The School Wants to Teach WHAT to My Kids?

The United States of America has an educational system like no other anywhere else in the world. But over the past few years, there have been some things that have started creeping into the curriculum that is alarming to parents and teachers everywhere. The liberals have been removing parts of educational information that defines what America is all about. One example of such changes is found in the state of Texas. One stupid idiot decided to remove parts of The Alamo that labeled the soldiers as heroes. These are the dumb things that liberals want to do to redefine America as a hateful and destructive nation.

Indoctrination is what the loony liberals are all about. They continue to change the educational material that has been effective for decades. American students used to be on top of the world when it came to education, but the loony liberals have changed things. They continue to change things that have only served to confuse kids in every state. The more liberals change things the worse things will be. The state of Texas is no exception. Liberals in the state have only served to changed things for their selfish intents.

One such example was reported by the Texas Scorecard “Children in Austin as young as 8 years old will now be taught to promote high-risk sexual behavior, thanks to a unanimous decision by the Austin Independent School District. Just after midnight Tuesday, the AISD board approved a controversial sex education curriculum amid a crowd of concerned parents and citizens.” The loony liberals try to pass off everything as an officially approved agenda. But most people are not falling for their lies.

They went on to point out that “The district’s new curriculum includes role-playing scenarios for children that involve anal and oral sex and features a situation where an underage girl has a sexual relationship with a 17-year old that she hides from her parents. The curriculum also teaches about numerous sexual orientations; children are told that their gender is based on their feelings rather than their biological sex, and they are encouraged to “challenge homophobia” by attending LGBT pride parades. Lesson plans also instruct teachers to use gender-neutral pronouns and avoid only using “binaries” such as “mom” and “dad.”

The liberals are destroying the classrooms around America as they confuse boys and girls by telling them they can identify as anything they want to. If one kid wants to be a dog, then they should be allowed to be a dog according to this kind of wacky logic. The freaky liberals admit that the new lessons are “a radical ideology that is in opposition to the values most Austin parents and families hold. There is a resounding concern that this radical, hyper-sexualized sex education is going to be problematic for the future generations of kids in this city.” This problem will only serve to complicate things for future generations. A generation of kids will grow up confused and as the educational system continues to change they will only further confuse future generations.

School board members need to stop playing the politics game and seek to only educate all kids with the foundational information that they need to succeed in the world. The schools are not to be the parents of the kids. Parents should be teaching their kids about the genders and what men and women do in the bonds of marriage. The loony liberals believe that it takes a collective group to raise a kid. But all the kid needs is one mom and one dad and that is it.

As liberal school board members seek to destroy kids all over America. Parents need to keep in touch with what their kids are being taught. If the liberal school board member is not challenged to do what is right, then they will continue to do as they please. Liberal school board members need to be replaced with people that only want to help kids learn things to succeed.