Jim Jordan Tears into Devious Democrats Over Impeachment

The Republicans are right when they call the impeachment process “illegitimate” and a “sham.” The Democrats have decided to schedule a vote to decide how they want to move forward. This would formalize everything that pushy Pelosi has been holding back. The Republicans are furious with the Democrats and their insistence on moving forward without bipartisan support. The Democrats are moving forward without talking with everyone and it will end badly for them shortly.

The Republican leaders within the House Intelligence Committee, the Oversight Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee sent a letter to James McGovern stating that they wanted to “ensure transparency and provide a clear path forward.” Jim Jordan is leading the fight for any action taken to be fair and laid out. The Democrats are known to change things along the way. They will try to change the proceedings and the procedures with the intent of forcing their agenda against the president. Their agenda is to see the president removed from office, so they can win the 2020 election.

McGovern is guilty of trying to keep things moving so fast that no one has the time to read and review any documents before the next piece of the procedure takes place. Jim Jordan is not letting McGovern get away with his treacherous actions. He is confronting him with bravery and power. Jordan and the other leaders have stated “Under House Rules you championed at the beginning of this Congress, major legislation is required to be posted 72 hours in advance of a vote. Yet, here, on the gravest and most solemn work the House can do, you are forcing the House to consider a resolution with text that is still not available two days before the vote.”

This is the perfect example of how the Democrats change things without following agreed on procedures. They believe that they are above the law and that no one else can touch them.

Jordan went on to say that “Without text, we know nothing about the Democrats’ intended impeachment process. Your website describes the resolution as ‘directing certain committees to continue their ongoing investigation,’ Chairman Schiff does not need the resolution to continue leaking selective facts from his basement bunker. We can only assume, therefore, that this resolution is necessary to allow Democrats to subvert the ordinary legislative process.”

When the Democrats are in power they will make laws and concessions that will only benefit them and their treasonous anti-American actions. They want to see the United States fall and their version of a corrupt utopia as the new way of life. The dumb Democrats believe that the president pressed the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden and if they did not do so, then financial aid would be withheld. The only reason they are raising such a stink about this issue is that Biden is at the center of it. If it was another person, there would be no investigation.

The deceptive Democrats have made it a point to keep all interviews private and done behind closed doors. One would think that they would prefer to have these interviews out in the open since they are so sure that the president is guilty. The fact is that they are not so sure. And they are having the interviews behind closed doors to hide their failures and embarrassment.

Pushy Pelosi is trying to throw the Republicans a bone by holding a vote. She stated that it was because of their complaints that a vote was going to hold. She stated, “We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House of Representatives.” How convenient that pushy Pelosi is allowing a vote. Just another thorn in her side is what her comment to everyone means.

Jim Jordan and the others went on to point out that “The Democrats’ entire impeachment process is fundamentally unfair. It is rigged. The American people see through this partisan charade. No matter how hard you try to legitimize this sham impeachment inquiry, it cannot hide the Democrats’ goal of relitigating the results of the 2016 presidential election.” The world sees the deception that the Democrats are trying to pull and it will cost them big in 2020.