National Anthem On TV May Serve As A “Trigger” To Some

There’s been a long-standing tradition of playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” on TV stations. It is played late at night since the very beginning of television as a part of the patriotic imagery used before stations sign off. However, it’s now considered a “trigger” for some.

The New York Times recently featured an entire article about how the national anthem needs to become a “bygone tradition” as the song has become a “dividing line” for some Americans.

What happened to America?

Once upon a time, people were happy to be Americans. They waved their flag, they sing the Star-Spangled Banner, and they put their hand over their heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. However, there are now “political overtones” to deal with regarding everything. People are triggered and read too much into every little detail. Traditions have to be destroyed simply because people are getting offended.

Julie Jacobs, the culture reporter for the New York Times responsible for writing the piece explains that there is no formal signoff from TV stations. They fill the early morning hours with infomercials and rebroadcasts as opposed to creating dead air. As such, many have eliminated the Star-Spangled Banner entirely. However, there are also stations that have brought the tradition back. CBS, Gray Television, and others have already chosen to start playing the national anthem again. Across America, more than 350 stations are doing it.

By providing the national anthem, the TV stations are saying something. They are saying that they are American and that they are proud to be. They don’t care if viewers are hearing any kind of political overtones. The national anthem has never been something that is meant to be divisive. It isn’t meant for Republicans or Democrats. It’s meant for Americans – and people need to remember that. If they hear a political overtone, they need to relook at their commitment to America.

As the Times reporter explains, reviving the anthem tradition is happening at a time when overt allegiance becomes one of the lines that separate America into blue versus red or Republican versus Democrat.

Many people are looking at what the New York Times is trying to do. Tim Young, an author, points out that it shouldn’t shock anyone that the Times is trying to get people outraged over the idea of airing the national anthem.

One of the reasons why the national anthem has become such a trigger for people is because of what Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback did in 2016 – kneeling during the anthem. This was amidst a protest of racial issues. It was criticized by President Trump, it angered veterans across the country, and yet, Kaepernick somehow emerged as a hero of the progressives.

One man’s actions should not dictate how a patriotic anthem affects the entire country and their view of a song. The song has been played for centuries – and one former NFL quarterback who wants to turn it into a racial issue or Republican versus Democratic issue should not change any of that.

Playing the Star-Spangled Banner is what Americans do. Television executives have been cleared to identify that playing the national anthem is not in relation to the kneeling controversy. The Times reporter also said that many feel that the song has become a loyalty test and want to support it.

According to Dan Gainor, the media research Center vice president says that it’s “inspiring” to see the national anthem being returned to an important place in our culture. He also says that it’s “astonishing” that the New York Times would identify that as a bad thing.

If anything, watching hundreds of new stations around the country choose to play the national anthem is proof that there is still patriotism found within the country. Anyone who loves the country and loves the land of the free should be more than happy to hear the national anthem. Just as Kaepernick was criticized for kneeling because he feels as though blacks have been suppressed in the country, this is the same country that allowed him to earn millions of dollars in a single year for playing the sport that he loves.

While the New York Times may be trying to make the song more offensive than it does, media stations have already spoken by making sure that the song plays late at night. Anyone who truly feels triggered by the song needs to reevaluate whether they are patriotic and want to be a part of the United States of America or not.

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  1. These snowflakes are evil.

    • When I was a kid and the TV stations used to go off the air they used to play the National Anthem and than in 1979 I became a 17 year old man and joined the military to help defend my country like most of these pansies now would not have the balls to do they would hide behind people like myself and others who answered the call When I was overseas the AFRTS used to go off the air and they would play a poem called High Flight if these idiots are offended by the National Anthem would also be offended by a poem such as High Flight they need to be made to do a few years of military service

      • Totally agree. Thank you a MILLION for your service.

      • Yes, tomorrow being Veterans Day, I am proud of the fact that I served not just during Vietnam, but Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom. I thank all veterans for your service. It was very important.

      • Thank you for your service, I don’t know what branch you served in, but if it was the Marines, then Happy Birthday, as today is there birthday.

