Here We Go! The Impeachment Probe Is About To Go Public

The Democrats and Republicans haven’t gotten along for a while now. It’s been spilling out past the House walls, especially as Republican Representatives demand to know what is going on behind closed doors as Democrats trying to keep testimonies tight to their chest regarding the impeachment inquiry.

The Dems are tired of the Republicans attacking them, so they are moving into a new phase of the impeachment inquiry. They will be voting this week on a resolution to formalize the next phase of the investigation into Pres. Trump.

With the House of voting, it signals that Democrats are getting ready to take the impeachment probe public. Their hope is to neutralize some of the GOP attacks on the process. The resolution is still being finalized, though it will likely be introduced early on in the week. Investigators will have the authority to sidestep some of the more traditional time limits on witness questioning within public hearings. It will also specify the due process rights that Democrats plan to give Trump and his legal team as soon as the probe becomes public.

According to Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, the resolution gives the opportunity to spell out the protection of the rights for the president as well as his counsel. “They should welcome this.”

Republicans have been fighting against the closed-door hearings and been demanding detail of plans so that Trump can call his own witnesses and have the ability to cross-examine. A federal judge has already unequivocally ruled in favor of the Democrats to prevent the need for a House vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry. Close he said that this step was done in order to eliminate doubt about whether the Trump administration will or will not withhold documents, disregard subpoenas, prevent witness testimony, or obstruct the House of Representatives in any way.

Pelosi also said that the resolution will promote the previously taken investigative steps, which includes requesting documents and issuing subpoenas. She is doing what she can in order to eliminate doubt regarding Trump and whether he was right or not when it came to blocking the administration from cooperating with Democrats, particularly as it pertains to pressuring Ukraine to investigate political rivals of his.

The Democrats have had no choice but to make this move after a letter was written from the White House on October 8 to declare that the president has refused to cooperate with an impeachment inquiry described as “a violation of due process” and “constitutionally invalid.” To ensure that the president cooperates, they have made the moves to issue specific aspects of due process.

Pat Cipollone, White House Counsel, identified that in the history of the nation, the House of Representatives has never launched an impeachment inquiry against a President without a vote to ensure that the majority of the house takes political accountability. Several other Republicans have identified this as well, citing impeachment inquiries against both Nixon and Clinton where they have the ability to fall on a majority of House vote. However, Democrats are doing things differently and working to go around that particular aspect.

The Democrats are being extremely calculated with their approach. Ro Khanna, a Democratic Representative out of California, a member of the House Oversight Committee explains that the vote would put more pressure on Republicans’ cooperation. At this point, “they’re getting what they want.”

The current actions being taken by the House Democrats have also created Senate Republicans to pause on a resolution that would condemn the impeachment process conducted by the House. The resolution was given to House Rules Committee and chairman Sen. Roy Blunt out of Missouri. However, he wanted to see how close he was going to handle the inquiry this week prior to moving forward.

A number of Trump administrators have been identifying that the Democrats have been performing a lot of shady, secret depositions behind closed doors. Stephanie Grisham, a White House spokeswoman made a statement to say that Nancy Pelosi has finally admitted what the rest of the United States already knew – that Democrats were conducting “an unauthorized impeachment proceeding.”

It seems as though the Dems didn’t realize that they were going to get caught or called out on. Now that there have been plenty of Republicans to stand up against them, they have had no choice to play by the rules – though it’s still anyone’s guess as to whether Adam Schiff, who has been the shiftiest of all of the Democrats, will continue to play by the rules.

The plan is for the vote to happen on Tuesday or Wednesday. From there, it is expected that the public phase of the investigation will be happening very quickly.