Prayer Lockers In Pike County Schools To Be Removed

Many Democrats are trying to tear away from the Christian principles that the country was founded on. This has been going on for quite some time, though they are trying to take it away in bits and pieces so as not to let the rest of the country realize what they’re doing.

Dems strike again in Pike County Schools in Kentucky as they want to take prayer lockers away.

Prayer lockers are used as a way for students to drop prayers into a commissioned locker. In schools where lockers line the halls, there is one or two that are dedicated to receiving prayers. Students can write down a prayer and drop it into a locker.

It’s a peaceful way for students to pray and show their religious side. It’s not harming anyone. They’re not petitioning or rioting or causing anyone harm. They’re not forcing other students to participate. It’s simply a locker that serves the purpose of allowing students to pray for themselves or others.

An attorney for a KY public school board, however, is looking to change all of that. He says that complaints have come in that are now prompting him to recommend that the district remove the prayer lockers from inside of the schools.

Reed Adkins, the Pike County School Board Superintendent has identified that there have been complaints about allowing the practice to continue. A national organization that advocates for the separation of church and state as well as the KY Office of Education Accountability identify that there have been complaints, too.

The attorney, Neal Smith, has requested principals to stop allowing the initiative. He explains that student groups can meet before or after school to express their faith on school grounds. However, he said that space in the hallway during school hours is not okay. He said that it “likely violates” the first amendment.

As an attorney, however, Smith should know whether something violates the first amendment or not. He also needs to better familiarize himself with what students are actually doing with the prayer locker.

In a country where students are in constant fear of their school being the next site of a shooting, they should have a prayer. If they feel better about themselves and the safety of others by writing down a prayer and slipping it into a locker, they should be allowed to do so.

The first amendment enables freedom of speech, freedom of the press, as well as the right of people to assemble peaceably. The prayer lockers can easily be seen as a peaceable assembly. It doesn’t interfere with class. No one has missed a class because of walking by the locker and dropping in a prayer. No one is requiring students to participate. It’s as peaceful as it gets.

Further, the first amendment protects the freedom of religion. If the students want to show that they are Christian and pray on school grounds, they have the right to do so. If anything, what they are doing is completely supported by the first amendment – not in violation of it. Should the attorney get aggressive, this is a case that could make it all the way to Capitol Hill. Pike County should continue to allow the prayer lockers because it allows the students to have the right to freedom of religion. If the school district were to take it away, it would be a violation of the first amendment.

Dems want to take away things that are protected by the Constitution. It is the right of Americans to stand up and question when a basic right is threatened. At some point, a line has to be drawn. At what point is it not okay to have Christianity on school grounds? If they’re saying that prayer lockers are not allowed because it’s happening during school hours, why say the pledge of allegiance that uses the word “God” in it? Why collect money on school grounds where the currency reads “In God We Trust” on every bill?

The attorney as well as the entire school district needs to remember that the United States was founded on the belief of God and was built based on Christian values. When those values are threatened by students who are peaceably trying to pray for the good of mankind, where does the line stop? At what point does the fight lead to losing everything that the country was founded on simply to prevent Christianity from being showcased in a hallway that hasn’t harmed anyone?

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  1. This is ridiculous, you all know it too…..We need God all over more so than ever, I pity the people in control of this, there will be no forgiveness from God when you attack the Holy Spirit, called THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN, What a pity

  2. That is just another stupid Democrat plan to take God out of America. That is not against our constitution in any way.

  3. I’m somewhat confused. I thought many democrats were Christians at least in politics
    What is the problem. Taking away another of Christians rights. Dear God, what is happening to this country.

  4. Another shyster trolling for bucks.

  5. Stop obeying such orders. Say it’s part of your First Amendment Rights or that you just are not going to be deprived of your religion in order to attend their government indoctrination center they call a “school”. Do you think Negroes were any more righteous in their disobedience of laws to secure their rights than Christians are entitled to?


  7. The ignorant people that are trying to take away the rights of the American people need to take into thought, We The People are the ones that are the majority and we are not going to let these people take what they want. It’s about time that the majority stand up and quit letting these ignorant people take over this country.

  8. Why would you take a prayer closet away from a student? That is clearly unconstitutional..
    I’m curious would you do that across the board ; Muslims, and all religions alike?

  9. And muslims are allowed to do ANYTHING they want….

    • Just more moderation and censorship. I am now deleting further emails from you as you are just like the article you just wrote. FREEDOM OF SPEECH and censorship is what you are really about. Not anything about open discussion


  11. Leave the kids alone. They aren’t doing anything that will hurt anyone. If muslims can openly show their faith then so should Christians be allowed to. The left turns their backs on the crimes of other left wing clowns but don’t want Christians to do something that is not harmful to anybody? That is absolutely ludicrous. Leave them alone. At least they’re not getting into trouble like their left wing counterparts.