        I also remember those times, when tv went off the air played the Anthem, and there was nothing to watch at all.

        I have 2 children, 2 sons.

        They also went into the Military right out of high school.

        My oldest retired almost 6yrs ago with his 20 yrs in service. My youngest has 23 yrs in service, and is still active duty.

        I’ve not seen him since January of 2004.

        I have a granddaughter who will be 13 in Febuary I’ve never seen.

        For all those who think that taking 2 minutes out of there life to allow our Anthem to be played, don’t watch it, nothing’s going to happen in that first couple of minutes that if you miss it!

        Bottom line if you don’t like it then either shut up and get over yourself.

        You are free to change the station, you can watch something else,
        you can turn it off!

        Just leave those of us who are proud to live in, proud to be an American alone.

        Come here embrace our ways of life, our history, our cultur, or stay where you came here from.

        God Bless

      • From one Vet to Another, Thank You For Your Service.
        I’m all for making a term of Military Service, or equivalent, a pre-requisite for Full Franchise.
        If you were born here, that is your good fortune and you should be accorded the recognition of being a Natural Resident. If you want Full Citizenship then the Romans had the good idea that you didn’t qualify until you had done a term of Military Service to the Republic.
        It’s still a good idea for Our Republic.
        Fantom Phixer ’69-’75

      • Thank you for your service. My father went into the Navy at 17 years old retired after serving 21 years, my husband spent 21 years in the Army. Being a military daughter and spouse. I love our country and it is people like you, my father and my husband that gave of themselves so we could have Freedom. I would love to hear Our National Anthem played across Televisions everywhere, it doesn’t make sense to me how one or two people can make life so difficult for the those of us who want nothing more than Peace, Love and Happiness.
        Sorry for rambling. ..Thank you again for your service and I pray God will continue to guide and protect you.

    • Are these the same people who want all this free stuff, student loans forgiven and other such free gift? Tell them to find another country they will be satisfied in.

    • It’s people like this writer Julie Jacob’s from the New York Times and all writers from the NYT that
      are the problem they need to wake up from their drug induced world and look around them at all
      the freedoms that they have and stop pushing their delusional ideas on the rest of us sane people.

    • I personally don’t give a damn who gets triggered! This is America and if you don’t want to hear it, get the hell out or don’t come here in the first place!

    • There is no room in America for leftist idiots, deport every one of them.

    • They are just PATHETIC. DUH turn the TV sound off or change channels like a NORMAL person

  2. Pure and simple if you do not like the country or the ideals of the country where you live, then like all the illegal immigrants try ing get into this great country you should move yourself and your family to someplace more to your liking……nobody in this country is being fored to stay!!!!!

    • Yes, why stay and be miserable and make others same, When you go to another country you don’t go their to change it to your or my whims, you went there to become part of or stay out of.

      All those trying to change America from the great country it was till some got in and want it destroyed should have their citizenship nulled, pronto.

  3. My husband and I worked in radio and television for a large chunk of our careers. We worked for both secular and Christian stations and both were proud to be American and played the Star Spangled Banner at sign-off. They were also loyal to the FCC’s laws of what to air and what not to air. The FCC has fallen into disrepute because it is no longer headed by someone who knows the field of broadcasting. Each station needs to be “tuned” to what the people in it’s broadcast area need to hear to be informed. Slanting the news to any point of view or party should not be permitted. As they sayid on “Dragnet” “just the facts, man, just the facts!”

  4. WE ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO DESTROY OUR AMERICA. WE love OUR country and all the whistles that come with it. WE love Our national anthem, Our flag, the 4th of July and all the rest. WE are sick and tired of you libs. and dems. trying to destroy OUR COUNTRY WE GREW UP IN. We are going to fight you. NY Times if I had 1 wish I’ wish your paper goes down down down all the way to hell where liars and haters belong.

