Biden Campaign Seems to Think They Can Control Press Coverage

Who would have thought that the silent sidekick of Obama, who spent eight years in the president’s shadow, was capable of such big britches? He’s become increasingly brazen about what he thinks is and isn’t okay to happen in the media. Joe Biden may be the former VP of the United States but he’s also a presidential candidate. He’s also being investigated in regard to his dealings with Ukraine during his time as VP.

First, his presidential campaign sent out demand letters not to interview Giuliani anymore because they didn’t like what Trump’s attorney was saying about Biden. Now, the campaign has sent out a letter to the New York Times.

It seems that the New York Times has landed on the bad side of Biden’s presidential campaign. Why? They’ve been covering the Ukraine controversy, including what involvement the Biden family may have had over some corrupt deals.

Almost every newspaper in the world is covering what’s happening with Ukraine because it’s newsworthy. The former VP and current presidential candidate may have been involved in some shady dealings – and people are actively investigating in order to get the scoop.

There’s also a thing in the United States that allows for freedom of speech. The former VP can’t stop people from stopping press coverage. If he had that kind of power, Trump would have used similar power to stop it from day one.

Biden’s campaign can write all of the letters they want to stop them from writing about the Biden family but that doesn’t mean that the reporters at the New York Times are going to comply – or even have a legal obligation to comply.

Peter Schweizer is an investigative journalist who published an op-ed in the New York Times. Schweizer is also known for exposing corrupt politicians. Is it possible that the Biden campaign fears what the journalist is able to uncover and expose?

The Biden campaign addressed the latter to Dean Baquet, the executive editor for the New York Times. The campaign claims that the NYT is spreading a “baseless” conspiracy theory that Joe Biden abused his office as VP for the benefit of his son. Baseless, however, is laughable considering that there is an actual transcript of Biden threatening to leave Ukraine in six hours without providing the tax-payer funded $1 billion of aid if the then-president didn’t fire the prosecutor. Biden has also gone on record for saying that he exerted his power in that situation.

Kate Bedingfield, the Deputy Campaign Manager for Biden’s campaign, doesn’t even bother taking a kind approach with the NYT editor. Instead, she asked if he’s distorting reality “for the sake of controversy.” Her accusations are on fire, and she has no right to demand that the NYT stops talking about Biden and his connection with Ukraine. Further, the entire letter sent to the NYT was posted by Oliver Darcy from CNN.

The letter goes on to call Peter Schweizer a “polemicist” – someone who actively engages in a controversial debate. However, isn’t that the role of every journalist? There’s supposed to be a debate – and anything pertaining to politics, due to the partisan nature, is going to be controversial.

Bedingfield clearly wrote the letter while she was still seething, not bothering to calm down before authoring a full two pages of insults, complete with the comment of how little the NYT has “internalized the sobering lessons of 2016.”

The problem is not just with Schweizer’s op-ed, however. As the letter continues, the truth comes out: The Biden campaign is pissed off that they haven’t buried the Biden-Ukraine scandal. The campaign is naïve enough to think that the press is on their side. While the press is clearly not always on the side of Trump, they’re not automatically going to be on the side of a Democrat, either. Truth is the truth. Controversy is controversy. And the American people expect the NYT to cover it.

It looks like, maybe, just maybe, Biden’s campaign is ticked off because they’re not following what they wanted to see in print. Was there some sort of unspoken agreement that the press had made with Biden’s campaign to not talk about Hunter Biden and his connection with Ukraine? Was this all supposed to be buried? Clearly, Schweizer and the rest of the staff at the New York Times did not get that memo.

Bedingfield’s arrogance reaches an all-time high by the end of the letter, concluding that such occurrences are why there’s the need to restore a “public editor at the paper.”

Biden’s campaign may want to prepare for this: As long as the impeachment inquiry continues, Biden is going to be talked about in the press. They better buckle up.