reads “In God We Trust” on every bill?

The attorney as well as the entire school district needs to remember that the United States was founded on the belief of God and was built based on Christian values. When those values are threatened by students who are peaceably trying to pray for the good of mankind, where does the line stop? At what point does the fight lead to losing everything that the country was founded on simply to prevent Christianity from being showcased in a hallway that hasn’t harmed anyone?