Schiff is Being Rebuked By Republicans?

Adam Schiff has been acting shifty for months, especially as it pertains to the whistleblower that was going to bring down President Trump. Many are questioning just how much Schiff has been working behind the scenes to push impeachment closer to reality.

Republicans have had enough, and now they’re looking to act against the Representative from California.

House Republicans have decided to force a floor vote so that they can formally condemn Adam Schiff, the one responsible for leading the impeachment inquiry on Trump.

Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) is the head of the House Freedom Caucus. He filed the censure resolution as “privileged” to ensure that the House has two legislative days to act. Democrats are most likely to table the symbolic measure because they have the majority. However, it is proof that the GOP is ready to take an aggressive stance in an effort to push back on the impeachment efforts by the Democratic Party.

Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has called for Adam Schiff’s censure in the House. He states that chairman Schiff used his position to mislead the American people on many occasions. He also believes that the censure resolution makes it possible to restore a process that is “fair, objective, and fact-based.”

While it is still alleged, Republicans believe that Schiff was responsible for coordinating the whistleblower complaint. He has also heavily exaggerated the phone call that Trump had with the Ukraine president to show that there was a quid pro quo. Although the phone call transcript has been released to show that Trump did not use any effort and the Ukrainian president himself has said that he did not feel pressured, Schiff and the rest of the Democratic Party continue to move forward with impeachment.

Republicans are also complaining that Democrats are holding closed-door depositions within the impeachment inquiry without any kind of formal authorization of a probe. Biggs has taken to the floor to call for no more secret proceedings. The House must march forward together, and, yet, the Republicans are constantly being kept out of the loop. That goes against what the Constitution is there for – to provide a fair and objective impeachment process.

Schiff is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He hasn’t been following the necessary processes and procedures concerning impeachment, which is what Republicans are focusing on right now.

GOP leaders have been hosting various impeachment briefings featuring a variety of special guests. This is their way of overcoming the lack of a centralized defense strategy coming from the White House. The first briefing took place Wednesday afternoon with Lindsey Graham, the Senate Judiciary Chairman.

There are a lot of unknowns about Schiff at this point in time. There are also unknowns about the whistleblower. Pelosi, although the House Speaker and the one who made the official call for an impeachment inquiry, has taken a step back to let Schiff take the lead on all of this. She likely saw the writing on the wall from the beginning – that it was a losing battle. She was pressured into the impeachment inquiry despite fighting it for months because she thought it would be a bad idea. It appears she was right – and that’s why she’s letting Schiff hang himself.

Although the Republican House members want to rebuke Schiff, the Democrats in the House aren’t going to vote in favor of that. However, it does allow the House GOP to show that they’re not going along with the plan. They know that something is off and they are willing to call people out on it.

The Democrats in the House have started to feel as though they’re invincible since deciding to impeach Trump. However, everything is based on the whistleblower – the whistleblower that is believed to have a political bias. The whistleblower who only has secondhand information. The whistleblower that Adam Schiff is desperate to protect and is now, most likely, not going to testify.

With all of the close-door impeachment proceedings that the Dems are having, there’s no telling what lies they’re cooking up. Now that the House Republicans are willing to call for an official condemnation of Adam Schiff, it looks like they’ve decided to push back with a bit more force. The impeachment may continue, but at some point, the House Dems will have to accept that Trump is their president.

In the meantime, the censure resolution is being sponsored by over 150 Republicans, including some of the top GOP leaders, such as Liz Cheney, Steve Scalise, and Kevin McCarthy. This is proof that the GOP won’t go silently to watch Trump be taken down.