Omar Blames Trump for Death of Baby Who Didn’t Actually Die

Minnesota US Representative Ilhan Omar has once again gone out of her way to blame Trump for things that are in no way under his control. Only this time, she was so eager to rain down accusations on him that she forgot to do her homework whatsoever.

Not only did she not check if the article where she got her information was correct but she also didn’t even read it.

That is the only reason anyone would be able to put together this kind of message when the facts clearly stand in opposition.

On Thursday morning, Omar retweeted an article from The New York Times and added her own commentary, of course, blaming Trump for the death of a 9-month old child who didn’t receive the healthcare he deserved.

Her post read, “A nine-month-old died as a direct result of Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and CHIP. He is one of a million to lose healthcare.” And she added, “Let that sink in.”

The only problem is that the child did NOT, in fact, die. And the New York Times article says as much. Or doesn’t say. It never mentions the child ever dying.

The child in question was treated by Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Furthermore, the article says he was treated even though he didn’t have insurance coverage.

The article even goes into detail about why the child didn’t have the coverage he would have been required to have. Coincidentally, it has nothing to do with “Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and CHIP,” as Omar so wrongly pointed out.

The Times reported that the child was, in fact, eligible for Medicaid under Trump’s policies. However, the baby boy’s mother failed to do the paperwork to get him that coverage.

According to the Times, “Trying to re-enroll her older children earlier this year, she was asked for proof of income and missed the 10-day window to provide it that may be why Texas dropped Elijah (the baby) from Medicaid even though he qualified because he was a baby.”

So not only is the boy alive and well now, thanks to the treatment he received at the Texas hospital, but he is now also enrolled for health care coverage. His older two siblings are as well.

These facts not only completely contradict Omar’s statement about the case but also shed light on the fact that she is prone to taking any negative word or even possible scenario where Trump could be scorned and running headfirst into the fray with it, regardless of checking its sources or apparently, even reading it.

And the public has noticed.

Many have commented on her post, calling out her stupidity and hastiness.

One person says, “Y’all should probably read the article. The baby isn’t dead. He was admitted and treated at Texas Children’s hospital. They weren’t enrolled because mom didn’t finish the proper paperwork. They are all enrolled now.”

And another said, “You are lying once more.”

Another, “Learn to read!”

And one other person said, “This tweet didn’t go as planned, let that sink in.”

Omar must have finally gotten the message and decided to correct herself, somewhat. Because after a full two hours later, she added, “almost died*” to her original post.

But it’s clearly a little late for that.

For far too long, the left has relied on the New York Times and other media outlets, to put out their agenda to a liberal base that is all too eager to see Trump’s name be smeared before they check for facts.

It doesn’t take long for anyone looking at the paper to realize that every square inch of it is coated in at three layers of progressive bias, laying its claim to being the “newspaper of record” pretty much in the garbage can. They aren’t even above changing headlines last-minute to suit their liberal readers anymore. They did earlier in the year when some of its fans didn’t think a specific headline was hateful enough towards Trump.

This causes us to question how anyone could honestly count on the news from a source like that. Anyone with half a brain would understand that anything written there would only be served to satisfy one particular party; the rest of the world be damned.

But that tells us all we need to know about you, Omar. The world already knows you are a liar. Thanks for proving it even more.