Crooked Dem Mayor is Arrested for Corruption

The Democrats are at it again. They are getting caught one by one doing things that highly illegal. The sad thing is that they are never sorry until they are caught. One Democrat after another has found their way to their new prison cell because they are all crooked to the core. The next Democrat to fall is Mayor Dennis Tyler from Muncie, Indiana. This crooked man from Indiana was near his second term when the FBI came and arrested him.

Tyler is part of a corruption ring that has taken down other people in his administration. He has been charged with taking government funds for his own pockets. He was accused of taking a bribe of $5,000 for him to use his influence to award contracts to the sanitation department. The Democrats from Congress to local level officials are all the same. They are crooked murderous people.

Tyler faces a sentence of 10 years if he is convicted of corruption. Such a big price to pay for such a small sum of money. But Democrats never believe that they will ever be caught. Crooked Tyler was in court where he faced the judge and was eventually released on conditions that were not released. Tyler should have been put in prison and held until his trial for his actions. The  Democrats need to be taught that crime does not pay.

The FBI was at the home of Tyler early in the morning and hauled him away. The FBI stated that “I can confirm an arrest warrant was executed at the home of Mayor Dennis Tyler this morning, and he is currently in custody.” This same kind of corruption is not the first time that it showed up. In 2017, Craig Nicholas, who was a building commissioner, was found giving no-bid contracts to companies he owned. This man would plead guilty and be sentenced to two years in prison. But he never would have stopped until he was caught. The  Democrats are all the same. They are greedy and have no moral center to guide them in life.

Josh Minkler is the acting United States attorney for South Indiana, and he said, “Tyler not only betrayed the trust of his community, but violated federal law, and all to serve his interests.” He is a traitor, and he will answer for violating the trust of his voters and the people he represented.

For the better part of a year, there has been a long investigation by the FBI into the affairs of the city government. Five others are currently being investigated. Thankfully a Republican named Dan Ridenour was voted to take over and start to fix things in just a few short months. Tyler is a representative of what the Democrats stand for. They want power and they want money. They will stop at nothing until they have it all.

The Democrats in Congress are showing the same kind of greed and actions as Tyler had been doing. They are constantly attacking President Trump without mercy. The long-term politicians are getting richer by the year by unexplained means. And they are all acting like they are drunk with power. The House Democrats have been acting strange since they got into power. They have been doing things independent of the Senate and without the support of the Executive Branch.

The entire impeachment attempt on the president is proof enough that they are trying to destroy him. They certainly do not want him to win another election. Ever since he won the murderous Democrats have been looking for ways to incriminate him. The witch-hunted after his tax records until the Supreme Court put a stop to it. They have investigated just about every single person working for President Trump. They have been looking for just about anything that they can hang around his neck and watch him drown. Except that the stone has been hung around their necks and it is they who will drown.