Mayor Pete Suddenly Isn’t So Lovable Anymore

When the 2020 presidential campaign began, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg entered the race, he was quickly pegged as the most lovable candidate. And what’s not to love? He’s young, charismatic, and openly gay. And he’s even married. The Democrats couldn’t be more pleased with their good luck.

Buttigieg proves to just about everyone that the Democrat party is just as diverse as they say they are and just as woke. Even his opponents praised him. They all were quick to jump on the LGBT friendly train and make known their support of his views. After all, it wasn’t like he was going to actually win or anything.

But apparently, the tides are changing a bit. No, we aren’t saying he has much of a chance of beating Trump for the Oval Office, but his numbers are steadily rising. And in some states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, they are even calling him a frontrunner. Yes, his poll numbers have grown that much.

And this makes his opponents just that, someone to oppose at all costs. Gone are the days of niceties and pandering to his beliefs. Instead, it’s time for the claws to come out and cut him down to his own size, back to where he belongs, which according to those near the top, is nowhere near the White House.

Democratic candidates like Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, and even Senator Elizabeth Warren have all started throwing shade at South Bend, Indiana’s mayor.

As The Hill says, “Polls show Buttigieg rising to the top tier of candidates, alongside some whose political careers began before he was born. But as his support grows, other candidates still trying to achieve their own breakout moments are beginning to question whether he has the experience to run the nation or the ability to beat President Trump.”

Californian Senator Kamala Harris’ barb against Mayor Pete simply stated that the race was really only between a few key people now, which doesn’t include him, or her for that matter. For a while now, the frontrunners have been former vice president Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Harris was noted as coming in a close fourth place for a time after she took a powerful stab at Biden during one of the Democratic debates.

However, her ratings have dropped considerably, allowing Pete to surpass her and bump her back to a distant fifth place. So while there may be some truth to her jab, it’s pretty clear that she isn’t really in the running any longer either.

According to Warren, Buttigieg simply isn’t progressive enough to defeat Trump. Her evidence of this is his lack of full support for her Medicare for All plan. She says that anyone who doesn’t support this as she and Bernie do doesn’t have the gall to stand toe to toe with the president.

However, since both her and Bernie’s plans call for significant tax increases, the loss of millions of jobs, and over $20 trillion in new government spending, it is unclear how the project will get passed in the first place. Which more than likely means that Buttigieg’s lack of support will only boon his numbers.

Julian Castro’s accusations against Mayor Pete might be the most stinging, albeit the easiest to say. He said that Buttigieg doesn’t have a chance at winning because he can’t “appeal to the African American and Latino communities.” And Castro has a serious point. Whoever wins the nomination will have to achieve a considerable amount of support from black and Hispanic Americans. And Buttigieg is likely to not achieve that.

According to recent poll numbers, he currently has very little support from black voters. Many believe this is due to his openly gay sexuality, particularly among older voters. The belief is that the older and more religious black community doesn’t support his gay marriage and therefore doesn’t want America portrayed by such a man.

However, it’s far more likely that Buttigieg’s past experience with race has more to do with the decision than his sexuality.

Take the fact that he fired an African American police chief once in South Bend, or the drama that ensued when a black man was shot by a white police officer in his city. And we can’t forget about his decision to literally bulldoze over low-income properties lived in my mostly minority groups.

Then again, Castro isn’t doing much better, as he has only 1% of the black vote currently.