Socialism Taking Over New York by Amending Constitution

New York City is set to become the next socialist city in the United States. Voters decided that it would be a good idea to amend the city’s constitution by changing the layout of the format of the primary and special election. Now they will work under what is being called a new ranked-choice voting system. Every voter will be able to rank their top five favorite candidates on a ballot based on their personal preference. The major supporter of this change was none other than Ocasio-Cortez.

The socialist worm put her stamp of approval on the change and heralded it as a major step in the right direction. It is rather a step in the wrong direction. Voting in New York City will become nothing more than a popularity contest between people that look prettier than the other candidates that they are running for. Under the change, there will no longer be any runoff elections. Under the old system, a person had to have at least 40 percent of the vote to make it into office.

Under the new system candidates will win the election based on how popular they might be with the public. It also officially erases the Democrat and Republican markings of candidates. This makes it easier for the corrupt Democrats to hide their true affiliations until they are sitting in the mayor’s office. The new voting structure will be applied to just about every elected position within the city. The dumb Democrats have set themselves up with the perfect way of being able to stay in office as long as they remain popular.

Another advocate of the choice to change the vote stated that “Ranked-choice voting would let us express our true preferences and make our politics more dynamic and responsive. We should make it the norm throughout the country.” Already the loony left is voicing their approval for this to be countrywide before it is even tested in New York. They want to roll it out nationally before the country can see what kind of mess it is going to make for the city.

Ocasio-Cortez has made it a point to praise this new way as a victory for her socialist demonic camp. Much of what was on the ballot this year was aimed at telling people how to vote. They have effectively dumbed down the population in New York City to the point that they need to be shown how to vote. Ocasio-Cortez loves the idea of telling people what to do because she has no clue on how to lead people. The people of New York have fallen victim to a scam artist in Washington. They need to wake up and remove the socialist worm from power before it is too late for anyone to get rid of her.

People that are fighting the change are saying “It also disenfranchises voters because ballots that do not include the two ultimate finalists are cast aside to manufacture a faux majority for the winner. In the end, a voter’s ballot might wind up being cast for the candidate he ranked far below his first choice — a candidate to whom he may have strong political objections and for whom he would not vote in a traditional voting system.”

Everywhere that this system of voting is used is Democratic-controlled. The result is destruction and oppression for the people living in the city. One could look at this system and call it to vote to stack. It has been pointed out that the way it works is “Under a ranked-choice system, voters rank up to five candidates on the ballot. Voters would not be forced to rank every candidate — they could still choose just one if they want.

A candidate who receives a majority of first-choice votes would win the election. If there is no majority winner, the last place candidate would be eliminated and any voter who had that candidate as their top choice would have their vote transferred to their next choice. This process would repeat until only two candidates remain, and the candidate with the most votes than would be the winner.” This method of scoring votes is the same way cross-country running scores are tallied. A person that takes first place can still lose if runners from another team place second and third. All of those votes end up helping the underdogs in the election.