Anonymous White House Official To Publish Scathing Book

President Trump is not just facing threats from the Democrats, he is also facing threats from within his administration. There are always going to be people that do not agree with the president is doing or a course of action that he takes. What those people need to do is simply support his decision in spite of what they may personally feel is the right course of action. He is the president, and they are just hired to help do a job.

One of his senior officials that it would be a good idea to publish a book based on what they believe to be the truth behind Donald Trump. They believe that he is a threat to the United States and the future of America. So they published a book called “A Warning.” Their purpose is to warn the public that the American government is trying to destroy the will of the people. This person believes that there needs to be someone or some power that can block the president’s agenda. They believe that they need to do it every single day.

The first problem with the book is that it was published anonymously. This means that the author used a fake name. Which sets the stage to question the truthfulness of the rest of the book. If that person does not want to reveal themselves, then there is no reason to believe that any of the facts in the book are true. The announcement of the book was over the CNN channels. This is just another reason why the book cannot be trusted because a liberal news agency is backing its publication.

The stupid author believes that their life is in danger for publishing the book. Sources have identified and said that “elaborate precautions have been taken to protect the author’s identity.” They believe that the Republicans are going to kill whoever it was that wrote the book. When in all truthfulness it is the dumb Democrats that are known for making people disappear without a trace for revealing their deep dark secrets. These sources have also stated that “the publisher and the author’s literary agents at Javelin were provided certification that the author is the same person who penned the Time op-ed, titled ‘I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

It is a sad day for this person as he or she believes that there is some kind of threat that is coming from within the White House. They are living a conspiracy theory story that only Hollywood can make up. CNN and their affiliates believe that they have been given first-hand facts about the president and his dealings over the past three years. But what they have is a bunch of lies that are being presented as fact by a group of people known to be liars. They call themselves the Democrats.

People are being told that the author is not publishing this book for money. If that were the case, then why does the author not publish his or her findings online for the entire world to read. Matt Latimer who is the founder of Javelin stated that “The Author of A WARNING refused the chance at a seven-figure advance and intends to donate a substantial amount of any royalties to the White House Correspondents Association and other organizations that fight for a free press that seeks the truth. The book was not written by the author lightly, or for financial enrichment. It has been written as an act of conscience and duty.”

He or she may donate all they want, but they are still going to make a lot of money in the process. Money is always the driving factor behind any book publishing.

The author does not care about who or what they hurt in the process of publishing this book. They are really about the money and what they get by dragging a popular president through the mud. They are a self-serving person that seeks to hurt others for their gain. Much like a good Democrat would do.