Texas Court Makes It Okay For A Mother To Force Gender Transition On 7-Year Old Son

A man in Texas has been trying to protect his seven-year-old son from the boy’s mother. The boy’s mother is forcing a gender transition on the seven-year-old. Jeffrey Younger has been fighting for full custody of his twin sons, Jude and James. However, a Dallas jury has recently voted 11 to 1 to provide Georgulas, the ex-wife, with sole custody of the boys.

By providing the ex-wife with sole custody, she is the decision-maker for all psychological and medical care of the children. Younger argued that his ex-wife was forcing the son to undergo the gender transition. With the way that the jury has made its decision, the mother is now free to give her son puberty blocker medication which is a form of chemical castration. Then, hormone pills will be given so that the female transition allows James to become “Luna.”

According to reports, this is not something that James, the seven-year-old has asked for. Clearly, the mother has serious mental health conditions of her own to force a gender transition on a son who is so young.

The jury found no issue with any of this, which is the most concerning aspect. The jury also granted the petition to Georgulas to limit Younger’s visitation with his two sons. Younger will also be required to refer to his son as “Luna” and is prohibited from exposing his son to anyone who doesn’t “affirm” the female identity of the male child.

Both sides were arguing in court last week. Georgulas has claimed that James wants to be a girl. Her lawyers even argued to say that James is “trapped inside a boy’s body.” Georgulas paid Dr. Benjamin Albritton, who is also the custody evaluator, to testify on her behalf. He diagnosed James with gender dysphoria with the recommendation that he be affirmed as a girl.

Younger’s lawyer fought back, identifying that James only exhibits female characteristics when he is with his mother, such as wearing dresses and makeup. Younger’s lawyer told the court that the diagnosis was faulty because symptoms exhibited are not outlined in the DSM-V, which is the diagnostic manual used by the American Psychiatric Association. Further, James does not exhibit any distress associated with his male identity, which is one of the mandatory symptoms required to diagnose someone with gender dysphoria.

Younger’s lawyer also proof that Georgulas is the one forcing James to undergo the hormone treatment despite her denial. There were medical records presented to the court to attest to this. Dr. Albritton admitted to seeing these medical records but chose not to include them in the custody reporting because of not finding them “to be relevant.”

Younger’s lawyer also called a variety of medical professionals to testify to the fact that a forced gender transition on such a young child can have countless negative physical and psychological effects that severely limit a person’s life span and make them more susceptible to mental illness, including suicide.

All of that information was not enough to deter the Texas courts from providing Georgulas with sole custody so that she could carry out her will on her one child.

There is nothing to state what is going on with the other son, Jude. Based on everything that is being presented, Jude will remain a male, unless the ex-wife decides that she wants to have two daughters instead of two sons.

At seven-years-old, it is entirely too soon to allow a child to go through a gender transition. They haven’t had the opportunity to explore themselves and their personality enough. Additionally, with so much information provided by Younger’s lawyer, it doesn’t appear that James even wants to become a female. It sounds like the mother is forcing everything on her son – and the courts don’t care about this because she paid a doctor to tell them otherwise.

It is likely that Younger will continue to fight in order to protect his seven-year-old son from his ex-wife so that the son can grow up in a healthier environment. Should Georgulas move forward with all of the gender transition, it is very possible that James will grow up with a considerable number of mental health issues, including identity issues. At that point, the only person to blame will be his mother as well as the entire state of Texas because they allowed this situation to happen. It is one thing to grant custody to one parent versus another – it is entirely something else to stand by and watch them chemically mutilate a seven-year-old child due to a mentally unstable mother.