President Trump Has a New 2020 Challenger

There is a new candidate in town who is challenging President Trump in the 2020 presidential elections.  It appears the “Never Trumpers” are going to get their wish, or will they?  They are following up with Don Blankenship, who is 69 years old and is a former coal baron.  He is running in the Constitution Party, which claims they are more conservative than the Republican Party.  Blankenship has the same policies as President Donald Trump and has almost every characteristic of him as the president.  It would be safe to say, it would be Donald Trump going against himself if this comes to pass.  Blankenship could not even win the Senate race in 2018 for West Virginia.  This is hysterical; these idiots do not like President Trump, so they find a candidate just like him…

The DC Examiner reported, “Former coal baron Don Blankenship, who ran an unsuccessful 2018 bid for Senate in West Virginia, is running for president on a third-party ticket.
Blankenship, 69, said he will be running as a candidate for the Constitution Party, a minor political party that places itself to the right of the Republican Party. Blankenship shares many of President Trump’s policy positions, including his desire to ‘flush the swamp,’ but said that Trump hasn’t been effective.
‘President Trump means well, but he simply cannot get it done because he is too busy mending his self-inflicted wounds and tripping over his ego,’ Blankenship said, adding that he wants to ‘tightly secure our borders and end welfare and other benefits for those who are not ultimately granted citizenship.'”

Robert Maguire posted an ad on Twitter for the “Pro-Life / Pro NRA Life Member Don Blankenship and stated, “Don Blankenship doubles down on phrases like “China people” and “Cocaine Mitch” in a new ad that also features his undeniable charisma and charm.”

So let us all wrap our heads around this stupidity of some people.  They think President Trump is crazy for speaking his mind harshly and has a huge ego.  The “Never Trumpers” say they have their candidate who will “flush the swamp” better than Trump.  The only reason President Trump has not entirely “Drained the Swamp” is that every step of the way, he has had to fight the same Democrats who he is trying to push out.

Some folks happened to chime in, and this is what they had to say as well, all of which support the president and feel pretty much the same way we all do as we listen to this garbage.  One person wrote, “Everything Trump has done in the last 3 years has been for the good of this nation despite the “butthurt” people who cannot accept an election.
You think Trump’s ego is huge now? Just wait until this farce of an impeachment falls flat on its face, and he is re-elected. His head will grow to the size of that stupid balloon.
Thanks, all you aggrieved people who cannot work within the Congress to curb Trump if you so desired.
You built this. Blankenship doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell – and he knows it.”

Another person wrote, “‘Cocaine Mitch…’ very underrated. Now don’t get mad! I just think he refused to confirm a whole lot of judges under Obama, and that action saved our Judiciary! Trump’s been great on judges! But if Cocaine Mitch had just rolled over and confirmed the unqualified activists that Obama put up… we would be in a different place right now on the courts.
Please give credit where credit is due, thank you.”

One more chimed in on Congress and how President Trump has been treated, “There may be some truth in Blankenship’s statement, but Congress passes the laws. The President doesn’t. Congress, the Judiciary, the entrenched bureaucrats in gov’t, and the news media have been doing everything in their power to neuter Trump, and defeat him in 2020. I’ve never seen a President in my lifetime have to endure such a blatant, relentless type of onslaught all because he wasn’t supposed to get elected. Don Blankenship has a better shot at turning the solar plants back into coal-burning power stations than he does at winning the Presidency.”

Many people feel the same, Mr. Blankenship is not going to win.  There is only one President Donald Trump, and no one can take someone else and try to pass them off as him.  In the 2020 elections, a landslide victory can be predicted for President Trump.