Socialism Taking Over New York by Amending Constitution

New York City is set to become the next socialist city in the United States. Voters decided that it would be a good idea to amend the city’s constitution by changing the layout of the format of the primary and special election. Now they will work under what is being called a new ranked-choice voting system. Every voter will be able to rank their top five favorite candidates on a ballot based on their personal preference. The major supporter of this change was none other than Ocasio-Cortez.

The socialist worm put her stamp of approval on the change and heralded it as a major step in the right direction. It is rather a step in the wrong direction. Voting in New York City will become nothing more than a popularity contest between people that look prettier than the other candidates that they are running for. Under the change, there will no longer be any runoff elections. Under the old system, a person had to have at least 40 percent of the vote to make it into office.

Under the new system candidates will win the election based on how popular they might be with the public. It also officially erases the Democrat and Republican markings of candidates. This makes it easier for the corrupt Democrats to hide their true affiliations until they are sitting in the mayor’s office. The new voting structure will be applied to just about every elected position within the city. The dumb Democrats have set themselves up with the perfect way of being able to stay in office as long as they remain popular.

Another advocate of the choice to change the vote stated that “Ranked-choice voting would let us express our true preferences and make our politics more dynamic and responsive. We should make it the norm throughout the country.” Already the loony left is voicing their approval for this to be countrywide before it is even tested in New York. They want to roll it out nationally before the country can see what kind of mess it is going to make for the city.

Ocasio-Cortez has made it a point to praise this new way as a victory for her socialist demonic camp. Much of what was on the ballot this year was aimed at telling people how to vote. They have effectively dumbed down the population in New York City to the point that they need to be shown how to vote. Ocasio-Cortez loves the idea of telling people what to do because she has no clue on how to lead people. The people of New York have fallen victim to a scam artist in Washington. They need to wake up and remove the socialist worm from power before it is too late for anyone to get rid of her.

People that are fighting the change are saying “It also disenfranchises voters because ballots that do not include the two ultimate finalists are cast aside to manufacture a faux majority for the winner. In the end, a voter’s ballot might wind up being cast for the candidate he ranked far below his first choice — a candidate to whom he may have strong political objections and for whom he would not vote in a traditional voting system.”

Everywhere that this system of voting is used is Democratic-controlled. The result is destruction and oppression for the people living in the city. One could look at this system and call it to vote to stack. It has been pointed out that the way it works is “Under a ranked-choice system, voters rank up to five candidates on the ballot. Voters would not be forced to rank every candidate — they could still choose just one if they want.

A candidate who receives a majority of first-choice votes would win the election. If there is no majority winner, the last place candidate would be eliminated and any voter who had that candidate as their top choice would have their vote transferred to their next choice. This process would repeat until only two candidates remain, and the candidate with the most votes than would be the winner.” This method of scoring votes is the same way cross-country running scores are tallied. A person that takes first place can still lose if runners from another team place second and third. All of those votes end up helping the underdogs in the election.

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  1. PITY those POOR New Yorkers! . . . But, they GOT what they DESERVED (they REAPED where they SOWED). T O U G H! Now, you watch these NY people leave in DROVES. Team Trump And his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great AGAIN).

  2. I guess a question would be who selects the candidates the are placed on the ballot? Or are they all write ins? I think this process is used in Conn or Delaware, is it the state Barney Sanders if from? In any case, the rest of the country needs to be on their toes as what comes around goes around. Look at the state of Va, is is now a state ruled by the influx of new immigrants. It is no wonder they are tearing History apart.

  3. The good news is: there is a place in hell for all those corrupted globalists that want to take our freedoms away….

  4. Time to get rid of the ones who think they are Rulers, Like Hitler. N.Y, City wake up, time to clean the slate.

  5. That’s what happening in California and why we have a one party state now. Other states beware or you will be going that way also.

  6. Please, PLEASE, learn to differentiate between NY City and NY State. Just because NYC has done something doesn’t mean that NY State is socialist. This is irresponsible reporting. I’d hate to say that your page is fake news, but without accurate descriptives, it’s sure leaning that way. And this is coming from a NY conservative.

  7. WTF! How did NYC become somebody’s Be Ouch! Did the Socialist-leftis Hilter youth put something in the water! What up people before they have you working the streets and you calling them daddy and handing all your money and ending your days living on handouts and waiting to die!


