Meghan McCain Takes On Cory Booker

“The View” hosts a number of political candidates to hear what they have to say on the various issues in a more comfortable setting than the DNC debate stage. However, when Cory Booker went onto the show, he probably wasn’t prepared to go head to head with Megan McCain.

The co-host and daughter of the late Senator John McCain knocked Booker on multiple occasions for dodging her questions regarding gun confiscation. She also identified how presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was more “honest” about his thoughts on gun confiscation.

McCain didn’t make it easy on Booker. She’s a Republican gun owner who had questions that many other Republicans have when it comes to the Democrats and their idea of mandatory buybacks. She called Booker’s support of buybacks as a “fever dream” from the left-wing. She also asked how he would plan to go into Republican states and take back AR-15s. She cited taking back her brother’s AR-15 specifically with the comment that, “he’s not giving it back.”

Cory Booker responded by saying that he is not where O’Rourke is.

McCain replied, “Good, because he’s crazy.”

Even after saying that he is not where Beto O’Rourke is, he spent the next few minutes defending O’Rourke because it’s important not to destroy the character of others. However, McCain didn’t seem fazed by this, claiming that O’Rourke got “really nasty” within their own gun clash.

Booker, who has built his entire candidate platform on being the nice guy told the Republican co-hosted that just because somebody asks in a certain way towards us doesn’t mean that we show the same back toward them.

That’s when McCain reminded him that she’s not running for president. She said that she speaks for a number of red-state Americans. Whether O’Rourke or Booker like it, Republicans need to be won over. She reminded him of this in a blunt way.

Booker wasn’t having it. Instead of talking about gun buybacks, he began to lecture about civil discourse. At one point, McCain actually interrupted during Booker’s story about a voter wanting to punch Trump in the face. That’s when she interrupted with “all due respect, the gun buybacks.” She wanted to know, semantically, how he was going to get her brother’s gun back.

The New Jersey Senator dodged virtually every attempt that McCain made about getting a breakdown as to how he was going to accomplish the goal of mandatory buybacks and see is in support of that plan. He explained how machine guns aren’t on the streets anymore because of a ban that took place in the 1980s. He also talked about how Australia and New Zealand banned them and got the guns off of the streets.

This is when the co-host pressed to ask if he was going to go to her brother’s house.

That’s when Booker responded, “no.” He went on to explain that they can find in “evidence-based way to accomplish this.” He is confident that can be done since it was done with machine guns.

McCain brought up the very obvious to him since he wasn’t ready to make any detailed plans. She reminded him that this is America. What worked for Australia isn’t necessarily going to work in America – and much of that has to do with the second amendment rights.

Once the show was over, Booker’s campaign manager decided to take a shot at the co-host on twitter due to the aggressive line of questioning. Addisu Demissie tagged Meghan McCain and said he wasn’t sure what she was trying to accomplish. However, he also praised Cory Booker for the “grace, class and substance” that he handled the interview with.

McCain decided to provide an answer, identifying that he is Booker’s campaign manager. When she asks a specific policy question, she expects an answer, especially when he identifies himself as being the most direct candidate. All she got was a “dodge” as she eloquently pointed out.

McCain added later that she at least appreciates Beto O’Rourke’s honesty that he wants to take our guns away.

She has a point – and one that those who watch The View now need to think about. In order for Cory Booker to get more votes, he needs to win people over. That means he has to give some real thought to the concept of gun confiscation and how it’s going to happen. No one is going to vote for someone who doesn’t have a plan for how it will be handled. Booker may have just felt his first defeat by a Republican. McCain might not be a politician like her dad but she is a passionate Republican who has no problem calling out the BS when she sees it.