Families Are Furious with Parents Magazine’s Latest Cover

Parents magazine decided to be inclusive in regards to transgender children. However, parents aren’t having it. Much of it may have to do with the editorial decision of how they handled the front cover. It featured a photo of a “super cute” 4-year-old boy. He held a sign that read “Some men have periods, too.” It was followed by, “If I can get it, so can you.” This is where parents got upset, and they haven’t stopped complaining since the magazine was released earlier in the week.

An Instagram post from the magazine includes text from Milly Bhaskara, a mother from Hull, England who is dedicated to showing parents how easy it is to share the concept that women aren’t the only ones who menstruate. The magazine identifies that Bhaskara has 173,000 followers and is known for creating posts on body acceptance and mental health awareness. She wants to make sure that language isn’t so inclusive. She shared that men, women, and non-binary people have periods.

Bhaskara went as far as explaining that her four-year-old could grasp it because he hadn’t had to “unlearn the ingrained societal norm.” Then she said that we should have a “crack at unlearning trans-phobic/misinformed norms.”

There were more than a few people following the Parents’ Instagram page that felt the need to push back.

More people were concerned about the fact that this child was forced to hold a sign. Additionally, parents were talking about leaving the kids out of the situation entirely. Menstrual cycles generally aren’t taught until fifth-grade. Pushing this on a child as young as four years old seemed illogical.

There are many people who are also talking about how it makes “zero biological sense.” Many people also question the science behind gender roles. While people identify that they don’t want to be ignorant, they also acknowledge that men cannot have periods. Scientifically, the only people who can have periods are women – and they have to go through puberty first. A four-year-old isn’t going to have a period, regardless of what gender they identify as. Further, only women are going to have periods. If they identify as a man, that’s fine – but until they change their physical body type, they are still females in terms of sex.

Many people also question the four-year-old belonging to Bhaskara and how he is going to grow up thinking that he is going to get a period. Unless he, at some point, decides to start identifying as a female, he is not going to get a period. There’s no reason to explain these things to a child at this age. Since it isn’t taught in schools until kids start hitting puberty, there’s no reason to be discussing it at four years old. As such, Parents magazine should probably stay out of this situation entirely.

The editors at Parents haven’t released any kind of explanation as to why they felt the need to go into the subject. Transgender issues don’t typically strike until a child has hit puberty – especially considering that most doctors wouldn’t consider issuing puberty blockers to those under the age of 13. Most readers who are getting the Parents magazine are dealing with babies and toddlers. Most have moved on to other publications by the time they are 13.

Menstrual cycles, in general, have been covered by Parents magazine in the past. They haven’t shied away from the topic. They’ve talked about ways to prepare “your daughter” for her first period. The website has published a number of articles on how parents can discuss periods with “daughters.” It doesn’t make any concessions for those who have sons who have periods simply because it has always been an issue that is dealt with when a parent has a female child, regardless of how they identify.

Placing a four-year-old on the cover was uncalled for with Parents magazine and they felt the backlash from a significant number of their readers. There were very few parents who came forward in order to defend the magazine, either. It was likely because of choosing a child so young to talk about periods with. Had they put a few different kids, male and female, on the cover, all who were 12 or 13-years-old, it would have likely been more accepted.

Ultimately, the magazine was published in poor taste and parents spoke up to say how they felt about the issue. It’s likely only a matter of time before the editor releases a statement about what their thought process was behind the whole cover.

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  1. We are ashamed your front cover!! We thought all of you wanted to let the kids learn & make up their minds by asking parents the hard questions. You are pushing your backward ways on them by not giving them a chance or a choice!

  2. “…showing parents how easy it is to share the concept that women aren’t the only ones who menstruate. ”

    Sorry Parents mag but yes Only Women have periods!

    Even this foolish author mistakenly said- “Unless he, at some point, decides to start identifying as a female, he is not going to get a period.”

    Wrong again- only women who have a Womb and have gone through puberty and not gone through menopause have Periods!!!

    So, while some Woman decides she wants to “identify” as a Man wants to brag about being male but having a period this is a lie, a delusion they have apparently not only convinced themselves of by also many left-wind ideots who will not believe any science that does not support their theory.

    “Bhaskara went as far as explaining that her four-year-old could grasp it because he hadn’t had to “unlearn the ingrained societal norm.”