    The system implemented is not a bad thing. It is a GOOD THING.

    1.First, this gives minor parties a true fighting chance. People list their preference in first, and then going down the list, striking each one off. That means the truly worthy candidate will me ranked preferentially.

    2. Second, removing the “D” and “R” in the ballot box is a good thing. THAT MEANS PEOPLE HAVE TO ACTUALLY RESEARCH THEIR NAMES instead of voting like sheep.

    3. Third, in Republican states, this could very well enlarge the GOP and the Libertarian Party.

    This entire article is dead wrong and I for one think the ranked preference system is an excellent proposition. It’s time to break the two-party stranglehold.

    • It’s time for all military, active and veterans, to live up to their oath of enlistment (or the equivalent for warrant and commissioned officers) and start ridding our nation of socialist traitors like you, by any means available and/or necessary !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And everyone should believe you and AOC because you two are smarter than our founding fathers. I have voted in 10 Presidential elections and I probably have socks older than you … and twice as smart as you are.

    • Glad I don’t live in NEW YORK CITY. I found out this summer your subway system stinks for the handicap. All elevators were not running. I decided that New York City, along with several in California will not see me UNTIL THEY GET RID OF THEIR DEMOCRATS. Evidently the DEMOCRATS don’t care about their citizens.

  9. I used to live there ,born there,went to school there, indoctrinated into the military there. Now ,After all the Dems./socialists /communists have had thier way,like,celebrating the killing of more babies,etc. No thanks !! Give it over to some worthless nation ! That’s all those that hate this nation deserve !

  10. Time to find this BITCH in a DITCH!!

  11. NYC is rapidly becoming San Francisco! Socialism is a nice way of saying COMMUNISM!!! If you think Deblasio is a Bad MAYOR, you haven’t seen Anything yet! Socialism has Never, and will Ever, be a Success. You can only get away with spending Other People’s Money for so long. For the Generation X’ers, look up the Rise and Fall of the USSR. It is NOW known as Russia. The ” United Soviet Socialist Republic” was a Failed Society, just as All Other Socialism Countries! Wake up People! This will END our Democracy as We know it!!!

  12. New York City voters have the ability to stop this insanity at the next election if they so choose. What is being proposed can easily be voted down. But, I am afraid this is a case of you have to be careful what you ask for because you might get it. If the people of that city are so stupid as to let such a proposal stand they deserve all the chaos that arises because of it.

  13. Is anyone surprised after watching these nut cases protest everything under the sun the last couple years. I would say they have been that way for some time now. Just keep them up there we have enough of them that have already run south. Dont need or want them here.

  14. It is time to develop a standard federal voting system that is tamper proof. One that reflects the preferences of our legitimate citizens. I don’t know why such a system has never been developed and approved way before now. We are not much better than colonial times when the bar was closed while votes were cast and hand counted before the citizens. Actually, we have regressed and made it easier to interfere and flaunt the will of the people.

  15. They will get what they vote for. Taxes are driving so many people out already. Cops and firefighters will quit and move and work elsewhere. Suits NYC right to not have 911. After the way no one is standing up for the cops in that city they do not deserve the protection. De Blasio is the absolute worst mayor ever and Andrew Cuomo is just as bad. Not they vote in a dumber than dumb kid bartender that is used to getting her way. No wonder she likes Socialism. She has a silver spoon. Like Obama, never actually held a job. Always on the Gov’t teat. Sucking what ever they could get. I am as native NYer and they shame me. They will get what they deserve. The “city” that was terrific under Rudy is not horrible. All the biggest cities, all crime ridden, drug ridden and bankrupt. ALL run by Democrats! Every single one! Look at San Fran and LA. Good luck NY. You are gonna need it.

    • If cops and firemen are paid as much as they are in California,I doubt they will quit or leave.They will wait until they get their large pensions,to leave for some place cheaper.

  16. Get your terms straight! NYC does not have a constitution, it has a charter and as a creation of NYS it can be revoked, although unlikely.

  17. Mercy for NYC is to NUKE them and be done with it……

  18. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again

  19. The real problem here is too much government,with too much power.People have always voted from ignorance and greed.In the past,they couldn’t use their uniformed ignorance to vote to steal from others and ruin the country.Since we’ve transitioned from a limited government republic to unlimited Democratic fascism,we are heading to more government,more waste,more wealth destroyed and a poorer country.

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