Republicans Demand Transparent Testimonies for Impeachment to be Considered

s the impeachment inquiry continues, it is becoming more apparent that the whole thing a partisan attempt to get rid of Donald Trump at all costs. It matters not whether or not he has done anything wrong, only that he threatens the Democrat’s existence and success in our government. And both House and Senate lawmakers are noticing.

There has been much talk in both houses that the proceedings need to be conducted in a more open setting. This would prove to all the world that either the Democrats have nothing to hide or President Trump is innocent and a victim of partisan hate.

Either way, the issue needs to be resolved and as quickly as possible. The longer our nation’s lawmakers are kept busy over this process, the less time is being spent on other issues of national security and great importance.

And that is precisely why Representative Devin Nunes has written a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Adam Schiff requesting certain witnesses to be brought forward in a more “open setting.”

Nunes, who is the ranking Republican on the committee, has requested that nine witnesses testify so that truth is brought to the “sham impeachment process,” which has so far been “opaque and unfair.”

The first two on the list of witnesses requested are Hunter Biden himself and his long-time business partner Devon Archer.

Hunter Biden, who was dishonorably discharged from the US Navy for cocaine, is a vital topic of the conversation in question between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that occurred in July. His testimony, as well as Archer’s, would give the panel a better understanding of the Burisma condition and help to decide whether Trump had grounds for his hesitation with Ukraine.

Next on the list if ex-Democratic National Committee staffer Alexandra Chalupa. Besides working with the Ukrainian embassy in D.C., Chalupa is also known to have been a key informant for the Clinton campaign during the 2016 elections. Therefore, it is thought that her testimony would allow the panel to see any connection between the Ukrainian government and the alleged anti-Trump meddling of 2016.

Up next is Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale. Hale as already testified once, but bringing him forward again and in a more open setting is believed to bring about critical information of related foreign affairs.

Key to the call in question itself is National Security Council official Tim Morrison and Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. Morrison listened in on that call. Vindman was privy to its transcript and even submitted corrections to be made to it. The two men together would be able to either confirm or deny the other’s story.

Another key witness to be called forward is Nellie Ohr. Ohr has essential ties to the Fusion GPS controversy, and what information (if any) was given from Ukraine to assist in the Trump Steele Dossier and the possible interference of the 2016 election.

In addition, US Ambassador to Ukraine Kurt Volker is being requested as a witness. Volker, as such a diplomat, has “firsthand knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Ukraine,” and therefore, his testimony will be vital to understanding the relationship between the US president and Zelensky.

And last but certainly not least is the whistleblower and anyone who may have influenced the original complaint. After all, this whole “scandal” would not exist without that complaint. In addition, it has been noted by several sources that the whistleblower has ties to Joe Biden, as he used to work for him, and Adam Schiff.

As one of those persons who is believed to have influenced the complaint, Adam Schiff himself is also being requested to testify by Nunes. It is known that the whistleblower had direct contact with Schiff’s office several times before actually filing the complaint, and his office even made a recommendation, which the whistleblower took, as to who he or she should employ as their attorney.

However, it is unknown if Schiff and his biased cohorts will comply with Nunes’ request. Either way, it puts him in a tough position.

If he does agree, his case will be seen for the fraud that it is. But if he denies it, himself and his panel look even more guilty of conspiracy.

In either case, Republicans are demanding transparency and that the whistleblower testifies. Senator Lindsay Graham said that if they do not comply, the impeachment inquiry will be “dead on arrival on the Senate.”