Family Security or National Security? Pelosi’s Family Was Benefitting from Ukrainian Fossil Fuels Along With Biden

Joe Biden and his son Hunter has been part of an ongoing investigation to determine just what kind of relationship they had with Ukraine. Hunter Biden worked for the board of a Ukrainian company, though the former VP was getting paychecks from the company, too.

When Donald Trump asked for help from the current Ukrainian president to look into Joe Biden’s part further, that’s when Nancy Pelosi jumped on impeachment proceedings. Without even waiting for the transcript of the call to surface, Pelosi was ready to impeach as a way to pause the investigations.

Many people wondered why. Now, the answers are clear: She needed to protect her and her family.

It turns out Pelosi’s hands are just as dirty as Biden’s when it comes to benefitting from the fossil fuel industry in Ukraine.

Pelosi had indicated a threat that Trump posed to national security. It wasn’t long before Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee would be leading the (still not) official impeachment inquiry.

Paul Pelosi, Jr. was a Viscoil board member as well as an executive with NRGLab, a related company. Both ventures are heavily involved in the energy industry of Ukraine. Using the intelligence committee may provide the Democrats with an opportunity to limit Republicans questioning them as well as maintaining secrecy. This would ensure that Pelosi’s son isn’t implicated in any way. It also explains why she was so reluctant to take a vote authorizing the investigation, especially since that would provide the minority party with some rights.

It gets better, but not for Pelosi. A 2013 video surfaced to show that Nancy Pelosi herself appeared in one of the promotional videos by the company at NRGLab. It is also suspected that Paul Pelosi, Jr used his mother’s position to help get him the position so that he could benefit financially. Paul Pelosi Jr also visited Ukraine in 2017, which is yet another reason to be suspicious of Nancy Pelosi and just how quickly she acted on Trump doing any digging into Ukraine considering she may be just as guilty as Biden when it comes to helping their families at the cost of national security for the United States.

The Democratic Party as a whole is quick to reject carbon-based energy sources. It has been a major component of Joe Biden’s campaign. The Green New Deal proposals provide an end to depending on oil and gas as an energy source. However, Pelosi and Biden alike are benefiting financially from this industry – and quite heavily. If the Green New Deal goes through, they may lose their cash cows.

It seems as though the waters of the DC swamp are even murkier than many originally suspected. Many already suspected that Biden wasn’t as clean as he claimed he was. Now, with information out about the Speaker of the House’s son involved as a board member and executive, it is causing Republicans to ask questions that the Democrats don’t want to answer.

Burisma, the Ukraine-based oil company where Hunter Biden sat on the board used a number of well-connected members of DC connected with the Obama administration. The way that there is an interlocking relationship in the swamp is threatening to the United States.

Media, however, has focused on convincing many Americans that Trump is the threat – not Democrats such as a Biden and Pelosi. Trump battled Pelosi in Louisiana last week, accusing her of dividing the nation politically and also ignoring financial benefits obtained by powerful families, which is a problem for national security.

With Trump constantly talking about Biden’s son Hunter and the political advantage being gained, it’s no surprise that many within the Washington DC establishment are eager to impeach Trump. Politicians are looking to focus on family security over national security – and no one wants to give up their secret paychecks due to shady business deals overseas.

Luckily, there are quite a few Republicans who are looking to stand behind Trump and help him to empty out the swamp. This includes calling the Democrats out for accepting money from overseas companies and allowing their families to get rich off of their political titles. Lindsey Graham is one, in particular, who has been quick to call out Democrats and put an end to them trying to be so secretive. Graham has also been one to want to identify who the whistleblower is and have the opportunity to interview this individual without simply accepting what the House Dems have to say about what the whistleblower may or may not have said about President Trump.