No Remorse from Sick Abortion Doctor – Makes Fun of Killing Babies

Many people who work in abortion clinics typically would not have the guts to call their line of work what it really is, the slaughter of innocent babies.  Those who work in the clinics from the doctors to the staff would prefer to sugar coat what they are doing by calling it terminating the pregnancy.  They do not even dare call it a “baby” but rather “a fetus.”  One would say it helps them sleep at night.  A former planned parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson showed the world what kind of monsters kill babies by posting a picture on social media she found of the doctor who slaughtered her baby inside the womb.  It’s an eerie feeling knowing in the picture the abortion doctor is celebrating his birthday while he robbed thousands of babies from their own birthday.

The story under the picture reads, “This is the abortion doctor, Leroy Carhart. He has killed tens of thousands of babies in his lifetime, including those in the third trimester. His staff had a party for his birthday and posted this picture. Look at the sign beside the cake.

“Even on my worst days, I’M KILLING IT.”

You know, at least he’s honest. Eternity will be very scary for him unless he finds repentance. I pray he finds it’s very, very soon.
And Then There Were None – Pro-life Outreach is helping to dry the tears of the staff (as is stated on his coffee cup). We have had several of his workers come through our ministry and find healing in Christ.”

This doctor, Carhart, was interviewed on BBC by host Hilary Andersson.  Carhart admitted the abortions were completed during all three trimesters, and “he kills babies.”  He flat out said on television, “The baby has no input in this, as far as I’m concerned.”  Andersson was shocked as she pointed out to Carhart, “It’s interesting that you use the word baby because a lot of abortionists won’t use that…”  He shuddered as he responded back, “I-I think that it is a baby, and I tell our— I use it with our patients.”  Andersson asked the doctor again, “And you don’t have a problem with killing a baby?”  To which Carhart responded, “I have no problem if it’s in the mother’s uterus.”

An undercover interviewer was posing as a patient when she went in pretending she wanted an abortion at 26 weeks.  As she asked questions, Carhart did not hold back the gruesome details and said it like it was nothing to him.  He referred to the baby as “mushy” and explained the dead baby would exit the birth canal after it was dead for a couple of days.

The undercover interviewer asked, “So what makes the baby mushy?”  He answered, “The fact that it’s not alive, for two or three days.”  “Oh, so I’ll have a dead baby in me?” she asked.
“For three days, yeah,” he replied.
“Will it start to decay or something?” she pressed.
“No… not, it’s very, very minimal if it does, because there’s no bacteria there,” he responded. “So it’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot.”

“Like putting meat into a Crock-Pot,” he said.  How heartless and disrespectful to life can one person be?  It has to take a cold-hearted person to perform such a horrible act on what is a “baby” a human being.  Carhart’s description was inhumane, and the procedure will always be inhumane and immoral.  The sad and scary part is this man has no remorse for the murders by the thousands.  Anyone with a conscience would be ashamed to call this man or any man or woman who slaughter babies a “doctor.”  A doctor saves lives to the best of their God-given ability and talents.  These abortionists and all who support it do the complete opposite.

But wait… It gets worse.  How he started in 1985 was after he opened a clinic in Omaha, Nebraska, arsonists burned down his house and farm in 1991.  There was a note left for him the following morning, which compared the animals he owned, which died in the fire to “the murder of children.”  He said after everything was burned, “I decided abortion would be my life’s work.”

He took two cases all the way to the Supreme Court fighting for full-term abortions.  This so-called doctor is also notorious for the death of a 29-year-old who died of complications from abortion.  He was acquitted, but pro-life organizations tell the truth that he was responsible.