Trump Meets Unprecedented Quota for Refugees For the Month of October

The State Department has met its quota on receiving refugees into America, ZERO!!!  President Donald Trump placed a halt on admissions into the country for the time being so we can reduce the massive numbers flowing in every year.  The halt is expected to last until the early part of November.  This will be the third extension placed during this fiscal year.  It has definitely broken an unprecedented record by not having one single refugee, and it can be a start to helping fix our country’s immigration system, which has been abused for decades.

A spokesman for the State Department told reporters, “During the first week of every fiscal year, there is a pause in refugee arrivals for the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. At the end of Fiscal Year 2019, we notified our implementing partners that the refugee arrivals pause would be extended.”  He continued, “We have now extended it through November 5. We will work with our implementing partners to plan for a resumption of refugee arrivals, including rescheduling travel for those affected by the extension.”

The fiscal years end on September 30 and begin on October 1.  Every year there is a halt to let refugees in for the first week of the fiscal year.  In efforts to solve the immigration problems, the time limit was extended from one week to October 21.  The date was pushed back again for October 28.  Now the date from the State Department is on November 5, which means the month of October will not have one refugee allowed into America on record.

Another statement released by the State Department said, “By law, no refugees may be admitted in any given fiscal year until the President signs and issues the Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions.”  The State Department also explained the reason for the delay and the setbacks of the dates are due to the president is not signing his approval for the numbers of the new fiscal year.  He wants lower numbers, and the Trump administration set the 2020 cap to 18,000 refugees allowed into America.  This would bring the lowest number on record in nearly forty years when the resettlement program started.  Administration officials stated, “Refugee admissions would be tailored to those who face religious persecution, those who have assisted U.S. national security, and those at the heart of the U.S. southern border crisis.”

Since President Trump took office, we can see the numbers dropping on refugees.  In 2017, the amount recorded at the end of the fiscal year was 33,000.  Last year in 2018, the number was 23,000, ten thousand less.  The figures for this year have not rolled in yet, but the setback will drop the numbers less than last year.  For almost 40 years, the United States has been the top and final destination for refugees in the world.  The U.S. has dropped to second place under the Trump administration.  Confirmation came from the Pew Research Center study, which was released to the public in June.

It sounds heartless, but those who understand and listen with logic and reason know this is the only way to get a handle on illegal immigration.  The last few administrations have allowed so many to come into this country, they are all over the place.  If it had continued, we would have become a third world country, and America would be invaded entirely.  There is no greater danger to the American citizens than keeping open borders policies and taking in everyone who is not a citizen.  The best example we now find ourselves with the Four Horsewomen who came into this country and won their way into Congress tearing apart our country from within.

Refugees who come into America intending to mooch off of the benefits the government has to offer has cost our nation billions of dollars.  They have taken our jobs and they do not pay taxes.  It is not fair to the working American citizens and those who were born here to allow them to live here and not become citizens who pull their weight.  These were the problems President Trump saw and promised us in his campaign to fix.  He has kept his promises and is the only president to do so in our lifetime.  It is sad to see how the Democrats fight him every step of the way just to keep their socialist agenda alive.  Building the wall, stopping refugees for a time, and having ICE remove illegals is the key.