Dems Jumping Down Trump’s Throat Over Physical

The White House is defending President Trump as he made a surprise visit to Walter Reed Medical Center.  Nothing was pressing for the president to attend over the weekend as he decided to do what he called “phase one” of his required annual physical.  It is sad the president cannot even go to the hospital without getting criticized by Democrats online.  And they call him horrible things for attacking others on social media.  They are such hypocrites!  They attacked both the White House and the president for not being upfront about his visit to the hospital.  How can he not be upfront when he told the world on Twitter what he had done?

President Trump did his physical Saturday and posted on Twitter Sunday morning, “Visited a great family of a young man under major surgery at the amazing Walter Reed Medical Center.  Those are truly some of the best doctors anywhere in the world. Also began phase one of my yearly physical. Everything very good (great!). Will complete next year.”

President Trump is 73 years old and did not give any advance notice to anyone he would arrive at the hospital for an exam.  His calendar was clear for Saturday, and the physical exams were scheduled publicly, and a last-minute advance warning was given.  President Trump’s last physical was in February, and while things were quiet, he decided to get it out of the way and done.  Democrats apparently forgot the White House goes by a fiscal year, not a calendar year.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham explained everything after the medical exam physical.  She stated, “Trump arrived at the hospital at 2:45 p.m. Saturday and spent slightly more than two hours on site. He was seen leaving with a tan envelope tucked in his arm. The full annual presidential physical typically takes several hours and is unlikely to be described as a quick exam and labs.”

A tweet came not long after the press secretary made the announcement from Philippe Reines, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, who stated, “Unless the healthiest man alive is shifting to fiscal year reporting, two medicals in the same year ain’t annual, it’s biannual.”  What an idiot!

Another tweet followed by David Lauter, who is the Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau Chief, stated, “Perfect example of how the long history of false statements from White House has worn away any presumption of truthfulness.  Maybe Trump’s hospital visit was routine, but the burden of proof is on WH to show evidence.”  The President of the United States of America cannot even go to the hospital, which is already demanded of him to take a physical without Democrats and Liberals jumping down his throat.  That is how much they hate him.

Grisham told reporters, “Anticipating a very busy 2020, the president is taking advantage of a free weekend here in Washington, D.C., to begin portions of his routine annual physical exam at Walter Reed.  Trump remains healthy and energetic without complaints, as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rally performances in front of thousands of Americans several times a week.”

During an interview later that evening, Grisham told NBC News, “President Trump is fine, perfectly healthy.  It was a routine checkup.  Speculation of this nature is irresponsible and dangerous for this country.”

Stephanie Grisham also went on Fox News and told Jeanine Pirro, who has a Saturday evening program, “Trump is as healthy as can be and he’s got more energy than anybody in the White House.”  Pirro responded, “You know, Stephanie, he’s almost superhuman.  I don’t know how anyone can deal with what he’s dealing with. I get frustrated with what’s going on in Washington. I want to throw things at the television. But I don’t.”

So we see now through Jenine Pirro’s statement, even reporters and TV show hosts get agitated with how the Democrats treat our president.  Every day President Trump gets up, faces the world, and the Democrats and combats another day for America and its citizens.  No one could handle what this great man goes through on a day to day basis.  Trump still continues somehow to overcome every obstacle Democrats have thrown his way.  Many believe he will overcome this obstacle of impeachment proceedings as he has done with everything else.  It is not so much President Trump is doing anything to bring forth the truth.  The facts lie within Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot with their own corruption, which always shows through.