The Unmasking of 2016 Election Activities

Samantha Power was the US ambassador to the UN, appointed by Obama. She has a lot of stories to tell – and there’s a lot of mystery behind who she is and what she knows.

Among questions involving the “unmasking” activities of the 2016 election, Power has reappeared from obscurity.

A number of individuals within the Obama administration left behind mysteries and questions. Some of the events are incomprehensible unless they fall into a larger scheme that has yet to be revealed to us. When it comes to Power, it all has to do with the illegal “unmasking” of American citizens.

It’s important to understand what unmasking is. This process involves revealing American names that have been redirected. Often, names are picked up as part of foreign intelligence operations. They stay redacted in order to provide protection. The unmasking means that they are revealed to officials requesting the procedure.

If an American happens to be in the same room as a foreign intelligence target, they are redacted. Unmasking identifies the person and potentially misidentifies them as being involved in a foreign operation. Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn know more about this than anyone.

What’s unusual is that Samantha Power asked for the unmasking to occur on a total of 260 individuals in the middle of the 2016 election season. With all that was happening throughout the 2016 election and how many Obama alumni were involved, many in Washington are questioning what was going on.

Power was asked about it for the first time this week. The only answer that she provided was “it’s false.”

Clearly, that’s not going to be the end of it because her response is very different from the testimony that she gave in front of the House Intelligence Committee. She admitted that the unmaskings happening but insisted that she wasn’t the one to order them. She claims that it with somebody else who was using her name.

Power left her unmasking keys on her desk at the United Nations. This would mean that someone snuck in to use those keys.

If Power wasn’t the one to do the unmasking, there’s the question of who was and why they were unmasking so many people. What purpose did that serve? The questions may not ever be answered, and Power certainly isn’t going to clear the air for all of the Republicans who are burning to get to the bottom of it all.

While so many people like to call Barack Obama’s administration the “most scandal-free in history,” it was more corrupt than most people realize. Perhaps they were just better at keeping their corruption to themselves. However, especially in the midst of Joe Biden and his Ukraine ordeal, is very clear that Obama’s administration was not free of corruption. In fact, the true extent of corruption has not even been discovered yet.

No one really knows the true involvement of Samantha Power. If she didn’t do the unmasking, she made it easy for someone to sneak in and take advantage of the situation.

She had a high-profile job with Obama, serving as the foreign policy and human rights adviser. Prior to her time with Obama, she served as a journalist who covered a significant amount of information in Bosnia. From there, she left to attend Harvard Law School.

She wrote “A Problem from Hell” that covered genocide. That’s when she attracted the attention of Obama, who was still a Senator.

While she worked with the Obama administration, she argued for Obama to take action in Syria. They chose not to intervene and she found herself on the losing side of the argument. Now, in her memoirs, she looks back at what could have happened if Obama’s administration had taken action.

She has opened up about her mistakes while working with the Obama administration, beginning with the presidential campaign in 2008. She called Hillary Clinton a monster and, looking back, calls it a rookie mistake.

The problem is that it looks as though that wasn’t Power’s only mistake. She made a number of “rookie” mistakes throughout her career.

Samantha Power is definitely looking to get back out there and let people know who she is and what she has to offer. She has a purpose – letting people know that they can do something about the problems around them.

She will be campaigning for the Democratic cause throughout swing states. She’ll also be teaching at Harvard in the coming semester with her husband – unless Barr and others can uncover what her involvement with unmasking was really about.