CNN is “One Massive Propaganda Machine for the Democratic Party”

This isn’t necessarily information that we weren’t aware of, but this latest report goes beyond confirming the suspicions of the President and his supporters. There are a great many people, we may be surprised to find, that get all their information from mainstream media sources. To those folks, this might be an earth-shattering revelation. To the rest of us, we’ve known for quite some time.

Historically speaking, we’ve known because studies and reports have revealed bias tendencies. Studies that have tracked the amount of negative press linked to a President’s tenure in office. Reports have shed light on the finances that power the mainstream mega-conglomerate networks.

Practically speaking, for any of us who read and get their information from multiple sources (e.g. anywhere other than the major network outlets), we can see it. One paper or story says “Trump: Best President in History” and another says “Trump: Worst President Ever – Impeach Now.” And common sense says “something has to give!”

Now, we have facts and evidence as one story covering the news surrounding CNN recently reported. According to that story, CNN execs and employees have been recorded on video and exposed as an agenda and Left-led organization. This isn’t “any news fit to print” this is any news they decide is news.” This is also a present for the Trump administration and could have far-reaching implications in the days and months ahead.

As one staff writer from the source story described CNN as “one massive propaganda machine for the Democratic Party,” there is more to come. According to our story, “Project Veritas worked with a source within CNN to expose the network’s biases against the president, publishing undercover recordings from CNN employees… .” Those employees included high-level executives and personnel like the media coordinator.

While this is only the first of a series of videos to be released, it is damning, to say the least. Based on our story, “CNN president Jeff Zucker directed staff to focus heavily on impeachment, even at the expense of other news.” To be honest, even those of us who knew the entire mainstream press and media outlets were compromised could not have imagined it to this extent.

We should probably take a moment here to check on any friends or relatives who are loyal and faithful CNN subscribers. You know, the people who trust and believe networks like them to be honest, trustworthy, and reliable. They may need some oxygen and let’s make sure they are sitting down. If you see any signs of shock then grab a blanket and get some medical attention!

Here is the most interesting and disturbing thought about this CNN reveal, what if there are others? Other networks, major news outlets, and press syndicates that are being just as controlled – even at ‘the expense of other news?’ What does this mean for the credibility of CNN… and other major media news outlets?

While the President can finally get some form of validation (and to think he won the election despite a biased press), it may be very bad news for the Democrats. If the masses that can be so easily reached and influenced by media begin to question their sources, that is a big tool the Left won’t have to use. How many of those loyal CNN viewers will begin to look elsewhere for reliable news and information? How many voters will escape the powerful Left-driven mainstream media persuasion?

And this was only the first video. Of course, the President wasn’t lacking for words upon hearing this news. He was certainly smirking when he tweeted, “Project Veritas-Obtained Undercover Videos Highlight Jeff Zucker’s (@CNN) Campaign To Destroy Trump. Videos Reveal @CNN’s BIAS!” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews Does this sound like a good, or even great, lawsuit?”

Yes, Mr. President, it does. Not that he will need to do anything because the damage has been done and it isn’t going to get any better. We have thought about it. We have witnessed and read it ourselves. Now, we have proof and there is no doubt. CNN wasn’t about the news, they misled how many, and now they are the news. Details at 11, stay tuned.