  12. As long as there are TESTS, there WILL be prayer in SCHOOLS . . . whether Liberals like it OR not. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  13. We must stop them from taking away our rights.

  14. It is despicable that a country that was built on Christian-Judeo principles is being forced to give up any display of Faith, regardless of how harmless it is. Prayer lockers do not infringe on anyone’s rights! If it was a “multicultural” prayer locker for Muslims it would be “no problem.” Very, very unfair! All of this started in the 1990’s with “multiculturalism” in the school systems. We need to get rid of the Department of Education!

  15. Prayer lockers are a simple, unobtrusive means of freedom of speech directed heavenward. No atheist is harmed by them. Personal irritation is not a valid reason to remove them.

  16. The CHILDREN should be permitted to have the FREEDOM to drop a harmless note into a School Locker. This Prayer Locker is available for ALL FAITHS. I need to hear WHY anyone would be against it? WHAT is their position against a simple Prayer Locker? I would also SUGGEST it be called a SCHOOL SUGGESTION LOCKER as well as a PRAYER LOCKER. Just change the name not the concept. ALLOW THE CHILDREN FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND IDEAS AND HOPE.

  17. Are all religions given a prayer locker and is this a public school or a private school? If it is a public school then perhaps there are not enough lockers for students. A school should be required to respect students who wish to pray as it is their first amendment right as long as those students are not proselytizing other students. however, a public school should not be providing Christians with something unless they are providing the same for all other faiths as well



  20. It is hard to understand the “REAL” motivation behind the idea of removing a “Prayer Locker.” The removal of these “Prayer Lockers” would indicate they are promoting violence or not allowing enough violence that would satisfy the Liberal Left. I just do not that written prayer deposited into a “Prayer Locker” as a hazard to anyone. With ALL the violence that is occurring in our society, I would believe that encouragement for more praying is needed.

  21. STAND YOUR GROUND … It is the Democrat Party that is behind chipping away at our CONSTITUTION once again. This is a PEACEABLE ASSEMBLY and FREEDOM OF RELIGION. The PRAYER LOCKER is well within our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. … RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME FOR PARENTS and GRAND-PARENTS TO JOIN THE PTA! … AND FIGHT BACK! Send letters , text messages and phone calls to your School Board and Congressmen/Women. Mayor EVERYONE!

  22. Christians and all people with a modicum of morality must ban together and put an end to this unholy “mess” that is forced upon us by evil amoral liberal UnAmerican lawyers, judges and other weak-minded people who either don’t know or don’t care what they are doing to this Country now and the adverse affect it will have on future generations!!!! WE MUST STOP THE “BLEEDING NOW!!!

  23. Prayer lockers. Seems like an unusual idea. Nothing was said in article as to whether this was
    for only Christian prayers or what was done when prayer notes were taken out. Muslim prayers
    are mandatory in many public schools and this is surely and establishment of religion as prohibited
    by the first amendment. Something needs to be done to stop mandatory Muslim prayers and

  24. Would a Muslim or Satanic Prayer be Allowed, I don’t think so. The Religitards only want Religious Freedom for Themselves.

  25. Parents remove your kids from school and get together and hire a teacher and home school all these kids. And then go after the school board and principal. This has to stop and the only way it will is if parents take over again and this just isn’t about this problem it’s about what is being taught across the nation. It’s pure crap, PARENTS TAKE THE SCHOOLS BACK FOR OUR KIDS AND THE COUNTRY. NOW!!

  26. These Prayer Lockers are not dedicated to any one religion and do not violate the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment. They do, however, provide the students with a way to communicate privately with the God of their choice in a well thought out manner about their personal concerns in life.

  27. How sad and shameful! Why are people giving into these Godless communists? Pray for their souls.
    Eternity is a very long time.

  28. This man is violating the constitutional rights of the kids in that school and should be reprimanded for doing so

  29. It is very sad, these people who removed the prayer lockers, are the ones who are going to suffer all the calamities that are happening in the world, killings of so many people, flooding in many cities, fires, and increasing of homeless people, etc. Many illnesses without cures… What are they going to do!…. they do not have any one to ask for help. They do not have a God to ask for help. “Prayer is the key to open the heart of God”

  30. Another attack on Christians.
    The atheist do not want our children to pray !!

  31. We Christians are sick and tired of
    hearing and reading about these
    liberals and ACLU non-believers
    taking away the rights of others
    to express their beliefs and pray
    at schools and other public places,
    I, actually, feel sorry for them when one day they have to answer before God their actions here on
    earth. May God have mercy on
    your souls!

