7-Year-Old Texas Boy Gets Reprieve from Being ‘Transitioned’ into a Girl

The National Review reports that Texas Judge Kim Cooke has issued what is in effect a reprieve to a seven-year-old boy named James Younger from being “transitioned” into a girl. The development is good news in a story that has inflamed social media and has transformed what might have been an ordinary nasty divorce into a full out battle in the culture wars.

The controversy started when Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician, and her husband Jeffrey Younger became estranged and separated. Georgulas got sole custody of the couple’s two children with Younger getting limited visitation rights. At one point, the story took a bizarre turn.

“Georgulas has stated that their seven-year-old son began to identify as a girl, asking for a girls’ toy from McDonald’s and wearing dresses. She was advised by an LGBT family therapist to begin ‘affirming’ her son by calling him ‘Luna.’ The boy’s pediatrician recommended he visit the GENecis clinic at Children’s Hospital Center, which offers hormone therapy and puberty suppression.”

Younger disagreed, noting that James behaved like an ordinary boy when he was visiting him. A YouTube video surfaced that showed three-year-old James suggests that whatever gender confusion he might be experiencing was at the repeated suggestions of his mother. The young children are very suggestible and can be made to believe and remember things that are not true is a well-known phenomenon. Reputable therapists are trained to avoid implanting such suggestions when dealing with younger patients.

Things came to a head, recently, when 11 members of a jury ruled that whatever rights Jeffrey Younger had concerning his children would be lifted. The decision meant that Georgulas could proceed with transitioning her son from a boy to a girl.

News of the decision exploded like a bomb on social media. The vast majority of ordinary people commenting on the story believed that the idea of using powerful drugs and ultimately surgery to perform the sex change was grotesque and an atrocity. Some suggested that the proposed procedure was a sick way of the mother to get back at the father because of the breakup of the marriage.

The evening that jury decision was reached. Texas Governor Greg Abbott weighed in.

“FYI the matter of 7-year-old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.”

Hot Air approved of the decision but also suggested that the state needs to act quickly. James should be taken away from his mother, whom the article referred to as “unbalanced” and any medical professional who would do such a thing to a child should be sanctioned, with the loss of the license to practice medicine. Indeed, Hot Air strongly urged that sex-change procedures should be prohibited nationwide for children under the age of 18.

Along those lines, a bill to outlaw gender transitioning for minors is likely to be first on the agenda in the Texas Legislature when it meets in next year’s regular session.

The Judge’s decision is considered a godsend, making sure that James is not subjected to a sex change procedure before the state of Texas can act.

However, Judge Cooke has also imposed a gag order on Jeffrey Younger. He has been forbidden to discuss the case in public. The Ace of Spades blog suggests that James is still in peril.

“Joint custodianship means that father and mother are equal. But, as they disagree sharply and in a binary way (are we allowed to say this is a binary choice), the judge will actually cast the tie-breaking vote in all disputes.

“Think she’ll do what judges almost never do and side with a man who is trying to make one more Cis Straight White Man — one more Future Oppressor — in the world?”

The Texas Tribune notes that not everyone was outraged at the idea of turning a seven-year-old boy into a girl. The Transgender community is angry at the idea that if James’ mother wants to transition him, she should be allowed to do so, whether James is mature enough to consent to such a permanent, life-altering procedure or not. Indeed, some activists are claiming that Jeffrey Younger is abusing James, not his mom. Such are the times we live in.