CA in Deep Trouble with the Feds – Serious Charges Filed

The state of California has quickly turned into a place where people no longer want to live. The stupid Democrats have destroyed the once beautiful state by developing legislation designed to harm people. Much of the politics in the state are now driven by greed. The laws that are being passed are set up in a way so the rich pay a lot and the poor get free handouts. The desire of the greedy Democrats is for every last person in California to become dependent on the state. They believe that they can do whatever they want being stupid Democrats in California. Recently the state entered into a trade agreement with Quebec. Which turns out is a violation of federal regulation and law. The United States Federal Government has filed a suit against several of the state leaders, the California Air Resources Board, and the Western Climate Initiative Inc. The reason is that they overstepped their authority and the powers that the state has regarding international trade.

Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark has stated that  “The state of California has veered outside of its proper constitutional lane to enter into an international emissions’ agreement.  The power to enter into such agreements is reserved to the federal government, which must be able to speak with one voice in the area of U.S. foreign policy.” Every other state in the Union knows that a state cannot enter into an agreement with a foreign body without approval from the federal government. In this case, California has overstepped its authority.

Jeffrey Bossert Clark is part of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division that monitors the states and the way they operate with international entities. He goes on to point out that “California’s unlawful cap-and-trade agreement with Quebec undermines the President’s ability to negotiate competitive agreements with other nations, as the President sees fit.” When there are a bunch of stupid Democrats running the state they are not going to care what President Trump is trying to do. They are only interested in what they stand to gain in the end. Most Democrats do not even consider President Trump to be their president. They see him as an enemy that needs to be destroyed. They way they have treated him for the past three years is criminal. They all should be investigated and charged with treason for the way they have represented this country.

The law the state of California has violated goes against a Supreme Court Decision where they have “recognized that the interests of cities, counties and states, and the American people as a whole, requires the federal power in foreign relations to be reposed exclusively in the federal government, keeping it free from local interference.” The liberals in California undermine the hard work of President Trump and the trade agreements that he is trying to develop for the benefit of the entire country. The Democrats are just a bunch of greedy morons that cannot wait for the president to finish what he started.

The complaint claims that “the defendants have pursued or are attempting to pursue an independent foreign policy in the area of greenhouse gas regulation.” The state of California should have known better because the Constitution prohibits any state from making an agreement or treaty with other countries. California has entered into a treaty cap-and-trade agreement with Quebec. They did so without the approval of Congress. For all practical purposes, the state is acting like a foreign nation. Their agreement is illegal.

The agreement does interfere with the correct way that the federal government takes care of international agreements. The court has been a task with the role of doing the right thing and killing the agreement. The court will have to teach California what its role is regarding international agreements and treaties. California is not an exception to the rule when it comes to obeying the laws of the land. They should have gone to Congress and asked for approval to enter into this type of agreement before signing on the dotted line. Just another example of Democrats not obeying the laws themselves.

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  1. The people of California, that is all of the people that want’s to turn California back the way it was.

    • so it seems that California is getting to be like Venezuela. the rich are leaving and the government cAN’T PAY THE BILLS BY GIVING EVERYTHING FREE TO THE POOR IT IS A GOOD IDEA BUT IT JUST DOESN’T WORK, AS WE SEE CUT THEM DOWN TO SIZW TO RESTORE THE STATE TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE THE DEMS TOOK TOTAL CONTROL THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE WHOLE OF America if the dems should win next year this is a warning to all you idiots that vote for dems. Don’t vote for them any more as you will not have a country worth living in, TRUMP AS DONE MOST OF WHT HE SAID HE WOULD DO in 216 give the guy a break and be able to say we are great again after years of obama’s crazy years because it is going to be far worse if you vote them in again, this time boy you people have no idea if trump losses you all will lose. that’s a fact.

    • VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION


    • I have been here my whole life an d have seen the dummies try to destroy this state many times. They all need to be put in prison for their treason.

      • Hopefully you can persuade enough people to stop voting Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Newsom, and the rest of the socialist democrats back into office. I am glad I left the state before it got to this point but if I was there I would be calling for change

  2. I hope Pres. Trump gets to be President again..We really need himThe Dems reallt need to lose the House and the election..I pray to God for this to happen God Bless Pres. Trump..