  5. Just when you think you’ve heard it all. I’m speechless, actually.

  6. No one is keeping you here in the United States of America. If you do not like it here get the hell out.

  7. LOCK UP those TREASONISTIC TRAITORS! . . . If they don’t LIKE it here with our NATIONAL ANTHEM, then go to CHINA, RUSSIA, VENEZUELA, CUBA, Etc. and any OTHER Socialist/Communist country. They’ll “change their tune” (to the National Anthem, perhaps?) if they’re able to survive and come BACK. I DON’T want them here, ANYWAY. GOOD riddance! Team Trump And his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  8. It’s simple really, …RESPECT. Should anyone have no respect for a coutry that stands up for it’s citizens liberties, freedoms,Religoous choice, and GOD given rights, well…maybe you don’t belong here. AMERICANS defend those rights and shouldn’t be ashamed that other countries,and their politicians try to influence an exceptional
    Country, THE USA. Quite frankly, it has become more than evident that since the election of Donald J Trump. The democrat party has come out of their cave in full bore HATE and vitriol against anything Trump. In the over 60 years on this earth, in this great country, I have never seen a President fight as hard, against enormous attacks, political and personal than now. The Democrat party and media is a self proclaimed enemy of this country. Now, In our life time, save our freedoms for you, your family, and those of your grandchildren for generations by voting against anything the Democrats,Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, have to offer with their lies. They can control your life or YOU can control your life. THE CHOICE IS CLEAR.

  9. It is played in the wee hours of the morning. You should be in bed anyway. And if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. But don’t ruin life for those who do.

  10. That’s good news. Doesn’t take much to send these idiots and morons over the edge. America has raised a generation of fools.

  11. Please don’t stop playing the National Anthem at any time. We have got to stand up for patriotism….I am so afraid of the end of the USA in the face of socialism.

  12. GOD BLESS the USA! Our National Anthem will stay. Anyone who has a problem with that can leave OUR LAND of the FREE and HOME of the BRAVE!

  13. Tell the SNOWFLAKES to use their TV Remotes and to turn the CHANNEL? Is that to hard for them to do? HELLO???? It is still a FREE COUNTRY! And the rest of us LOVE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. …. Just turn the CHANNEL SNOWFLAKES! Hahahahaha….

  14. I am 84 years old! It makes my blood pressure go out of sight listening to these people criticizing our country and MY PRESIDENT! IT IS MY PRAYER THAT THE DEMOCRATS DO NOT WIN THE 2020 ELECTION!
    We are becoming an unGODLY NATION!

  15. Anyone “triggered” by the nation’s anthem just has to endure it; or they can leave.
    Time to disregard these Communist whines over anything that promotes Americanism.

  16. It’s simple, they have an off button on their television. They don’t have to listen if it offends them.

  17. They have turned the “OFF” button to their brain. They do not deserve respect, but they do deserve derision. Hopefully, they will live in their parents’ basement forever and the parents will pay the price for bringing up such idiots.

  18. These creeps just need to leave America.

  19. Anybody who doesn’t like the National Anthem or America should leave and go to China, North Korea, Iran, Somalia or some other nice country and see how they like it there. President Trump has done a great job and he supports the military and the police and ICE, but he is NOT a racist, I don’t car what anybody says. I like the way is excellent business acumen has enabled him to stand up to countries like China and Germany who have been screwing us for years. He has guts, like when he had Navy warships fire missiles at Syria when they gassed their own people. I like that he does not want open borders and wants to keep out terrorists from Middle Eastern countries that harbor these people. I detest the liberal Fake News media who is so biased and unobjective in favor of the Far Left liberal socialist movement in this country.

  20. Our National Anthem is a trigger for me, too. It triggers memories of the oath of enlistment I took many years ago; an oath that, incidentally, has no expiration date. If “snowflakes” are somehow, offended by the Star Spangled Banner, they are perfectly free to go elsewhere, like straight to hell.

  21. In the words of the song: Author unknown

    This is my country. Land of my birth.
    This is my country. Grandest on Earth!
    I pledge you my allegiance. America the bold.
    For this is my country to have and to hold.

    or this song by Lee Greenwood:
    I’m Proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
    And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me.
    And I’d proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today
    ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land.
    Got Bless The U.S.A.