  32. Keep the prayer lockers.

  33. I don’t understand. What is wrong with a child having the ability to offer a silent prayer to make themselves feel better. Ease their worries, tension, fears. How is it wrong to help a child feel better? I truly wonder, are we reaching the “end of time” that is written about in the bible? Dogs and cats “lying” together. The anything goes society….except, of course, expression of faith or love of your God. How is it acceptable to teach the Muslim faith in schools on a regular basis but not acceptable to allow a silent prayer, not even uttered under your breath but written on paper, where it can’t be accidentally overheard and offend some other person’s delicate sense of entitlement? Our world has been turned upside down, inside out and backwards in the past 15 years. When our president bragged about his pot smoking days, and praised his tranny nanny…. The entire liberal world jumped in the insanity band wagon. They didn’t just support it, they praised it. The hypocrisy of the whole situation is just beyond my wildest immigration to understand or attempt to explain. Ripping of the arms and legs, tearing apart the torso and crushing the head of a baby 10 minutes before it is born is acceptable. No, it is praised, celebrated and demanded….even demanded that the taxpayer pay for it….but a “prayer locker” is offensive? The world is going to hell in a hand basket while liberals cheer it on. So very sad.

  34. The reason they don’t want the lockers there, is because they want to stop them from praying anywhere. Keep fighting for your rights to pray and don’t allow liberal socialists and Muslims to stop you Christian from bringing your needs and fears before God. Do no let then take away your faith.

  35. About time to start getting rid of demorats from America.

  36. Are the lockers available for use by all religions? If so and if atheists are allowed to drop in their ‘hopes and wishes to Satan, or the green shrub’ then it is not a case of the government establishing a religion. If, on the other hand, only one religion is allowed to use the locker, then by all means end the practice.

  37. Ask us how we feel about prayer lockers.
    Let us show a hand in this ban.
    When the attorney says likely, he’s grabbing for straws !
    My vote: We need more of this in every school!!!
    Let us stand up!

  38. Prayer lockers sound like a GREAT idea.. What is the problem with having faith?? Everyone should just feel helpless and hopeless?? Just to satisfy those few who believe Only they are the savior!!

  39. I myself is not religious. But a prayer locker sounds to me as a “good thing”. Things happen in school that are out of a students control. The prayer locker may be good for the students mental health. Instead of exploding into something real, real bad. Such as violence at the school. What I would do is if the prayer locker “stays” have the students “not put their name on them. Then have a school official go threw them to possibly be of help to the worried students. Is it the school job to help the students get into what life has ahead of them. I am just guessing but I would think that violence in the schools that have the prayer lockers have LESS VIOLENCE! If that is the case why mess up a good thing.

  40. If someone complains about the food are they going to close the cafeteria?

    We cannot allow the dems to totally silence us! Becoming Socialists too fast, got to at least slow them down!


  41. Do these liberals want all hell to break loose in our country? Christians wake up and start fighting back.

  42. God bless America. God bless our President. God bless the angry people that are trying to prevent prayer lockers. Grant peace in their hearts.

  43. SO the DUMBORAT LIBTARDS are causing problems in this school because they don’t like the PRAYER BOXES! TOUGH, tell them to get lost and raise hell to the ADMINISTRATION for removing a great IDEA FOR KIDS TO LET OFF STEAM WITHOUT HURTING ANYBODY’S FEELINGS!

  44. Satan is inspiring no believers and Muslims are often behind all this gunk! Try forbidding them to pray to the ground 5 times a day? America was founded on The Holy Word of God and God must be first in all areas of our lives Amen In God we trust always

  45. This is not unusual at all. With the exception of the right to live and protection from cruel and unusual punishments, school boards do not recognize any of the rights of their students. School boards empower superintendents, principals, assistant principals, faculty and security staff to censor, disarm, occupy, search and seize students present on school property, in a manner and how frequently however the system or the scene agent of the system sees fit. They do not give a damn about probable cause, reasonable suspicion, due process, just compensation or compulsory process. These things do not exist on school grounds, and the school systems can further empower themselves by requiring wavier of rights a requirement for enrollment. Meanwhile, the state requires minors to purse basic education, and often goes to whatever lengths that state law permits to discourage homeschooling.

  46. Why is it that whenever officials, like the school officials, say they get complaints from people who don’t like them so the lockers need to go. My concern is for the people who want the lockers. They have rights too. They should have the right to keep them. Why should their rights be ignored. I guess these schools officials and attorneys don’t want the lockers either so they want them gone too. Lets be Fair!!!

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