    • We just need to keep praying about this situation – God answers prayer.

    • Vote for President Trump 2020‼️ We have got to help President Trump get what he needs done in the United States…the Democrats are trying to take over! We must STOP them at ALL COSTS‼️ Trump is doing the right things for America and the American people!

      • American people want honesty, American people to live in peace, live and let live! The democrat socialists and most of Democrat Congress along with Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, is with Deep State, Eric Holder, Hillary and Soro’s will take over if we don’t hold them accountable and prevent them from taking over America! Also the Muslim Brotherhood is in each state trying to get into city offices, county offices, government offices and they have 2 training camps in each state! That is why Talib, Omar, Pressely and Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez is fighting so hard against the American people, they were put into Congress our government! We must stop this‼️ Do not vote for democrats nor any Muslims! Muslim’s plan to take over…that’s a FACT‼️

  3. We all want Newsom and his band of Rogue cronies arrested, put on trial, and convicted of High Treason, according to 18 USC 2381, and Sedition, according to 18 USC 2385 ……….. i want to see them hung ……..

    • Yes! Why aren’t they?
      Pelosi even stated , no one is above the law!
      Well let’s hold her to it.
      This is criminal.
      The power outages are the Socialism Democrats having PG&E a monopoly.

      Obama is a treasonous POS
      All of them need to be held to account

      • AGREE‼️
        VOTE ALL these democrat people out of office by voting for Republican’s!! Watch out for a woman who is a socialist and will be put into government to take over America and change our country to socialism! I think Rubio May be helping her. Go to Stansberry Research and it is there for you to read for yourself‼️ It is on everyone’s phone as a black silhouette with books behind this woman who Stansberry says will be elected as a socialist President! DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN!! She plans to turn America into a socialist country! Please be mindful of this woman. I think Rubio supports her and helping her right now! Please remember also in one pic of the black silhouette of her is a California flag behind her and books! She might even be Kamala Harris!?
        There are a lot of Christians that will continue to vote for President Trump. Texans are voting for Trump! Please tell all young people not to vote for any democrats! Even Tucker on Fox News saying that almost every night! Please keep America alive! Keep our freedom and Judeo-Christian values alive!

    • If you put a petition together to charge every Democrat, in any government office in the state of California with anything from being dumb in public, to Treason, I will be more than happy to sign it first.

      I will stand in front of every store in my county, day after day, getting people to sign it.

      I can’t do anything monetarily as I’m a disabiled senior citizen, trying to live on my social security, that is why I say in my county.

      I do not drive any longer and walk or take the bus everywhere I go.

      But since I no longer work, have children at home, or a husband, my time is my own.

      Just send me a copy of what ever petition you can put together, tell me how many signatures we need to get in order to get this done, as well as by what date it needs to be done by.

      I’ll get the signatures, I just do not know how to get it started, and i do not have a working printer either.

      If i can get a copy of one any of you reading this starts, I’m on top of it.

      I can tell you that as angry as this all makes those of you who do not live in California, it makes those of us who do even angrier.

      And no they did not get any of us a chance to have a say in any of the trash they have been doing, as they all think they do not have to follow any rules that they don’t want to, and or benefit them.

      I did not vote for a single one of those idiots in office, and can’t wait for the day they are all escorted out in hand cuffs.

      Thank you for your time, thoughts, prayers as for those of us in the middle of this politically fraud charfed crisis we are living with, we need all the help we can get, from all of you who care about the evil monsters that have taken over this state.

      Again please pray for us, our state, our country, our very way of life.

      God Bless

  4. I agree! But YOU VOTED THOSE ASSHOLES IN OFFICE, REMEMBER!! Now you have to pay the piper. The question is will the people in California do it next time? The answer is YES THEY WILL!! Most of the heavy industries have left the state. The farmers are screaming for water to grow. But are denied! All that left is distribution. OR ON FIRE. The companies that left toke the jobs with them also! And most are still in business.

  5. Think we aught to teach them a lesson. Want to be independent? Cut off ALL federal funds that come into state, ie No Highway Funds, No school funding, No representation in our Government which means No Pelosi, No welfare funding, get the point? Should only take about 30 days till the riots start.