    I love hearing the national anthem and I get teary eyed when I see the flag go by in a parade. We have been given one of the greatest gifts ever given to human beings by men who were willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish a republic that was the freest on Earth. I will love this land until I die. It makes me angry to hear the nonsense that is being put out there by the leftists who obviously hate this country. Let them leave if they hate it so much, but never let them change it into what they think they want it to be. That would be repudiation of everything those men gave so much to establish.

  22. It’s very simple! If the Flag, National Anthem or country offends you— LEAVE. The country will be much better without you!

  23. The time in our country now is when we have lost our spiritual roots. As a child I remember at TV Sign-Off we would hear a devotional, presented by someone Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish, and then The National Anthem (O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand….), sung by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

    I didn’t like seeing her singing the anthem, but she did a good job of singing it. Years later I have found that the important part is the American part. I love the anthem. Anyone who uses it in disgrace to it is, in my opinion, un-american.

  24. If the National Anthem is too triggering for some, that’s their problem, but they need psychological help. They are mentally unstable, and in need of treatment.

  25. Who, with an I.Q. above room temperature, cares what those idiots say, do, or care about. If they don’t like hearing the anthem, turn it off.

  26. Who cares? Now I have download a bunch of different artists playing the National Anthem and blast it driving down snowflake lane, that being the local university.

  27. “The National Anthem has become a divider”. The National Anthem should be a divider. More like a filter. If you find yourself “triggered” by the National, maybe we can find you another country that suits you better.

  28. This problem has so many easy fixes. The easier being that anyone with a brain knows how to turn off the volume or mute. Turn the TV off. Switch channels. But the best one to me is IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN, LEAVE!

  29. I Lay The Blame For These Spoiled Brats At The Feet Of Their Parents, Teachers And That Of The Anti- Americanj EDemoncrap Party, Their Lackies In The 4 Estate And Of Course The Liberal Commie Control Colleges

  30. Why doesnt the ny times move to Moscow, where it would “fit in” better???

  31. If you don’t like National Anthem, Then JUST LEAVE. This is America we like it, we love it. If you came here and want to change us, it is not going to work. DONT TRY TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY—-AMERICA love it or leave it.

    AMERICA ??
    THATS !!
    O U R !!!
    O U R !!
    & JUST
    O U R !!!

  33. I’ll make it real Quick. No stories, just a Plain direct note.
    If you can’t respect our National Anthem, Our Flag, and continue to enjoy being an American Citizen, then go somewhere to live without a Safe Real Country to protect you

  34. If you dont love our Country and our Flag GTFO.

  35. Americans should all be proud to say the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and sing the National Anthem. If you are not proud to be an American, then leave this great Country and go some where you will be happy. America is the greatest country on earth and offers you freedom of choice in speech, religion, and the Constitution of the United States was written by Thomas Jefferson and signed by the greatest men on earth, the Presidents and law makers. In God We Trust makes this Country as founded by Christians of good faith. The laws of the United States are written and based on the Ten Commandments of God as handed down from God to Moses on Mt Sinai.

  36. Now we know what to include in a Background Check for buying a firearm. People must agree to listen to the National Anthem and sing along with it! That should separate some nut cases from firearms!

  37. I LOVE the national anthem and America The Beautiful and all patriotic songs and I LOVE the U.S.A. I fought for this country and that’s more than the President can say. Mister heel spurs.

  38. What is wrong with these twitchey little ninnies? If they can’t stand the anthem on
    TV, change the station or cut it off. Tough

  39. I’m a nationalist and proud of it. I’m proud to be be an American. There is nothing wrong with this. Now if I despised everyone who wasn’t an American, that would be different. I respect anyone who is proud of the country that gave them birth. However if you desire to become a citizen of America, I expect your allegiance to transfer with you. I don’t expect you to lose your pride in your country of birth but, neiter do I expect you to protect her above America.

  40. If you are triggered by the National Anthem, the problem isn’t the Anthem but you.
    If it is triggering you perhaps you should be in a sequestered setting where you won’t be exposed to such real workd stimuli, as in the Locked Ward of a Mental Hospital.

  41. If this triggers the leftist and Democrats. Then they are not patriotic AMERICANS!


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