    NO Wrong again. Around age 4 is when children actually start understanding there is a difference between boys and girls- this is a natural developmental stage when they start to see the physical, emotional and mental difference between males and females. To say her 4ry old could grasp the concept of transgendered mental illness (she did says she was writing “on body acceptance and mental health awareness” thus conceding this is a mental health issue) is foolish at best a complete lie at worse and she is the one now ‘teaching” and attempting to ingrain her idea of what a “societal norm” should be on a child barely cognitively developed enough to understand that boys and girls are actually different sexes!

    So she should be checked by CPS for her brainwashing and confusing a young child who NO Cannot Grasp the Concept that Males can have Periods even if he were old enough to understand what a period is!

    Oh, and we do not talk about this to children this young because one they do not have the cognitive development to comprehend it and second it would frighten them as they do not understand why a woman would be bleeding at this age if they were not injured.

    This woman is a LOON who should have her own head examined!

    What is this freaking world coming to?

  3. The media , the Dems/lefties/ and our schools are busy brain washing our youth to train then to be gay and lesbians. They are training them how to have sex with m/m and fm/fm. When they finish with their schooling the kids will think if they do not think this is normal something is wrong with them. That if you have a family with a female mommy and male daddy YOU ARE THE PROBLEM> Teach these kids reading writing math…… Do not let the teachers unions teach your youth your family values.


    • Yes, the media and whoever else involved are really damaging our children… and college professors at many universities are taking over by brain washing and turning young adults against the foundation of this country, our liberties, the constitution, and God.

  4. They don’t care about your children at all. All they care about is power and domination of all people.By tearing up the family structure they feel they can accomplish their goals. Look at their policy on Abortion.DELETE THE POPULATION! ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!!!

  5. I don’t see a sign being held by a boy/

  6. No matter how these liberals try to make more genders, there are only two, male and female, The mental sick can claim that they are men when they are really women and men can claim that they are women but their DNA still says that they are the sex that they were born with. And, no matter what they say, women are the only ones who have periods. It is absolutely child abuse to use children the way they do. Evidently, this mother doesn’t care about the mental health of her child. Too many mental sick people are trying to make more mental sick people. Now, that should be stopped. The Devil has certainly taken a strong hold of these ignorant people.

  7. Parents Mag. is a sick Company. They push things to far.

  8. This is the kind of crap that doesn’t need to be published. Our parents had no good for what they called dirty magazines. Now respectable magazines are
    Publishing stuff about little kids four years old that is sickening. This is pushing
    Freedom of the press to it’s limit! What a family this little kid has. Be thankful to God for your little boy and quit trying to do what was not intended!

  9. some are still pushing obamas agenda, even after he has left.

  10. Let’s face it, parent magazine is bowing down to liberal crap machine. This is not a magazine for family. It’s a dumb down stage to screw over the American families with b.s. Transgender lies. Shut it down. Child abusers. Sick disgusting lowlife stains on humanity.

  11. This is disgraceful on so many levels, First, the mother of this 4 year old little BOY should be arrested for child abuse, second, this magazine should never have publicized such an unpopular and controversial subject. By Parent Magazine publishing this information it is as though they were agreeing with the contents of this subject and by doing so they are encouraging other parents to question their own parental teachings, this in my opinion is wrong. I have a 16 year old grandson who is gay, he and only he decided this for himself. He was not encouraged to be or not to be gay and we as a family love him and accept his choices. But when you are talking about a 4 year old child that has not been given the choice then it becomes a whole different problem. The parents in this case has made the choice for him, they are encouraging this child to think in a way that does not fit his DNA. Regardless of whether a child decides later to be transgender, gay/lesbian, or straight it should be their decision based on an educated choice. And the decision they made will not be at 4 years old, and should not be influenced by anyone else. I realize it hard to learn your child is gay/lesbian or transsexual but you accept THEIR choice and love them anyway. These remarks are my opinion based on education, experience and love.

  12. I had always liked your magazine —until now. Up until it became the “in” thing to paas this stuff off as normal in a politically correct manner, it was known that “trans” people were suffering from gender dysmorphia, or some other mental illness. While ALL people should be accorded respect, they are NOT entitled to their own reality. Neither are they entitled to use the courts or public opinion to FORCE others to accept their alternate universe. What a shame your magazine has caved to this disturbed mentality.

  13. State control of your children is the goal here.

  14. Disgusting! I will not be purchasing anything associated with the publisher of this magazine ~ which are many.
    If you are as disgusted as I am, check them out.

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