    • Actually less than 30 days! Newsom has even gotten some democrats up in arms, of course these are the middle class democrats who are now realizing “they” are going to be holding the bag when it all goes up in smoke…..possible reality!! And us republicans are heading East, the Pacific no longer holding the joy it use to!!!!

    • Yeah! Cut Cal off of fed funding. That way the state can’t keep giving the peoples money away to the illegals. The Dems have pushed the AMERICAN people aside for their own gains. Votes mostly.

  6. Good article and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is really the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to get some professional writers? Thanks 🙂

  7. I’ve lived in California 84 years. For most of that time, I was a “Proud Californian”.We had everything going for us.In recent years, the liberals have managed to entice the majority of voters (they aren’t very smart) to vote for them and their liberal ways. The state has become over populated in many areas, causing bad air, limited water, impossible highways and, of course wild fire after wild fire caused by those who decide they want to live “with nature” in the foothills. So now the Sacramento dictators have decided they are their own country. I sincerely pray that the Federal Government will take action and one way or another,bring our once beautiful state back into the family..It’s the only hope for our children and grand children.

    • A lot of people from California have moved to Texas, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Also Oklahoma and above states are good! Louisiana and eastern states good also. Florida ok! But…do not move to New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, anywhere up there! Obama moved to Martha’s Vineyards on the coast somewhere in that area! I would not move in DC or anywhere up there. There are a lot of Muslims in Michigan area, Chicago not good, Wisconsin maybe, middle US states ok. Alaska costs are too high and COLD! Washington and Oregon full of muslims and Liberals!

  8. California can’t keep the poop off the streets. What chance do they have with foreign policy????

  9. Tongue in cheek.
    Why not let them act like an independent nation. Immediately cut off all federal aid to the place and demand trade agreements, which the federal government does not have to accept, for anything that they need just to continue on the way they are. Truckers could bypass all exits to California and not deliver any goods produced elsewhere. Then continue on in the same vain and demand that everyone in California must have a visa to visit on of the States. Isolate them totally and treat them like the independent country they think they are.
    Ship all the illegal aliens to them since they seem to want them and they are also welcome to the liberals.

    • And how fast would they be crying.
      Gavin would be in a tizzy.

    • The huge problem is California is one of the leading import places in the country. Long Beach sees one of the highest volume of freighters in the country. That would be devastating to the rest of the country getting goods from Asian manufacturers as we currently do. Routing the ships through the Panama canal or around South America would cause products to become much more expensive than they already are

      • Don’t buy the goods; and bring the jobs home. Besides the US
        Would control the imports better in the East or the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Be ready for Mexico to take over California. One would have to speak Spanish because Mexico doesn’t print things in English; like the USA.

    • Agree about illegal’s! Maybe California ‘Andres Fault’ might split Los Angeles or on coast might fall into sea! Move! But Trump is suing California and Newsom! So you might get your state back!

  10. either cede California to Mexico, thereby immediately all of their illegal aliens from Mexico become legal (though the rest will fall under Mexican law) and the other states will not have to pick up California’s many debts, or let it leave the USA and become it’s own country, hopefully taking many illegals and liberals from other states along with it.

  11. Governor Newsom has likely overstepped his powers…but President Trump
    is at least as bad. They are both self serving idiots in my opinion.


    • I just drove through California from Portland, Oregon going to Phoenix, Arizona through New Mexico to Texas! Live near coast between Corpus Christi and Houston!

  13. There are many state projects that need workers. Put welfare people to work for their ‘free’ money, and regularly and randomly test them for drugs to make sure the money is going for food, human needs, etc.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Like Roosevelt did with the civilian conservation corps back in 1933. Show people what it means to earn what they are given and how to give back to the state they call home

    • That reminds me of a funny story from years ago when I had a service station. One of the men in the community said he got the results back from his pee test. He was clean for drugs, but he was pregnant.

  14. Just what % of these poor are in this country illegally to start with?


  16. Want to know what your state will look like if the Democrats take control of the government next year – look at California.


  18. The Californian government has ignored the federal supremacy clause in many other ways besides just this one, including legislating against the fourteenth amendment as it pertains to the right of the people to keep and bear arms, while also doing everything possible to undermine enforcement of United States immigration law. The balance of federal power and state power is outlined in the tenth amendment.

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